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Chapter 01

( Los Angeles- America )

** Perry’s Mansion **

” He’s really cute, caring and handsome, am sure you’re gon’ love him ” Anna gushed as she explained who her newly husband -to- be is to her daughter

” I can’t wait then ” Heedah replied, with smiles beaming all over her face

” Really? ” Anna asked with concern

” Yeah mum, I’ve wanted this a long time ago, and now it’s happening, I’m really happy for you “. She said with a smile

Anna smiled and her cupped her face into he hands

” I love you ” She said, sincerely

Anna smiled, ” I love you too ” She replied as Anna pecked her forehead

” So, we’re moving in with him! , And you have to start packing ” Anna said as they both advanced up the stairs

” Ok mum ” Heedah replied as she walked into her room

” I hope he’s really what she said ” she muttered as she started packing and the maids helped her with her stuffs out

****( Florida- Canada ) ****

** Airport **

The jet landed safely and Anna breathed in relief, she turned to Heedah whose head was rested on her arms and is sleeping peacefully

She tapped her gently ” baby, we’re here ” She announced

Heedah opened her eyes cutely and slowly as Anna stood up, and the maids were packing their stuffs out

Heedah stretched herself, yawning as she proceed outside and some of their guards followed her behind

They both got down the jet and Gabby’s car was there awaiting them and his numerous guards behind

” This way ma’am ” Gabby’s personal guard directed them towards the limousine parked at a spot and they followed him while some guards followed behind

They got to the car and Heedah smiled

” He’s rich, at least my mom’s wealth is safe ” She thought as they both entered the car and Gabby was seated right in there

Anna smiled as she saw him and went to sit beside him while Heedah sat on another seat opposite them and she watched as they both smiled at each other

She smiled and brought out her phone

Gabby wanted to peck Anna and she coughed, nodding her head towards Heedah whose head was down and her eyes glued to her phone

” Oh, Heedah ” Gabby called and she looked up

” Am really sorry, I forgot you were here ” He said, smiling cutely and Heedah smiled in return

His smile was really cute, she noticed that

” No problem sir ” She said, winking at her mom

” You can call me dad ” Gabby said and she nodded

” Ok dad ” She said with a smile

” You have a cute smile ” Gabby said with a smile and she blushed

” You too sir …. I mean dad ” She Said and Gabby smiled

” Thanks dearie ” He said and Heedah smiled widely

” I really love his personality ” She thought wondering why she smiled a lot

” So, how old are you? ” Gabby asked

” 18 ” She replied and Gabby nodded

” Same age as Jace ” She said and Anna nodded in respond

” Jace?, Who’s that? ” Heedah thought

Like he read her thought, he answered her

” Jace is my son ” He said and she nodded

She was also thinking he should have a child, since he looks young just like her mom

” I hope he’s cool!, I heard Stepbrothers are really harsh , buh since we’re of Same age, that’s cool ” She thought

” Am glad he’s a boy… Don’t want any one disturbing me ” She muttered

Heedah is the loner type, doesn’t really fancy friends, doesn’t talk too much, silent, but once she does, she makes you smile and she also smiles a lot

She returned her business back to her phone before plugging in her pods and before she knew it, she slept off

” She sleeps a lot? ” Gabby asked as he gestured to Abby( his personal guard ) to adjust her head

” Yeah ” Anna smiled as she watched her

” Am glad you accepted ” He said as he turned to her and she nodded


** Silver’s mansion **

” Arrrrgh ” Heedah stretched her hands as she rolled from one side of the bed to another

She opened her blurry eyes slowly and it met with a different environment totally

She wondered where she was and then it strucked her mind * they were home *

She jumped off immediately and smiled, she saw how cute her room was.

” Pink… Perfect ” She thought, she’s really a pink freak

She walked towards the door and held the door knob, she was met with a maid and she gasped lightly in fear

” Am sorry ma’am ” The maid bowed

” It’s fine ” She replied

” Sir wants you to come downstairs for dinner ” She said and with that left

” Dinner ? ” Heedah thought and went back in, she unlocked her phone and gasped

” 7??, Gosh am really much of a sleeper ” She thought before undresing as she walked towards the bathroom

She grabbed a towel and entered the bathroom, she slipped into the bathtub and moaned in deep pleasure, the water was really satisfying to her skin


” Where’s she? ” Gabby asked the maid he sent earlier

” She said she’s on her way ” The maid replied, bowing

” Go and check on her again ” He said and almost immediately, Heedah appeared

” Hi ” She muttered and pecked her mom’s cheek before sitting opposite the couple

Gabby raised his brow at her and she understood

She stood an pecked his lips with a smile and he also smiled as she sat down

No doubt they both smile a lot

” So, you’ll be attending Jace’s school on Monday ” Anna said and she nodded

” I really hope the students are not bothersome ” She thought

” Where’s Jace? ” Anna asked a maid

” He said he’s coming ” The maid replied and she nodded

” I wonder what he looks like? ” Heedah thought worriedly

She’s worried if he’s the friendly type, she doesn’t want that

Almost immediately, She heard some footsteps descending the stairs but didn’t turn as she continued her meal

” Hi ” Jace muttered and pecked Anna and Gabby’s cheek before having his seat

Heedah scoffed without raising her head

” Seems they’re really close ” She thought

Anna noticed the silence between the two kids

” Um… Do you know each other before? ” She asked and they both looked up, the two kids looked at each other

And Heedah wouldn’t lie, he looked damn hot and handsome, extraordinarily, if he wasn’t her Stepbrother, she would have fallen for him right now

Jace also stared at her for some moment, she was also beautiful and cute, but he knew she was the babyish type

” Um.. no ” Jace replied, breaking the stare

” Ok… Let me introduce you to each other, Jace, this is my daughter, Heedah ” Anna said, pointing towards Heedah who only nodded, then looked away

” And Heedah, this is Jace, your stepbrother ” Anna said and they both muttered an * Hi *

” So, she would be attending your school as from Monday ” Gabby started but Jace kept mute

” And I need you to take good care of her, whenever we’re not around, and in school ” Gabby started and Heedah raised her brow

” ‘Cause I can notice, she’s the babyish type ” He said and Jace chuckled, knowing that was true

Heedah turned to him and noticed his smile was really cute just like his dad

” You understand? ” Gabby asked and he nodded

Heedah smiled ” At least he’s the quiet type ” She thought


Heedah landed on her bed and closed her eyes, she opened her eyes again as she couldn’t get to sleep

She badly wanna go through the whole mansion, but it’s late

She really loves sightseeing

” Gosh ” She thought and walked over to her bedside drawer

She brought out her drawing material

” What should I draw? ” She thought

” Dad?, I really missed him ” She thought and started drawing

Some minutes later,,,

She finished the drawing and smiled at how handsome his dad was, she kissed his forehead thought the drawing

She felt thirsty and decided to go take some downstairs

She walked downstairs and walked towards the fridge, she brought out a bottled water an gulped it down before walking back to her room

She landed on the bed and closed her eyes and immediately drifted to sleep

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