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Chapter 001 You are as shameless as you were five years ago!
Ten o’clock in the evening.
Angelina had just fallen asleep when she was suddenly overturned under the bed by a burst of strength.
Tommy forced her to kneel in front of her, holding her hair tightly with her big palm and pressing it hard to her abdomen.
The strong masculine atmosphere completely drove away the drowsiness in her mind.
Angelina struggled subconsciously, but no matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape the control of the man in front of her.
She and Tommy have been married for five years. Tommy has never really wanted her, and he only tortures her in such extreme ways every time.
She’s had enough! She is his wife, not a plaything for him to vent!
“Tommy, if you want to keep your virginity for gentleness, don’t touch me!”
Angelina’s little hand was stuck in front of her mouth, and recalling the humiliation she had suffered, she felt nausea in waves.
When she went to the hospital to see Wen Ruan this morning, Wen Ruan also looked nauseous. However, Wen Ruan was pregnant and the child belonged to Tommy.
Before leaving, Wen Ruan still touched her stomach and said to her maliciously, “I am not very convenient, so I will trouble my sister to take care of Tommy in the future.”
Angelina’s heart welled up with anger and looked up at him resentfully. Every word squeezed out of her mouth was sour that had been brewing for many years.
“Do you think if you don’t let me get pregnant, you can make the gentle mother expensive with her son? She is a Mistress when she turns over the sky! I am the one who gets the license with you!”
Tommy tightened his unhappy pupil eyes, grabbed her throat instantly, and fixed her with poisonous eyes, which were so cold that people were scared.
“This is the reason why you caused soft abortion? Angelina, I didn’t expect to marry such a snake-hearted woman as you! That’s my child!”
Angelina’s mind was at a loss. She didn’t know it at all. She had a soft abortion. But at this time, her heart is a burst of ecstasy.
“She deserved it!”
Tommy threw her hard on the floor, hitting her head on one side of the cabinet, leaving a blood mark.
Angelina grinned in pain and was just about to get up when she heard Tommy’s cold and decisive words.
“Tomorrow morning, move out of here.”
He’s kicking her out!
She liked him for fifteen years, from youth to standing. In order to concentrate on being his Tommy’s wife, she broke off her relationship with her mother’s family and gave up her inheritance rights. Now she has nothing but his wife’s birthright, but he wants to drive her away!
Angelina got up from the ground in a trance and looked up at Tommy’s silhouette under the light.
“Isn’t it a child? I can also give birth!”
Angelina said with a stalk in her throat, she can’t lose anything more.
In a hurry, she tore open the buttons on her clothes and grabbed Tommy.
“Tommy, don’t be angry, you give me a chance, I can also give you a baby. Fortune tellers said before that my first child must be a boy!”
She tried her best to pose in front of Tommy without skill, only in exchange for Tommy’s MoMo’s words, “You don’t deserve it!”
In his eyes, only tenderness is qualified to have his children. Her original match is only in name only.
Angelina felt a pain in her heart, but for the sake of her wife’s false name, she still knelt down in front of Tommy and wanted to please him in the way he liked.
Suddenly, Tommy grabbed her hair tightly and tore her apart. A pair of sharp eyes looked at her undulating heart and the faint lace between her legs.
His throat couldn’t help rolling.
Angelina naturally saw his vacillation, and a pair of white hands climbed up his waist.
Tommy suppressed his impulse and shook off her hand vigorously.
“Don’t touch me! Dirty!”
Angelina was startled, immediately retracted her hand and refused to admit defeat. “Then I will wash it and it will be fine soon.”
She hurried to the bathroom, trying to rush aside. As soon as I opened the shower head, I heard a huge noise.
Tommy kicked in the bathroom door, picked her up in the middle and fell into the bathtub.
Angelina let out a cry of pain, but did not dare to get angry. She could only watch Tommy drive the water from the shower to the maximum and forcefully pull up her leg.
There was some shame in her posture at the moment, and she looked up and met Tommy’s fiery eyes. Although Angelina was ashamed and afraid, she still dared to cooperate with him and exposed herself to the dense air.
Tommy immediately went up close to her body, with a mocking coldness at the lip corner, took the shower maliciously, and stimulated her with hot water.
“Angelina, you are as shameless as you were five years ago!”
Angelina complained bitterly and suddenly closed her leg, but Tommy stopped her.
“As soon as you said it, you began to install it?”
She did not dare to move again, but silently endured this kind of torture, expecting to become a real wife after the end.
Tommy looked at her and got goose bumps, so he carried her to the edge of the flow table, raised her legs, let her look at her disheveled appearance in the mirror, and tortured her with complicated posture.
Angelina was so tired that she couldn’t support herself. The whole person was lying on Tommy’s body and was about to faint. Only then did she feel Tommy’s release. When she thought she was about to be liberated, a metallic coldness scared her to sleep.
“Don’t get out. I’d like to see, if you are really pregnant, will you not be born?”
When he finished, he let go of his hand and let her fall to the ground.
Angelina watched him leave the bathroom, put on his clothes, and then slammed the door with a bang.
He’s gone.
Angelina fell to the ground and burst into tears. While crying, I couldn’t help but raise my mouth.
She still has a chance. Tommy hasn’t taken her away yet.
After a long delay, Angelina got up from the ground. Her belly swelled and she was very uncomfortable. After checking around, she found that there was a lipstick missing from the flow table.

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