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‘How dare you talk to me in that manner! Have you forgotten I am your father, or have you lost it? ” My father yelled angrily.

‘And you aren’t ashamed to call yourself a father? Look here Mr clerk, I’m still giving you a little respect as my father, because of mum, you’re very shameless! Just take a look at the lady you brought home.” I said and my so-called father, burst into laughter.

‘Are you jealous of her beauty?” He asked sarcastically. Like, can you imagine that nonsense? Oh, God! There’s nothing I’ll never see in this life.

‘Did you just call this beauty?” I scoffed unbelievably and spat on the floor.

“Yeah, I am more beautiful than you are, you fool!” The bitch said with an eye roll. Wait! Did she just talk to me? Oh father lord, please save me from this, I’m going to send one of your children back home to come to meet you.

Dropping my bag on the table, I sauntered to the bitch, and held her hair aggressively, pulling it off with all the strength in me, while she winced in pain.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? A young girl like you going out with a man, old enough to be your father” I growled, dragging her with her hair.

My dad moved closer to me, as he landed a thunderous slap on my cheek, which sent me rolling on the ground.

“Did you just slap me because of this bitch?” I asked angrily, as I managed to stand on my feet.

“Adele that’s enough!” Mum chipped in.

Glaring at the evil man, standing before me, so much hatred rushed through me, I wished I could strangle him to death, I wished I could just wake up one day, and hear the news of his death. Have you ever hated anyone, to the point of wishing them death? I doubt.

“You know what? I hate you. And you, I’m not done with you bitch! Anywhere you see me, just run for your dear life, cause you wouldn’t be as lucky as you are today. Bitch!” I spat angrily, before turning to walk away from the disgusting people, but the old man called me back.

“Come back here.” He called.

Stopping on my track, I turned to face him, with my hands on my waist, waiting for whatever shit he has to say or do.

“When are you collecting your salary?” He asked and I burst into laughter. Ok, this mind is losing it. What the heck! Salary? He must be drunk or something.

“Which salary? Is it the one you and I worked for?” I asked.

“Tell me once you collect your salary, I wanna use it for something important.” He said and walked out with the girl he brought home yester night.

Ok this is crazy, is he being serious right now?

“Adele you should have known the kind of person your father is by now.” Mom, who only said a word since the drama, finally spoke up.

“Mother, can’t we just move out of this house for him?” I asked.

“No! I can’t move out, my family will mock me.” Mom said painfully.

“Mom, forget about what people will say. This man is trying to kill us here, he’s suffocating me, I can’t stand him anymore. I might just poison him one day mom. I don’t wanna murder him.” I said frustratingly, as I ruffled my hair, before bending down to her level.

“Adele, don’t you think you’re getting late for work?” She said, trying to change the topic.

“Mum I know what you’re trying to do,” I said, as I stood up, then picked up my bag from the table, and pecked her cheek.

“I will come back early,” I said, before storming out of the house. That man just ruined my mood.

Authoress P.O.V

Nathan looked at the pile of files in his front and growl out.

“I need a new secretary.” He said, and adjusted his suit properly.

You might be thinking about what happened to his old secretary, well, he sacked and locked her up because she came late to work.

“Wyatt!” Nathan called and his assistant came rushing inside like he didn’t wanna be late.

“Did you message her?” Nathan asked, not sparing him a glance.

“Yes sir, but she hasn’t replied to me,” Wyatt replied.

“Get me a new secretary, first thing tomorrow morning,” Nathan said, and a message pop into Wyatt’s phone.

“Alright, there’s good news sir, she just replied to my message,” Wyatt said.

“That’s good news to you, to me it’s not,” Nathan replied and stood up from his office chair.

“Send her my house address, and tell her the amount I’m gonna be paying her,” Nathan said.

“Alright, sir,” Wyatt replied.

“Has Leo sent my money?” Nathan asked.

“No sir and I have been calling his number since yesterday, but he’s not picking up,” Wyatt replied, and Nathan burst into laughter

Wyatt moved back immediately, anticipating the worst, he knows his boss only laughs, when he is planning to do something evil.

“Let’s go visit him, am sure Leo will be more than happy to see someone like me in his house,” Nathan said, before walking out.

Wyatt heaved a sigh, before walking behind him.

Walking over to the parking lot, his driver quickly opened the door for him, as he hopped in on the back seat.

The driver closed the door, and hopped in on the driver’s seat, with Wyatt on the passenger seat beside him, before he ignited the car, and stepped on the accelerator, setting the car in motion, and in the next minutes, they were already on their way, to pay Leo an August visit.

Nathan sat down, with his legs crossed, as he awaited Mr. Leo in his living room.

Mr. Leo opened his door and was surprised to see Nathan, sitting comfortably on his chair.

He opened the door gently to run back.

“Don’t you dare move an inch!” Nathan’s thunderous voice stopped him and he stood still.

Nathan stood up from the chair and moved closer to him.

“When did you promise to pay my money?” Asher asked.

“Two days ago sir,” Leo replied with a quivering voice.

“Two days ago?” Nathan asked and Leo nodded his head.

“So have you paid?” Nathan asked.

“No sir, but I promise to pay you back next week,” Leo replied.

“You and I had an agreement, but you refused to pay me back my money because you are waiting for me to show you the stuff I’m made of, isn’t it?” Nathan asked.

“I’m very sorry sir,” Leo said.

“Wyatt!” Nathan called, and Wyatt rushed to his side.

“Drag him to the car, I love it when ingrate like you refuse to pay back the money you borrowed!” Nathan said and walked out of the house.


“Babe, why is your face like this?” My friend, Claire asked.

“I’m just tired of that man that calls himself my father,” I said and Claire burst into laughter.

“What’s funny? What happened to you? Why are you laughing like a psycho?” I asked angrily.

“Common babe, you shouldn’t be thinking about your father, you should have known your father well by now,” Claire said.

“Where’s that bald head man?” I asked referring to our Manager.

“Ah, I will go and tell him,” Claire said.

“Hey come back here,” I said and ran after her before she walked to the manager’s office.

“Good morning sir.” I greet my Manager.

“Adele are you tired of this work?” My manager asked and I stare at my shoe.

“Can’t you talk?” My manager asked and bang his hand on the table angrily.

“Mr clerk, can you see what you caused, this baldhead man is gonna give me hypertension today.”…







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