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Chapter 1

Like everyday, he dropped a white sheet paper on top of a locker beside our bed. Tina settled very well on the bed, her eyes were on a paper, she want to pick it up, but feeling weak.

Tina is a pretty and locust tall lady that in red colour nylon gown (sleeping dress), she step her feet on a floor and worn a plaint shoes. She lift over the paper and immediately pick it, he explained everything inside it inside the paper. Tina just smile and then kiss the paper, after finish reading it, she speak in adore while holding her body at one position. ” I love you my husband!”

She walk immediately to the bathroom, after some few minutes, she lift outside. Tina walk to the closet and immediately take her dress. While standing at the front of a mirror, she’s just snap the noisy voice inside her ears from outside the bedroom. She quickly dropped the lipstick that she’s already holding and walk over there in other to see, while she already known her hubby was since left the house, which is means she’s the only person that left behind.

Tina is absolutely shock from what her eyes saw, she says in an interrogative manner and confusion, while running her eyeglasses from one point to another. ” Hubby! I thought you had left home since. Because like always, you drop a goodbye paper for me, if l didn’t wake up early….”

Zain is dress in white colour, he smile from downstairs and come to her position when she talk to him. The way he acts, it seems like he didn’t get her point. Tina also repeat what she says to Zain.

However, some after their marriage, he used to behave somehow as if he’s not the one whom she already know. Possibly by now, she used to feel an extremely confusion on the order ways that Zain is treating her.

While playing with his fingers he lift over her position, ” yeah… But l just decide to come back home, because am always want to be with you.”

Tina just smile, she quickly hug him warmly, she says in adore while closing her eyes. ” But you have to concentrate with your work please love. ”

Zain, (the pretend devil) began running his eyeglasses very afraid. Because the devil dosen’t want her to ask any question that pertain this the same question that she ask him now. He’s baby then kindly randomly place his both palms in other to hugs her very well together with kissing her cheeks.


Tina is kind of a female that’s almost hundred percent beauty. A very long and darkish hair, cutest mouth shape, which is in baby pink colour. Her fingers are very long and straight, many men were felt in extreme love with her, must especially how she shaped. She’s kind, brilliant, smart and although absolutely know what she’s doing.

Due to all this body structures, Tina didn’t get marriage in her early stage (age), till when she reaches almost thirty years old.

All these while, since when she grow and although become matured, all her life she spend it in an extreme anxiety. She was faces a lot of challenges, many people were saying she was been married to a devil that’s why up to then she was couldn’t get a man of her soul.

Tina lost her mom since when she was tenths of her age, she was stayed with her stepmom in her father’s house. Whereby even the stepmom is always challenging with her sitting in the house without getting marriage. Tina’s younger stepsisters were all left her at home, whereby they all did their marriage. While Tina is alone at home.


When Tina was twenty, even in their street many guys were having their interest on her. Some they even used to talked to their parents in order to reach Tina’s father with their intension on his daughter. The main problem is, if any guy try to disturb Tina with his love, at the end of the day, he is going to eighter death, or felt in serious sickness.

This was discovered when almost three men were deaths in almost the same time. They all loved her with thier pure intensions.


One day, the innocent Tina dress neat, she’s not that perfect while painting her face with a makeup, she went and greet her stepmom and her dad before she left the house. Just like that, she’s just feeling an absolutely weak and collapsed, her phone is disturbing her with ringing by her friends in school. Tina is having a morning lecture in the early morning, and the lecturer is so strict with his case. Tina didn’t want to pick on all their calls, because she’s want them to make her feel an extremely terrified.

Tina is walking in their street while asking herself deeply why all these challenges are happening in her life, so only her. Why men are dieing, and now it even reach to the point that many people are discussing for the issue. Tina didn’t have any answer of all these questions, and she didn’t know where she could get them.

Tina snap a car sound at her back, but she didn’t want to turn back and watch out. Tina knows how her disrespect stepsisters are always treating. They have their own cars at home. If they are interested to go anywhere, the driver is in the house, they’re only going to direct him to the place. But Tina had not mentioned among the people that the driver is going to ride, it’s only her stepsisters that are allowed. This reason is always used to make the younger sisters to disrespect, and alos make her at a tool for looking for her troubles.

Tina just shift, and take her view away, because she doesn’t want to see anyone of them. The car couldn’t stop and still she didn’t hear any of their voices. Tina trace her look in other to watch out who’s this.


Tina is shock, although this is not the first time that any man talk to her like this. But she’s absolutely terrified by the expensive car that she saw. She’s just do a deep breath and then gasp out.

The man worn a cover shiny black, this is the thing that Tina say from him. Just like that before she even see his face, she’s just feel adorable, Tina also smile and wait in order to see this handsome.

He’s in white colour dress, black colour wrist watch, and face glass which is also in back colour. He lift over her position, Tina is shock she can’t move to any position, but her eyes were looking down.

His adorable slow voice pass into her ears, Tina is absolutely accept his surprise message, she roll her eyeglasses amazingly. Tina answer him in fully consign and respect. Zain is glad on how she accepted humans also give him her full-time while allowing him in order to talk to her in fully respect.

