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Chapter 1 – Josh
“SHAYENNE!” Josh called angrily from the living room. I came running in.
“Y– yeah?” I stammered.
“Who was the guy I saw you talking to today?” he asked angrily, his face becoming red.
I loved Josh a lot and he loved me too. The only problem was, he was the insecure and jealous type. He was overprotective and sometimes would overreact or get angry for nothing.
“That was my highschool classmate, honey. Why do you always get jealous? Learn to chill.”
He nodded a little and rubbed his forehead, uncomfortably. He was standing now.
“I’m sorry,” he started, “I just fear the fact that you might might leave me some day”.
“I won’t, Josh. I’ve already told you this. You’re a grown man with a job. Stop behaving like a teenager. You ain’t one”.
He ran his fingers through his hair and sat down once more.
“I know dear. It’s just that I always have a feeling that one of those young boys would set their eyes on you”.
Josh was exaggerating and it annoyed me. Yet I tried to understand him. Most boys wooed me because I was actually a girl with assets. Plus, near Josh I seemed to be with an uncle from a certain white part of my family, or with my father’s colleague.
Josh wasn’t Mr sexy. He was overweight and round. My friends didn’t find him that handsome but he was okay to me. I loved him even with his flaws. Like the fact that he drank too much.
I was still trying to change him.
I was presently contemplating on how to tell him some news.
“Um, josh?”
“Yes?” he looked up at me.
“I’ve already made it clear with my parents and they’ve agreed, and so, I thought of telling you about my plans too”.
“What plans?”
“I want to specialize in cinematography and scriptwriting. I’ve already found a university and I already sent my application. The specialization takes 3 years.”
Josh looked at me in disbelief. I knew he wouldn’t approve it and that’s why I’d already done everything behind his back.
“What? Shayenne, why?? You know I want you here till we get married”.
“That’s next year, Josh. You have a job and I’m trying to specialize in order to get one.”
“I proposed a job to you in my company”.
“I want to be involved In film production, scriptwriting and everything else that has to do with cinematography. I was accepted.”
“Please sweetheart, grow up. I love you and If you love me too, you’ll allow me to realize my dream. Please.”
He looked at me silently, then to my surprise he took out a bottle of Vodka from underneath the table which he drank from hungrily. He was angry.
“Josh stop.” I tried to take the bottle from him but he pushed my hand away.
“Don’t you stop me. While you go ahead and do what you want, I’ll do what I want.”
“Fine.” I angrily took my handbag.
“Where are you going?,” he asked, already tipsy.
“To my parents house. I’m traveling this night at 9pm with Keisha,”
Keisha was my best friend. His eyes widened.
“Travelling?” he muttered.
“Yeah. The university’s found in New York. I would’ve preferred us to separate in good terms but apparently you’ve got your alcohol. Anyway, from Boston to New York is a journey of a few hours. You can come visit me.”
I went towards the door and then turned to him again,
“I’ll send you an email of my room number, once there. I love you Josh.” I murmured.
He had his back to me while sipping his drink.
“Josh?” I called.
He turned to me and it was by grace that I dodged the breakable bottle he angrily flung at me.
“GET OUT!” he yelled at me.
Tears welled up my eyes. He was always like this. I frowned and left the house. I loved him but I couldn’t change the bad person he was.
Josh had spoiled the rest of my day. I felt horrible. He was good, but too selfish. I’d fallen so much for him that I felt there was no turning back for me.
I arrived my parents house at 3pm.
“Did you speak with Josh, honey,” my mom, asked.
“Yeah, and he didn’t take it well.”
“It’s alright. He’s just in love.”
I frowned. My parents always defended Josh. No matter what he did. My parents were strict people and sometimes unfair. It had taken me years to have the permission to go out with friends. I was the ‘locked up’ kind of girl. Thanks to university, I got to know a bit of freedom and liberty. Though not much because I didn’t live on campus. My parents hired someone who would take me back home after my classes.
Parties and stuff like that, I had never attended. But this time it wasn’t going to be the same. I was traveling with Keisha and I’d be hours away from my parents. Real freedom. Finally.
“If you say so. Let me go pack my bags now.” I told her.
“Okay dear”.
That night, after the farewells to my parents –Josh didn’t come– Keisha and I boarded the plane for New York. A big city. I would experience a lot that I hadn’t yet. Plus, with someone like Keisha the party girl, it was inevitable.
“Now you will follow me to parties, hon. There are no more fricken bodyguards. Now you’ll live like a free black girl and not like some spoiled brat.” she laughed.
Keisha always said that my parents behaved they were supposed to be royalty. I too, hated that life. I would sit back in highschool and watch my friends go for urban dance classes while I was forced to go for classic dance classes, which were an awfully boring experience.

“Yeah. I’ll try to live the life I’ve never had.”
“The fun life.” Keisha smiled and I smiled back. I felt all excited already.

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