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Chapter 1



‘we are going somewhere fix your things after we eat and only the important things you should bring so that we do not carry too much” mom said to me while we had breakfast

‘Why? Where are we going Mom?” I asked out of curiousity.

‘in the place where your real mother grew up” she smiled at me.

It is not hidden from my knowledge that I am not the real child of my mother Elena when I was a child because she told me the truth that my real mother died in giving birth to me.

‘Really Mom ?Am I going to go to college there too? ‘I asked my mother excitedly

‘yes Gail so get ready and we will leave later” she replied

I hastened to finish my food before I told my mother that I was getting ready.

Ayy !! I forgot to introduce myself.

I am Hailey Gail Gonzaga, 16 years old. Do you already know me? Hehe I probably introduced myself.

‘Gail are you done packing your things?? Let’s go!” My mother called me.

‘yes Mother ! Im coming !!” I came out of my room carrying my bagpack which was too full but I was not burdened haha .. Amazing !!

Do you know mom is a witch with a wand ?? hehe its so cool right ?? but she doesn’t use her wand much because it seems like it’s just a secret !! cOoooOL !!

We went to the terminal out of Manila, we took a bus, it was my first time to leave our place so I was excited. I sat by the window as much as I wanted to see the places we would pass.

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