At this point the collected her phone number, while at the end Tina is ride to her university in a taxi rider. And Zain went for his job too.

On his way going to their family company, an accident occurred that course by the devil that’s always been with Tina, and also the devil that’s killing all the men that try to make a cross chain relationship between himself and Tina.

It’s a big lorry that come and struck his car, he is lucki at the very moment, because she was not injured on his body very well. But when he quickly rush to the hospital by order people, it’s by then the doctors notice the problem that occurred in his brain. Since after the accident, Zain never talk again, never move any part of his body, he’s just only listen to what people are saying, bit he can’t never reply. Even his neck, he can’t move it from one place to another.

Zain was took to my and several countries on the earth while looking for his health. A lot of money were spend on him in order to feel recover, but there’s not anything that is changing, he’s always the way he is. At the end, he carried back to his his country from India, because all these while, nothing is changing.


After when she separate with Zain, Tina is only left behind while thinking about him. Since in her life, she was never felt in express love with any man like his own. Even her friends were asked her about why she’s so boring like this, Tina only reply back to them with her smiles.

When today’s lectures were ended, Tina take her stuff back home still in a taxi. In the taxi, her phone rang, his name display on the phone screen, Tina received the call so surprised, he asked whether maybe he can able to meet her, because he says he’s actually in worry to see her very well.

After when they hang off the call, Tina just kiss her phone so glad and then says. ” I love you Zain, may you be my angel that am going spend the rest of my life with….”

Now it’s Zain that Tina was make a call with, it’s the devil, and it’s the same devil that courses that accident on the real Zain. Because the devil has seen, Zain might be the man that’s going to have a strength of fighting, because of how his powerful spirit.


Jamal is the name of this devil that’s always fighting for his love. Which is Tina, and although Tina is not his type, because Tina is a human being and Jamal is a devil. There is no anywhere that these two characters can spend their together, or else having such kind of relationship, like husband and wife and so on.

Actually, these might happen to many people in this earth, sometimes devils were used to marry either a man from a human being, or a female. This might courses a lot of troubles by the other side partner, must especially human being. They still side to courses delays of marriage and so on.

At the other hand, many people were didn’t know about this kind of problem, must especially the girls, they are seriously facing a lot of challenges with their delaying in term of getting marriage. While nobody knows what’s the main problem, the starting point of the problem. While in some order cases too, some females were not getting marriage in their early stage because that’s how God had planned to them, so they suppose to be little more patient, that’s all.

Jamal was felt in an extreme love with Tina since when she was seven years. There is a day that Tina was designed with a henna on her hand, the colours are in red, shiny red and a black colour. Many people were talked about the beautiful henna, about how it was seriously decorated. It was during ceremony, that’s why Tina was designed with the beautiful henna.

Jamal just saw her went she’s about to entered a toilet, since by then the devil was felt in love with her, and although decided to be her husband forever. And fight for his love, while disallowing any order man to marry her. Jamal had already promised himself in other to fullfil his intension on her, he actually like her pretty body structure.

Everyday, if Tina went a bathroom, Jamal is always used to come and watch out her pretty body. His works are always touching and pressing the must adorable parts on her body. He like kissing her fleshy normal size lips, and although together with touching her nipples and the order private parts in her body.

Tina didn’t used to felt anything in her body, because as you all know Jamal is not a human being, she can’t feel a lot of things if he’s doing to her.

Jamal is the only devil that’s only responsible by killing the men that are too arrogant in other to allow his wife for only him. And if he try for a sickness he wasn’t luckily at the point, he is only choose to killed the innocent person by then.

In some days, Tina used to look like a married human, by looking soemhow fair, smooth and somehow wet much. She still used to acts very pamper, while small thing can make her cry, or shout in adore. Her reactions are changing in some many cases, even her disrespectful stepsisters were noticed that from her. If they try to complain the situation to thier mother, she’s always used to speak back to them. ” She’s a bad girl, don’t ever copy what she’s doing, because she had spoiled since in her early age. ”

Tina doesn’t like some of her reactions, because it’s used to reach as if she lost her permanent sense. Still these occur and courses from Jamal. The devil is whom touching any parts that can make her in waned with a man.

At night, this is the most dangerous moment whereby Tina used to feel some days, as if she’s getting a sexual reproduction with a man.

Due to Tina is a single girl, she was never know what is the man’s taste in her life, ans how ladies are feeling. She is in serious worry for how she’s feeling, but she didn’t actually know the meaning for that. Tina didn’t have any closer person to speaks this matter to her. But time to time, if she could remember, the problem is seriously disturbing her. And she didn’t why is she feeling so romance sometimes.


Tina walk to bedroom after greeting her stepmom sitting in the palour busy watching the evening news.

Mom, they’ll used to called her, she’s the Tina’s stepmom. She noticed the kind of surprise on the Tina’s face, just like that Mom hate Tina in her life. She was treated Tina with crazy punishments since when she was very young. Likewise even now that Tina had grow up matured, she didn’t used to excuse for other punishments.

