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Twelve years ago, Evans’s third daughter was disfigured by fire and her parents kicked this cursed daughter out of the family.

After twelve years of peaceful life, it was decided that she must marry and was pushed into an arranged marriage with a famous playboy. However, her fiancé broke off their engagement in public and made her a joke.

In her desperation she rushed to find herself a replacement fiancé, Augusto from the Smith family. To her surprise, the seemingly quiet, gentle man, was actually very amorous…. Every night she got very little sleep until in the end she told him, “we need to sleep separately, I need some rest!”

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Chapter 001

In Coast City, at the VIP banquet hall of the Royal Hotel, a grand engagement party was in progress.

“Let our young couple do the opening dance for everyone!”

Hearing the emcee’s impassioned announcement, Auston Smith, the fiancé snorted, “Opening dance? You think the ugly chick can dance?”

After he had said that, all the guests’ eyes were fixed on the fiancee Edith Evans. The girl who wore veil and stood quietly on the stage was made the butt of the joke.

Some people whispered that the Evans family’s third daughter had been disfigured by fire when she was a child and had been living in a church in the countryside afterwards. And she’d never studied in an university.
The Smith family’s second son was handsome and he was an outstanding young man. How could he even have the slightest interest in her?

But at least she was a lady from a dignified family. How could she be able to bear such an embarrassing public humiliation. More importantly, this engagement ceremony was such a mess. How would the two families end this drama?

Auston’s father, Armstrong Smith, angrily slammed the table, “Damn! Don’t you dare to say that again!”

Even if Miss Evans’ appearance was flawed, when his son humiliated her in public like this, wouldn’t the others laugh at the Smith family that they had no manners? Thinking about this, Armstrong only felt that his son disgraced the family.

“Dad, let me tell you clearly, even if I have to be a bachelor in the rest of my life, I will not marry this woman!” Usually, Auston did not dare to disobey his father. But at this time, he was emboldened by the wine, and after saying these words, he ripped off his tie, threw it on the ground and left the banquet swiftly.

Edith just lifted her eyes and looked at the back of the man leaving, her eyelashes trembled with excitement.

She thought that’s good, that’s good!

I wanted to talk to Auston Smith after the party, even if we were married in the later, we would not interfere with each other’s lives, which meant that he can continue to be a swinger, I would go back to the church.

Now the marriage was not even engaged, so it was not necessary to talk about it.

Thinking about it, her smile could not help but leaked out of the corner of her eyes.

This scene fell in the eyes of the Smith family’s eldest son, Augusto Smith.

He was sitting in a quiet corner of the ballroom where was not far from the stage. He was just lazily sipping champagne and looking askance at the drama on stage. But he unintentionally glimpsed her smile.
Whoa, being dumped, she was still quite happy?

However, in the next moment, he saw Edith’s mother walking to the stage and she dragged Edith to the side and said something with a bland face.

He saw the girl’s bright eyes darken instantly and nodded with red eyes.

Edith’s mother seemed to be blaming her daughter for she running this engagement party?

But how could she be blamed for the failed engagement, because it was Auston who had been a jerk?

Looking at the girl’s aggrieved and pitiful appearance, Augusto could not help but thought of a small stray cat which be kicked around but not dared to scream with its tail between its legs.

It just liked the two years he spent wandering around.

“I’ll do it,” Augusto put down his glass of champagne, he rose gracefully and walked to the center of the stage, “the opening dance, I’ll dance with Miss Evans.”

The guests were supervised hugely as they saw Augusto came in front of Edith and invited Miss Evans to dance as a gentleman.

The Smith family’s eldest master had always been aloof, the other people almost never seen him appear with other women before, except for work, not to mention that he would dance with women before.

If the explanation was that this was to clean the mess which his brother made, it was also unlikely.

The two are half-brothers and ha long been at odds with each other, so Augusto couldn’t have cleaned up his brother’s mess.

Could it be that he had a crush on this Miss Evans? But this is even more unlikely!

