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My everyday line in my head every time he doesn’t comment on anything. No ‘thank you’ or whatsoever after giving his orders. I told you, he doesn’t know the word thank you. It doesn’t exist in his vocabulary.


Madi’s POV:

“Tell me Madi, why do you have to apply for another job? You already have your own fine dining restaurants. Three big freaking restaurants in the City. And you’re not lacking out of money, in fact, you give almost half of them to your charities. God! Aren’t you feeling exhausted?”

That’s Noelle. My best friend and manager to one of my three restaurants operating in the City.

“Because I told you it’s also my dream since college. That’s why I also took a business degree to fulfil my bucket list of dreams.” I tried to reason with her but still, she couldn’t understand my point.

It has been a month since I started working as a Personal Assistant at Wilsons Electronics Corporation under the management of Mr Gabriel Wilsons, our CEO. And let me tell you, the pressure of working at the biggest company in the City of Chicago sometimes gets out of control.

Running there and everywhere, sending faxes, emailing documents, checking and updating my boss’s schedules and making his coffee three times a day is just a small part of my everyday routine.

Of course, my duties and responsibilities as the owner of my own business are not yet included.

“Besides, it’s part of my job to feel tired and exhausted. Come on.”

I waved my hand in the air and continued checking some papers that need my signature. We are currently in the back office of my first restaurant which is a 20-minute drive from the WEC building. Today is Sunday and it’s my day off, so I can use the whole day checking out my three outlets.

“Yeah, but you’re not getting any younger. You’re already 26, single, no boyfriend since birth and a freaking virgin in all departments, Forgodsake!”

Thank God, the office is soundproof, so I don’t have to cover her mouth even if she screams out of her lungs.

Ever since she found out that I got the job at Wilsons, she has started rambling and rambling on me.

“Hey! Stop mentioning my age and status.” I just chuckled at her as I brought the glass of orange juice to my mouth.

“Okay fine. So, tell me, how’s your boss’s attitude towards his employees? Is he someone like you, considerate and warm?”

I almost choked on my juice after hearing her words. My boss… considerate? I don’t think so, I’m not sure. Warm? Haha.. the total opposite.

He’s like a walking ice man every day. No, the right word is that he’s like a zombie, cold and lifeless. There’s something wrong with his personality that I couldn’t figure out. He’s a man of few words…Nah! I mean one word.

“Honestly, he’s the total opposite of the boss you’re imagining.”

“What do you mean, the total opposite?”

“Well, He’s cold, a little rude and arrogant sometimes. He doesn’t know the word thank you and likes to shout every time— any time especially when he found something wrong or error on your reports, tsk. tsk. He won’t give you any choice, it’s either you get your ears ready or get yourself ready to say goodbye to your job.”

“Ohh, that’s harsh?” she said in disbelief.

“Yup.” I said popping the ‘p’ at the end. “But, thanks to my skills and abilities, I have never been shouted at by him since day one,” I proudly stated with my chest out and an arched eyebrow.

“Pss!” she rolled her eyes. “Wow! A loner and aggressive boss plus a narcissistic PA work in one. Yeah, I am really doubting how you two manage to interact with each other.”

“Me? Narcissistic?” I acted horrified as I pointed to myself. “Of course not! I’m just stating some facts about myself.”

“Yeah, it’s exactly, what you are doing.”

I didn’t counter back. I just laughed and took a sip of my juice again.

“Hmm.. by the way, how can you describe him physically?” she has this malicious look in her eyes.

I sighed, rolling my eyes. How would I describe him?

“How would I describe him? Hmm.. well, let’s just say he’s a living Hercules of the country. Happy?”

“Oh shit! Describe exactly that living Hercules from head to toe!” all her round eyes were on me.

“What? Seriously?”

“Yes! Because if that’s true, you have a fucking hot of a boss! Yum!” she squealed, clapping her hands. I just shook shake my head.

“Okay.. he’s hot. He’s handsome if you will look at his face, he’s got brown eyes, perfectly sculptured nose, chiselled jawline… what else… hmm.. broad shoulders, toned and muscled chest, I guess?”

“You guess?”


“You just guess? Are you kidding me?” she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Well, I haven’t seen him shirtless or in other attire than his business suit. What do you expect?”

