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Chapter 1 Writer’s Life

Dreams that seem so simple to obtain or achieve that you think everything is instant, so if you like it, you can get it right away. It’s like a wish that you’re not sure will come true, or you’re just trying to convince yourself of things or events that you’re not sure are real. A woman, like Alexa, desires to be a successful writer, but there is no end to a story. It will start, but there will be no middle or end.

Alexa is 26 years old and had finished a Hotel and Restaurant Management course, but she likes writing. However, it seems that destiny is not in her favor, if she finished a book, it reject due to the poor quality of the story. As a result, she was always disappointed every time she came home.

Lexie, her friend, said, “Alexa! Your story has been rejected again by the editor?”

Alexa sadly nodded to her friend. “I told you to just work instead of wasting your time on your book, at least when you work, you have money, and you don’t have to go home at night just because you can’t find someone to take that,” Lexie advise.

” You know, even though I’ve finished a course, writing is really what I want,” she replied and her voice cracking.

” I support you if where you’re happy, I just want you to rest a little since you’re out on the streets almost every day and night.”

” I will not leave the house; I still have a story to finish, so I’ll just write it,” she replied with a smile.

Alexa friend shook her head at the change in her mood. Looks like so sad a while ago, and now suddenly change again.

” Let’s eat; it is also time to eat,” Lexie said.

” Okay, I’ll just change my clothes for a minute,” she said, as headed inside her room.

As Alexa enters her room, the first thing she saw is the scattered papers on the bed and floor, all of the paper she used to create the plot of the story. Putting down the manuscript she was carrying and she laid down.” Another day has passed, and yet another of my stories were not accepted, “she says, as her eyes were closed in a few minutes.

Alexa has been orphaned since she was in elementary school. Her aunt works in another country to support her daily living. Has covered her expenses since her parents’ death; until now she do this, even though Alexa can get a job. Alexa already graduated and can able to find a job that she’ll get easily because she took Culinary Arts and graduate with coarse of Hotel and Restaurant Management, but she does not want it, because she wanted to be a book writer and be a well-known author. All who read the story will feel and leave an impact on their hearts.

Alexa is a nice person, even though her friend Lexie often gets angry when she always spends the night on the road. She knew it was dangerous at night, but she dreamed that it would be okay to catch her on the road at night as long as she just went home with a smile on her face, but she always came home sad because her story was never accepted again.

She is the type who has many scenes in her story until in the middle, but when the end is near, she can’t think of a scene, she will leave it and start a new story because another story enters her imagination. In short, she was good at the beginning, but she couldn’t continue it until the end. She also already finished one story, like the paper she was holding, that she take home because the editor was not satisfied or maybe the plot of her story was not accepted by the readers. She also has no choice but to bring it home and create a new one.

Alexa got up and get out of her room and go to the kitchen, where she saw Lexie already preparing their food.

Lexie said, “Sit down.”

Alexa sat on a chair and started eating. “Alexa, you might be interested in working for my boss company. Still hiring until now. ”

” Maybe, I’ll think about it first.”

” All right, if you’re interested, just let me know.”

Alexa simply nodded and continue eating. Then, after she washed the dishes, she went to her room and continued to write.” A story is like someone’s life, as you get older, where you feel tired and lazy about the thing you wanted to do in the beginning, but in the middle lost your appetite for the thing you go to do, but I thought I have already started. I have already started why won’t I continue, for it’s worth the hardship I felt when I was just starting, “said Alexa and then she sighed.

” Completing and recognizing my stories even though my books are not famous and the publishing house gives me so much joy,” she says, continuing to look at the manuscript that has not yet been accepted.

” But, the question is when will that happen.” Alexa was just shaken her head to clear her mind so she could continue writing. That night, Alexa began writing her new story, which will be used again to apply.

Meanwhile, a small wooden house can be seen in a forest where trees can be seen too and leaves are dry on the ground. You’d think only one person could fit in, but it’s a magical place once you’re in. After entering, you will see books that look to be a few years old, and also the sign of dusty lamps that seem to have smoke inside with magic.

An older man was seated in an old chair at a table.” Lucas, where are you?” Victor shout.

A boy approached him, but he does not use his feet to go there, the ability to fly. ” Why, Grandpa Victor?”

” What are you doing and you haven’t been here yet?”

” I was just in the bookshelves full of books and reading. Do you need anything?” Simultaneously point to the end of the bookshelves.

” Go to my room and take my magical book.” Then, Lucas flew to the bedroom and brought back an old book. “Here it is.” He reached for it and remained afloat.

Victor looked at him.” Didn’t I tell you not to use your power so frequently that people might get lost in the forest and will see you?” Then he went back to step on the floor while a little sadness saw on his face.

” You can go back to what you were doing because i cannot be bothered while writing because it’s set to happen.”

” Okay, Grandpa.” Lucas walked away and left Victor, already wearing his glasses and holding the pen, whose handle was white feathers.

” It’s been a while since you’ve waited and finally your request will be granted, Jack.” It has already started writing in the old book.

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