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Advika Mehra

21 years old girl with broken dreams. In the name of family she has only her cousin sister and for her uncle and aunt she is a burden which was thrown on them 16 years ago. Her parents died in a plane crash living a pure beauty with these two greedy people. She was adopted by her uncle and aunt and that too for a reason. Everything was fine until another tragedy took place in her life leaving her drastic.

Rajesh Mehra and Tiyasha Mehra

Uncle and aunt of Advika. Though they don’t love her but never abused her physically but sometimes words hurt more than actions. Adopting Advika was in their favour only until that tragic event took place. They love their own daughter very much. They don’t hate Advika but their greed lead them to harm the poor soul.

Sakshi Mehra

Daughter of Rajesh Mehra and Tiyasha Mehra. A shield for Advika but she also has some limitations in front of her parents. Both the sisters love each other and both of them are totally opposite.

Siddharth Singh Khurana

28 years old Lucifer of business world. He is perfect for the post of CEO but still he wanted his father to remain CEO for more two years. And he does everything with a reason. He has a perfect family.

Parents , a baby sister and two grand moms are everything he has. And A Nightmare from the age of 18.

Arvind Singh Khurana and Arunima Arrora Singh Khurana

Perfect life partner, an ideal business couple and parents of two lovely children. But worried for their son form the age of 18.

Radhika Singh Khurana

23 years college student , a pampered princess and a kind girl with good ranks in academics. Loves her family , specially her brother.

Vahini Arrora and Maithali Singh Khurana

Maternal and paternal grand mothers of Siddharth and Radhika. They are super cool in laws you have ever met. After death of their husbands both the friends always stay by each other’s sides. Loves their family and just like Siddharth parents they are also worried for him.


‘Maybe in this life only this is my fate and I accept it.’

– Advika Mehra , The Beauty

‘I must repent for whatever I did and I will.’

– Siddharth Singh Khurana, The Beast.

They were tied with a bond called ‘marriage’. A marriage to save both of them but what is in store

for them?

One has nothing to do with life, living like a corpse.

Another one has everything still the peace is missing from his life. For what should he repent?

Moreover how will they change their fate, amend their destiny.

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