Mom didn’t know the time that the small hiss come outside her mouth. She frown her face and then says to herself. ” Why this stupid girl is smiling in this way? These perfect billionaires are all didn’t want to adopt with my pretty children, they’re always going after her. Perhaps now she still get another one….”

Before she finished complaining, her children were knock inside the palour. They are also back from their schools, they were all rush to their mother and immediately hugs her warmly. Mom began putting them blessing, together with asking to be very careful with bad guys of these days.


Tina carried her dirty clothes to the laundry and immediately went and take her bath. She’s eager to meet a man that run fee seconds done with her soul already. She wron a normal clothes that could make her absolutely look pretty good. Tina stood at front of a mirror, she keep looking for herself. While watching out how beauty she looks.

Now it’s the devil which is Jamal that’s going to come and visit her. Because he had finished with the main Zain that Tina is expecting. Jamal too is eager to see her done with all the arrangements. Like dressing herself.

Since when Tina came back home, he’s always with her, watching her and so, and they although do their bath together in the bathroom, that was absolutely make him surprise. While Tina didn’t know anything, because she can’t see him at all.

When he noticed that Tina is done with everything, then he contact, and announced he’s outside their house balcony also waiting for her.

Tim drop the phone very shock while asking herself in serious desperate. ” How do this man know the address of our house? While we was met on the street not in front of our house?”

Jamal capture that, he is just stay hummed for some seconds, and then hit his head a little. ” Your hurry Jamal is now going to course a big problem. Better find a answer that can hang you up, because you don’t want any problem.”

The devil Jamal talk to himself while regretting with exposing himself that he do in an express way to her.

Tina just ignore, and then quickly walk to the palour, she meet her stepmom sitting together with her children, they are gisting surprisedly together with laughing together and so on. Tina took their excuse and then proceed her idea to her stepmom together with asking her about the guest that she’s going to have today.

Mom just smile wickedness and then immediately frown her face. ” Everyday is different guy, up to now you didn’t have any angel that can take you up from this house. Just go and continue giving them your body, at the end you will end up without any man that can even come for a gist.”

This is not the first time that this kind of speaks snapped inside her ears. Tina is just eager to go, she didn’t totally border for what her stepmom is saying on her. Because she had never wishes her with a good achievement in her life. Immediately when Tina allow her, she quickly walk outside in order to see her happiness.

His beauty and the way his trunk is absolutely structured is madly make her feel shock. He’s a fully the man of her dream, Tina is immediately says in her mind. ” I always used to pray for a man that’s pretty look like you my Zain. I was never expect l cloud get this man at this moment. But am luckily find it just in out street.”

The noisy backing sound of their dog is immediately take her attention. She is just sniff and immediately feel shame because of how she’s seriously looking at him. Tina is his tlost her control, she is absolutely mas with this innocent man. But she’s feeling comfortable if she could see how we him, he’s feeling like the way she’s.

Tina just link her lips in adore, and immediately take her look to the ground.

Jamal is feeling as if he should just kiss her moving lips, because she’s busy playing with them while wetting them with her romance scent saliva. He whine deeply, ” if now am here with you, l could just kiss this pretty lips….”

They both find a sit and settled down, today is kind of a day that Tina couldn’t never forget, because of how she feels on her new lover. And the msit perfect point is on how he’s serious discussing for a marriage, and eager to ask for a permission in order to talk to her parents.

At this point, if there is anything that Tina is madly want to happen to her to marriage. No matter what, she’s only want to see her married. Like how normally, if a girl reach her stage, she must to feel an adorable for become married.

When they are about to do their goodbye, because is almost over night, Zain is going to leave her. Jamal ask Tina to hold on and wait for some few seconds. He went to the back sit of his car, Jamal come along with a chocolate inside a packing lather, and immediately pass it to Tina.

Tina try to reject the gift, but Jamal that actually look like Zain form head to toe. He’s just kindly frown his face, and whine in pampered. ” So you didn’t want to accept my chocolate gift. It’s means you didn’t like my gift….?”

Tina is immediately bend her head toward one side and then said in pampered. ” No, I’m not…”

She kindly forward her hand in other to collect.

Jamal is still try to do another mistake, he’s just say. ” This chocolate, is one of your favorite chocolate that you always want to eat. That’s why l choose to bought it for you as a gift…”

He quickly catch out his mistake, Jamal just keep his mouth shut.

Tina just collapsed, she quickly open the lather in order to watch out truly about what he’s saying. Same, as the he speaks, this chocolate is one of her top favorite chocolate. Tina is shock on how he knows many things about her. Now even the chocolate that she likes much he know. Tina didn’t know the moment that she says. ” even know! How comes?”

Jamal is immediately terrified, he doesn’t want any problem to occur between them. He doesn’t actually see her confuse with his actions. He’s by then try to take another gist topic that might take her attention away from asking him any order question.

********* AFTER A WEEK

Mom’s friends were arrived to their house as much as they are. They are up to ten, while some with their pretty billionaires children’s that are all disrespectfull like Tina’s stepsisters. Mom is performing one of the event together with her friends, they are only doing it ones in a year. It’s turn by turn, and now the meeting is going to took place in the mom’s house.

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