“My God, Madielyn! You just let my imagination run wild. Hmmp! How about the size of his foot or at least his shoes? For sure, you can see them every day!”

“Why do you need to know the size of his foot and shoes? Are you planning to buy him a new one?” I tried to throw a joke but it was just me laughing at my own joke. She glared at me.

“You wouldn’t understand because you’re a virgin!”

“What the—–”

“Just tell me the size of his foot!”

“I don’t know exactly the size of his freaking foot, just his shoes!”

“So, what is it?” her eyes were round as saucers.

What’s happening to her?

“Uhm.. 10.. 11? Maybe 12?” I answered bringing the half glass of juice to my mouth.

“Oh, Jesus! He has a huge and long member!”

She exclaimed loudly that caused my eyes to widen and I spit out the juice all over her blouse when I coughed. I even coughed so hard when I saw her awful face. I really wanted to laugh at her state if it weren’t for the cough that made it impossible for me to do.

“Yucks! you’re disgusting!” she complained as she wiped her blouse with a tissue.

“I’m sorry.” I was trying not to laugh. “But it’s your fault. You can’t control your mouth saying those—-”

“What? Saying those gross, nasty, dirty, filthy words like a huge and hard member, penis and cock—-”

“Noelle! I swear, I’m not going to discuss my boss’s body with you again! You really have a dirty mouth!”

It’s now her who’s laughing at me. I arranged my already signed documents inside the folder and pushed them towards her.

“My God!” I said getting up, stretching my arms.

“Where are you going?” she’s still laughing.

“I’m just going out for a random check.” I huffed and walked towards the door.

“Okay.” She tried to hide her smile, but she failed.

It’s my weekly routine when I visit each of my outlets. Check randomly on its area and all the employees. I went first to the kitchen where my staff are busy cooking and preparing orders. Since it’s Sunday, our customers have doubled numbers compared to weekdays.

“Good morning, Ms Madi”

I was greeted first by the group of waiters taking their customer’s orders.

“Good morning, guys. How’s your day?”

I treat them all like my friends and not just ordinary employees. As they say, if you want to earn the respect of others, treat them the way you want them to treat you back.

“Well… tiring as always. But we’re happy because our beautiful boss came to visit us today, right guys?” Tony winked at me, he’s our head waiter.

“Yes.” they all answered in unison.

“Wow, thank you. Such a small thing— beautiful? Nah… I already know that.” I said grinning proudly while patting my shoulder in the act of wiping dirt.

And they laughed and some shake their heads.

“Yeah. See? That’s what we’re talking about. You always make us laugh.”

“Why? Am I not beautiful?” I joke on a horrified face.

“Of course you are. You’re beautiful inside and out, Ms Madi. You just really like carrying your own chair not just sometimes but always.”

And they laughed again and I laughed with them too.

We’re always like this. I always make a way to have at least a small conversation with them. Even if sometimes I carried my own chair, but it’s worth it if that’s the way they would open up to me, not just as their boss but as their considered friend.

The next area I went to visit is the dining hall. And yeah, it’s really a tiring day. They were all busy serving and assisting customers.

People rarely see me in and out of my restaurants. I always keep myself on a low profile. I monitor the reports and happenings on my business usually through my phone and computer. I show my face once or twice a week or whenever there are papers that need my signature or my appearance personally.

There were just a few people who know that I took another course, my mom and my friends after opening my first restaurant.

I took Hotel and Restaurant Management course in college. After I graduated and started my business, I enrolled in an online school for Office and Business Management and got my degree.

My first job as an ’employee’ was a Department Manager, but I resigned after a year. I applied again as an HR assistant in a not-so-big company in the City and after a year too, I saw the ads on social media that the WEC needs a PA to the CEO.

I tried my luck and got the job. I didn’t put my first course and my business when I submitted my resume. In short, my boss and the company I currently work for are not aware of this.

After a random check in the restaurant, I said goodbye to Noelle and went to my another outlet. I spent the whole day visiting my stores and checking some important papers. I only got home when it’s already 6 in the afternoon. I lived in a small apartment and had a roommate who is a bank manager. She also knows my business because we have been living together for 2 years and the reason why I decided to live in a small apartment.

After eating dinner, we sat in the living room and watched a romance movie by Hallmark. But since tomorrow is Monday, I went early to bed.

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