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Chapter 1 Who Would Want the Same Mistress for Five Years?
Valeria frowned as she woke up. Then, she turned over due to discomfort. The touch of rubbing skin reminded her that there was someone else on her bed.
She gritted her teeth as she sat up to turn on the lamp.
“Hummm…” The man snorted impatiently when the light was on, obviously, he didn’t like to be woken up at six o’clock in the morning.
The dim light shone on the man’s wiry back and his hard side-face.
Valeria tiptoed to the wardrobe and changed her clothes before sitting back down on the edge of the bed. Then, she reached out to the man’s back.
“Mr. Norris, it’s 6:06 AM. You have a meeting at 7:30 in the morning.”
The man impatiently huffed and flung her hand away. He shouted in a hoarse voice, “Get off!”
Valeria was so used to it though. She stood up with a blank face and quietly walked downstairs to the kitchen, to make breakfast for herself. After breakfast, she took a taxi to work. And she managed to do all these without disturbing Adrian again.
Valeria played her role well: when the lights were off, she is Adrian’s personal bed toy; but when she walked out of that room, she becomes the chief secretary of Norris Group.
As soon as Valeria arrived at the company, she set up everything for the day. After that, she stood and waited outside the conference room with a cold expression. Whoever walked pass would greet her politely.
At 7:28 AM, the president’s personal elevator opened.
Valeria breathed a sigh of relief, but her posture and sight remained unmoved.
Adrian was about six feet two, people could sense his overbearing aura from afar, not even to mention his mean-looking face which was always tensed. He seemed like he was born to be fickle.
Valeria was five feet tall, making her look petite in front of Adrian.
Adrian did not even look at Valeria when he walked pass, as if he wasn’t the man who had sex with her last night.
After a long meeting, Valeria returned to the secretary’s office and ordered a breakfast for Adrian.
While she was browsing the menu, Kimberley, who was also a secretary, came to her. “Valeria, have you seen Mr. Norris’ afternoon schedule?”
“What’s the matter?” Valeria looked up.
Kimberley clicked her tongue and whispered, “Mr. Norris has a dinner party tonight with Louis, the president of the Asian region of SHINE.”
Valeria recalled the person’s information.
Louis was a notorious guy who relied on his special identity and liked to harass female employees. He had even drugged the secretary general of a cooperative company. It was rumored that he even dared to pester Adrian’s aunt, Anastasia. His actions were completely unscrupulous.
If Adrian was going to attend this party, he would have to take his secretary too. The other secretaries were definitely unwilling to go, so Kimberley came to inquire about the updates.
Valeria smirked and replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Norris may not take us with him.”
The moment Valeria finished speaking, the door of the secretarial office was pushed open. The newcomer, Betty, poked her head in and looked at Valeria.
“Valeria, Mr. Norris is looking for you.”
Valeria quickly ordered breakfast and left the office. She had been working with Adrian for five years, and it was not long after she entered this company, Adrian took her to his bed in the lounge. But Adrian only treats her as a staff, and had never asked her to deal with anything lowly, although she was pretty good at getting along with tough clients.
In the office, Adrian signed a document while he spoke without looking up. “Go and get yourself ready. There’s a dinner party tonight.”
Hearing that, Valeria was frizzed.
Not hearing a response, Adrian frowned slightly and looked up at her. “Valeria?”
“Yes,” Valeria returned to her senses and replied with a plain expression.
Adrian threw the document to her coldly and asked, “How many years have you been working with me?”
Valeria couldn’t figure out why he asked the question but replied, “Five years.”
“Posit yourself right and do your job.”
Valeria managed to keep her expression unchanged when she walked out of the door, but her hands were cold.
That’s it. Which boss would have the same mistress for more than five years? Mr. Norris was probably tired of me and was thinking of finding me another owner.
Valeria returned to her office and been eating grapes for a whole afternoon.
She slipped a fruit knife into her handbag – in case she was drugged, she could still be able to wake herself up with a stab.

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