Who was Augusto?

The president of the Riteno Group, the heir of the Smith family, he was above the world so how could he possibly had a crush on such an ugly woman?

Edith looked at the man in front of her and she was also a bit confused.

She thought that, by the way, who was this man?

Her mother nudged her behind and urged her in a low voice: “The eldest master is kindly giving you an offer to dance, hurry up, why don’t you say yes?”

Edith thoughts that he is the eldest master …… it turned out to be that he is Auston’s brother, Augusto.

Edith has heard of him, he is 30 years old, single, no marriage, and a handsome man.

If Auston’s handsomeness was domineering, Augusto’s handsomeness was introspective and deep.

But …… he was slightly tired, it looked liked he was being plagued by some disease, Edith thought.

Edith had some medical knowledges, she looked at his face carefully, and her mind had a few guesses.

At the same time, she also had a bold idea.

She thought that perhaps this man can help me to solve the problem at hand!

So Edith returned him with a curtsy and placed her hand generously in the man’s palm.

The two of them stepped onto the dance floor and danced gracefully to a harmonious round dance.

After a short dance, Edith said, “Has Mr. Smith had a headache for three years?”

Augusto looked up at the young girl in front of him with surprise.

“You know how to cure?”

Edith smiled slightly and continued, “If I am correct, Mr. Smith was poisoned three years ago, but the toxin was not completely removed and it caused your headache, is it right?”

Augusto narrowed his eyes, he thought that she could tell the cause of his illness so accurately. Was she a goddess? Was she really that good?

The business world was like a battlefield, he was used to seeing the deception over the years so he must not let his guard down.

“What does Miss Evans want to say.” Augusto spoke lightly.

“If you want, I can cure your headache.” Edith paused, and her tone intensified a few points, “but in return, I hope Mr. Smith and I will be engaged.”

She had just been withdrawn from Auston’s marriage and was originally very happy. But her mother came to threaten her that if this union failed, she would have to marry her to a business tycoon.

That man was older than Edith’s father and he loved to play with women. If she marries that man, the rest of her life would be over.

For her, the engagement with Augusto was a temporary reprieve.

Augusto listened and laughed softly, he thought that so this was her real purpose, as for the guesses that she is some kind of spy, that might overestimate her.

“What if you can’t cure it? Wouldn’t I lose ?” Augusto sneered.

By now the dance had reached the last bar.

Edith knew that if she could not convince Augusto, it would not be decided by her to decide what her future fate would be.

“Less than three months, more than six months you will be cured, and as soon as you are well, we will break the engagement.”

Edith though that this deal for Augusto was definitely not a loss, after all, it was only an engagement for six months, but she would cure him of his persistent disease.

But she was Augusto’s brother’s fiancée and had just been dumped, so this situation was a bit awkward.

For that, Edith’ was not confident, and she looked at the man in front of her apprehensively and anxiously.

Augusto’s lips hooked slightly, “In case you fall in love with me after six months, what if you regret it at that time?”

The corners of Edith’s mouth twitched.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any feelings for you at all. I’m in a hurry to get engaged to you because my parents are forcing me to marry a man who can be my grandfather. If you’re afraid I’ll break my word, I can write a written promise.”

Augusto sword eyebrows and though that listen to that, she did not feel for you at all, and even feared you misunderstand, and ant you to write a written guarantee it!

The point was, she had explained very clearly, because she do not want to marry a bad old man, so they chose him, and when they do not need him in the future, they will withdraw from the marriage.

He continued to thought that Augusto Smith, why would you have been reduced to be a substitution?
Augusto narrowed his eyes, “Miss Evans, but I don’t intend to be engaged to you.”

These words fell, Edith pursed her lips and lowered her eyes sadly.

Although she expected this result, her heart still heaved a few more.

She thought that it seems that I can only think of another way ……

When she was upset, suddenly, she heard a low voice form this man. He said “I mean, we should get married directly. ”

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