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Chapter 1 The Bride Suddenly Jumps off a Building
Some people say that love is like a seesaw. The more feelings you give, the more doomed you can only stand at the bottom and look up.
I have been in love with Chris since I was fifteen years old, and even dug him out with bloody hands for two days and two nights in the ruins of the earthquake.
However, there is no reason why love is like this. When I finally woke up from my coma, I heard Chris announce in public that he was in love with my best friend Helen.
Today, it is their engagement ceremony.
Helen wore a pink dress and smiled like a flower. She came over and hugged me deeply: “Chris, I am the happiest woman in the world.”
Chris, who was tall and handsome, still stood beside Helen. As usual, he didn’t talk to me, just smiled alienately and politely.
My eyes are sour and sour, and I hug Helen hard. I sincerely wish them a long life together, because they are all my most important people.
But I still inevitably drank too much. Between dreams and wakes, someone helped me into the room, and then I lay on a soft bed.
That night, I had a beautiful dream with Chris in it.
We kissed wildly, and I could even clearly hear him whispering in my ear: “Chris.”
. . . . . .
A woman’s hysterical scream suddenly woke me from my sleep. It was Helen’s voice!
I suddenly opened my eyes. What happened?
But immediately I was stunned as if I had been struck by lightning.
Because at the moment, Chris is lying beside me, and his dark eyes go from confusion at the beginning to disbelief at me, and then to great shock.
“Why are you in my bed?” Chris rubbed his locked brow with his hand.
I guess he was as drunk as I was last night.
Too late to explain to him in detail, I dressed and said anxiously, “Come on, Helen saw us just now! She ran away!”
Next, Chris and I searched for two days and two nights, but Helen seemed to evaporate out of thin air, without any news.
On the third day, I was in a hurry and suddenly received a text message from Helen. She asked me to go to the platform on the roof of her house immediately, saying that I had something to say to me.
I quickly called Chris and told him to hurry up and persuade Helen with me. Then, I stopped a taxi and went straight to Helen’s house.
When I ran all the way panting up the platform on the seventh floor, I didn’t see Helen at all.
Just when I felt very strange, I suddenly faintly heard noisy voices coming from downstairs, with harsh screams in between.
A bad feeling slowly hit my heart, and my hands and feet instantly became extremely cold.
When I finally got up the courage to approach the fence step by step and put my head out to look around, I saw a scene that I will never forget in my life.
Helen was lying in a pool of blood in her engagement pink dress, kneeling beside her, Chris, who came in a hurry. . . . . .
The police suspected that I had something to do with Helen’s death and took me back for investigation. But in the end, I was acquitted because of insufficient evidence.

Read all chapters,via:

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