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Chapter 0

Sneak peak at character sketch

Advaith khurana:- a twenty-six year old famous businessman, who joined his family business at the early age of twenty-two, yet made a prominent name in a short time.Hard from outside, soft from inside.Anger is his companion.He is married to Aarohi Basu, who is also his father’s friend’s daughter.He has one secret in his life which is only known to his sister.

Aarohi Basu:-A twenty-three year old girl with simple dreams.Calm, sensible, kind-hearted and every other adjectives of a perfect girl is suitable for her.

Aamira Sen:- a twenty-six year old girl who is tied with the invisible ropes of helplessness.Former college mate of Advaith.Advaith’s girlfriend.

Aashi khurana:- a twenty-one year old college going student.Advaith’s sister and the only daughter of Abhiraj and Priya Khurana.She knows one biggest secret of her brother’s life and want to save him, yet can’t help. Cute, bubbly and kind-hearted are the words describing her perfectly.

Abhoy Basu:- a twenty-six year old son of Arnob and Mishti Basu.Aarohi’s older brother who loves her to the moon and back.He can even give up his life to see a single smile on his sister’s lips.Helping his father in their family business.

Abhiraj Khurana:- A fifty years old famous businessman of India, who loves his family the most.His son is his proud, yet fails to express it openly.His daughter is his lifeline.Rude yet prudent businessman describes him best.

Priya Abhiraj Khurana:- A fourty-eight year old kind-hearted lady.Wife of Abhiraj Khurana and mother of Aashi and Advaith Khurana.Her son Advaith is her lifeline.she is an owner of ‘Aashiyaana’, an orphanage for orphan children.

Arnob Basu:- A fifty-years old simple man with a small business.Husband of Mishti Basu and a proud father of Aarohi and Abhoy Basu.Owns a small business in a huge city like Mumbai.Old and closest friend of Abhiraj Khurana.His family is his life.

Mishti Arnob Basu:- A forty-nine year old wife of Arnob Basu, and loving mother of Aarohi and Abhoy Basu.A simple housewife who loves her family a lot.

Moloy Sen:- A fifty years old wicked man, who wants to destrop Abhiraj at any cost.He was once a closest friend with Abhiraj and Arnob, but due to some reason, their friendship ended, and only hate remain in his heart for them.Has a secret only known to himself.

Asad Sarsilmaaz:- A businessman from America, known for his shrewdness and rude attitude.Lost his mother at the age of nine, which turned him more into a stone hearted person.Has a huge hatred for Abhiraj Khurana and want to destroy him at any cost.

*other characters will revealed as the story will proceed.*

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