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Chapter 1

The wind was cold, the surroundings were dark and the silence was frightening.

Soon I could feel their presence, they were slowly getting closer to where we were.

Kyle appeared in front of us along with the rest of his companions.

“What are you doing here,” he asked in surprise. He carefully scanned my whole being as well as Hinson and Tyron who were next to me.

“We’re here for some questions Kyle, are you conspiring with vampires to get revenge?” I replied. We find out that it conspires with vampires to carry out a strike against werewolves.

“And where did that news come from?”

“It doesn’t matter where it came from Kyle, just answer my question.”

“I don’t have time to plead with you Thorm, you’d better just go home,” he said and turned away.

“I’m talking to you politely,” I said and my nails slowly turns into sharp, he stopped walking when he heard my nails grow. He turned to me and grinned.

Suddenly the four with him transformed into werewolves.

“I have nothing to do with what you’re saying…if you want a fight I’ll give you. But don’t blame me if you come home without your head,” he threatened. My head grew hotter and I started to clench my fist.

Knowing how much Kyle was mad at me because he wasn’t the chosen Alpha, we both knew I was stronger than him but he couldn’t accept it so he decided to stay away with the others. It’s been a long time since I became Alpha and when he found out that he never stopped messing with my life.

His companions rushed one by one and Tyron, Hinson and immediately evaded and began to move to attack their group.

“Don’t disappoint me, Thorm,” he said and quickly rushed at me, he kept scratching me with his long nails and I avoided that.

I quickly dodged his punch and kicked him from behind, it flew but also immediately stood up, its golden eyes glowed and quickly transformed and rushed at me.

But before it could get close to me Tyron immediately rushed at him, they rolled on the ground and started fighting.

“Do you think you can handle us?” I heard Tyron promise.

Kyle growled loudly and his companions began to run closer to him.

They immediately rushed at Tyron and scratched him on his back. I rushed and run at them and started defending Tyron, Hinson also followed us, but in an unexpected turn of events, we were suddenly stopped by the loud growl of one of their companions.

We stared at him for a moment and their companion gradually grew bigger and suddenly hit the ground causing an earthquake.

A few seconds later, the fight started again.

I am already bored and disgusted because of this fight. After a while, I quickly ran closer to Kyle and quickly changed form. I quickly bit him on the side of the neck and threw him somewhere.

Even though he wasn’t standing up, I immediately rushed at him again, I could feel the heat of my whole body. Gradually I felt the color of my eyes change.

Later I attacked him again, it avoided my first attack but I rushed at him again and I bit him in the stomach, I threw him with all my strength in the tree and he howled because of the pain.

It could no longer stand and it just blinked. I looked around and Hinson and Tyron were still busy fighting the other with Kyle.

I slowly approached where he was. He gradually changed form as a person.

As I approached him my whole body became hotter.

“Thorm, please…don’t,” he begged. But I didn’t listen and continued to approach him.

Suddenly I quickly bit his head and no doubt pulled it to remove to separate from his body.

His head flew to somewhere and immediately turned to his other companion in the manner of his bulk.

With Tyron and Hinson, Kyle’s comparison’s eyes widened. As his blood flowed on my lips it coincided with the pouring of rain from the sky.

A few more seconds, the companion of Kyle growled one by one. Tyron and Hinson immediately approached where I was.

“What have you done?” Tyron asked. I didn’t answer and just focused my eyes on Kyle’s group. They quickly grabbed Kyle’s body.

They gradually changed form as human beings.

“What did you do to my brother!” one shouted while holding Kyle’s lifeless body.

Slowly the shots flowed into his eyes and he stared sharply at me.

Later on, I felt a strong presence around us.

There are those coming, I know they are not werewolves because of how fast they move.

Moments later vampires appeared around us.

“You’ll pay for what you did, Thorm. You’ll die!” Kyle’s brother shouted and they quickly changed form again.

“Well… Well, well. You must have lost your way. You don’t know what cougars you entered,” Aman wrapped in black said later and looked like Kyle’s companion.

They quickly approached Kyle’s habit. They are ten vampires here now.

Tyron and Hinson changed form but I immediately stopped them from rushing.

“You’re too brave, there’s no surrender this time. Poor Kyle. He was just killed by a weak creature,” he said and stared at me. “Are you the proud one of the Xenon family?” He added and grinned.

“What is your real purpose with us?” I wondered.

In less than a second, he immediately went to where I was. He was very fast and immediately caressed my face. “You’ll die when I told,” he said and quickly returned to where he was.

“Thorm, we have to get out of here. We can’t handle them,” Hinson said weakly.

‘There’s still another day to deal with them,” Tyron agrees.

“You will pay for what you did to my brother!” Kyle’s brother shouted and it quickly changed form and he quickly rushed us.

“Let’s get out of here,” Tyron said and they started running. Hinson and I immediately followed.

“Get them,” I heard one of their colleague’s command and the other colleague moved quickly to rush us.

They were very fast and I knew it would only take a few seconds and they would catch up with us.

“Hinson, you and Tyron will be home first. I’ll take care of them,” I promised.

“Are you sure?” he asked in surprise. I stared into his eyes and he got what I wanted to say. They quickly ran to the left and I ran straight.

I could hear the noises at the top of the tree and I knew the vampire demons were close to where I was.

After a while, I stopped at a large rock.

One by one the vamps appeared in front of me.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you run anymore?” voice of one.

“I’m going to give up,” I lied. I had to pass the time, soon after another came. I could feel their anger at me.

Suddenly a crow came down from where they were. It transformed into a human, if I’m not mistaken she was a witch.

Seriously? It looks like they took everyone with them just to kill me. Tsk.

Later on, the female witch suddenly smiled at me.

“You will regret what you did. Death is the price of what you did,” she said softly.

A few seconds, they began to rush with me but before they could get close to me, I feel the arrival of my companions behind me.

One by one they growled and Hinson and Tyron immediately approached my habit.

Surprised, the vamps looked at the behavior of those with us.

‘Now it’s a fair fight,” I said smiling.

“This is not the last day of our reckoning.” That’s what one of their comrades said and they left one by one.

The female witch stared at me sharply before she transformed into a crow and flew away.

In a few moments, I changed my form as a person.

“Are you okay?” Tyron asked. I nodded. I walked but, suddenly I stopped when I felt pain in my chest.

“Thorm, what’s wrong with you?” worried Hinson promise.

I could no longer answer as I felt a strange sensation all over my body. Gradually I felt my eyes slowly close.

“You’re going to die.” All of a sudden, what the female witch had said registered in my brain.

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