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Chapter 1 Do you sleep and snore
The morning light is quiet.
Gu leisurely lay on Kingsize’s big bed, frowning, rolling his eyes and lifting his eyelashes.
The purpose is to have a handsome face that is not like a human being.
A man’s sleeping face is extremely beautiful, with a deep outline and slightly raised eyebrow bow. Down is an eyebrow eye comparable to a cartoon. Fan-like eyelashes cast a shadow on the fundus of the eye, with a high bridge of the nose and thin lips, which is less aggressive than usual and looks more like a modest gentleman.
Last night’s scene came like a slide show. Gu Leisurely suddenly stared big eyes, covered his mouth and forced him back to a scream!
Last night, she took advantage of Lin Muzhi’s business party, coaxed, cheated, cried and hanged him to drink a whole bottle of strong foreign wine, and then… she slept him!
Gu leisurely hurriedly lifted the quilt, looked at the man’s model figure, and then went down, lower abdomen, legs…
No! He’s not wearing anything!
Gu leisurely almost jumped up with joy, hurriedly pinched his thigh, grinned with pain, then bent his eyebrow eyes and smiled silently like a fool.
Yo West, she really slept successfully! Lin Muzhi’s rumored bunker, which is not close to women’s sex… was finally conquered by her!
Take out your mobile phone, click in the front camera, deliberately snuggle closer, smile sweetly, and take a group photo-
However, happy to happy, Gu Leisurely still did not dare to stay beside a sleeping lion for too long. He quickly packed up and got out of the hotel, throwing a lingering kiss to the people in bed.
Looking at the time, it is only one hour before the internship report.
Gu leisurely dragged his sore body, returned home, put on makeup at the speed of devils sweeping into the village, got into a taxi, and looked out of the window and continued to giggle. Scared the driver to think that she had some mental illness, and stepped on the accelerator to the end, trying to send the scourge to the destination earlier.
In fact, this can’t blame Gu Leisurely for not being able to control his expression.
How can you not laugh? After graduating from Senior Three, I wanted to sleep with someone. When I thought that my dream had finally come true in my sophomore year, who wouldn’t laugh?
Outside the president’s office of Mingding Group, Gu Leisurely breathed a deep sigh of relief, pushed open the door with his back straight and his head held high, and handed a dog’s leg smile head on.
“Third brother, come so early today? Hard work, isn’t it? I’ll make you coffee… why don’t I rub your shoulders?”
The man sitting in the leather chair has regained his usual sharp and sober appearance. A pigeon gray suit, tie is meticulously tied, eagle eyes are sharp under clean short hair, and the whole person exudes coercion and aura like a king.
This is Lin Muzhi, with aggressive momentum and iron wrist. It is a frightening existence in the entire Asian business community.
To the man’s unhappy eyes, Gu leisurely bowed his head guiltily, walked up to him despondently, and flattered him to arrange the console table.
“Xiaoyou.” The man spoke, with a deep and mellow voice and a bit of king’s pride. He looked at her with dark eyes and looked serious. “I asked you to be a secretary, not to do these chores.”
Gu Leisurely was shocked by this sight, and the coffee he served almost accidentally spilled on the table.
Of course, she knows that he wants to study the company’s business well and take over the whole company in the future. However, to be in charge of the company, she has to be the material, isn’t she?
Gu carefree eyes gurgling, accidentally condescending to see the small strawberry under the man’s neckline, can’t help but upset to raise a fist and knock on the forehead.
Damn it, was she… That intense last night? This person usually pays most attention to appearance. If he knows that she did it, he will definitely let her die thoroughly.
Thinking of someone’s harshness to his subordinates, Gu Leisurely’s back cooled, and then he saw the man raise his neckline casually, his slender fingers tapping on the table, his facial expression was grim, and his knife-shaped eyebrows were slightly twisted up.
“You don’t look very good. I’ll let Lu Yi show you?”
“No, no!” Gu Leisurely motioned with his hand and hurriedly changed the subject. “I just came to say to my third brother that I will go to school in the afternoon. Can I be allowed half a day off…”
Lin Muzhi took a sip of the coffee on the table, showing your son’s pride.
“Third brother’s company is yours in the future, so you don’t have to ask me for instructions. It’s a long way, I’ll let the driver take you.”
To her, he has always had a good temper that others can’t understand.
Gu leisurely got the approval, his heart beat fast out of his chest, he didn’t dare to look at him again, but he stopped him when he was about to quit.
“Xiaoyou,” Lin Muzhi looked at her imposing manner. His eyes seemed to be able to analyze her little thoughts thoroughly. Suddenly, he asked inexplicably, “Do you sleep at night, do you snore?”
Gu leisurely one leng, then his face burst red, he stamped his foot with great shame and said angrily, “how can third brother ask a girl such a shameful question? Of course I sleep very quietly, quieter than our cats!”
After saying this, he looked heartbroken and hid his face and fled.
Seeing her petite back disappear at the door, Lin Muzhi lay back on his back and squeezed his eyebrows wearily with his hand, relieved.
I’m really dazed. How can I think it’s her? With her ten courage, I dare not make this little girl such a deviant thing.
The nose still seems to be haunting the woman’s fresh and sweet breath. Lin Muzhi’s eyes cooled down and phoenix’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Dare to climb into his bed while he is drunk, no matter who the woman is, he will definitely let her taste that life is worse than death!
The mobile phone on the table was still buzzing, and Lin Muzhi leaned over to pick it up, and his voice was MoMo.
“Found it?”
“President, we adjusted the monitoring of the hotel last night and found that all the monitoring lines in the building were cut off. After verification, it was confirmed that it was man-made damage…”
Lin Muzhi’s eyes were as cold as a layer of crushed ice, his thin lips opened gently, and he closed the line with only one sentence.
“Continue to check. You can go back and forth between heaven and hell., we must find out this woman for me.”

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