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Chapter 1
Daniel pt. 2
Pulling into the busy parking lot Savannah slows down as she drives into school with Jasper in the passenger seat. “What the—” she reacts as they stare around, “are those news vans?”
“Yeah, look” Jasper points as they turn towards the entrance to find newscasters, and cameras pointing at them standing at the front of the school. “The fuck’s going on?”
Finding a spot Savannah and Jasper get out the car and slowly walk towards the crowds and commotion, the closer they get the easier it is for them to hear what the reporters are saying.
“Good morning this is Daily News and we are coming to you live in front of Everton Prep Academy, where Daniel Atkinson son of Richard Atkinson is currently finishing his senior year.” Jasper and Savannah look at each other at the sound of Daniel’s name, “early this morning the court reached a verdict on Richard Atkinson’s case and he was found guilty on all counts—”
“Oh fuck…” Savannah looks at Jasper, “what does that mean for Daniel?”
“I don’t know.” As the reporters continue Jasper scans around the parking lot for Daniel’s car, maybe he already knows about the chaos and is skipping it.
Would it be weird if Jasper texted just to check on him? They haven’t spoken since the hospital, even though they exchanged numbers.
Jasper didn’t want to seem pushy to text or call first so he didn’t bother. After taking a few days, Jasper was ready to go back to school he just wasn’t expecting to return to this. All he can think about is Daniel now, how will he handle all of this? What does his dad going to prison mean for him and his mom?
Feeling his phone vibrate in his hand Jasper raises it to look at his screen, shocked at the name he quickly opens the text.
Hey, will you be back at school today?
I’m already here, where are you? Could you meet me in the locker room?
“I’m heading in,” Jasper says to Savannah “Do you need help?”
“No, I’m ok,”
“Ok, I’m gonna wait for Carlos out here then,”
“K, see you later,” the boy limps into school leaving all the noise behind him. Walking towards the elevator Jasper rides it down to the first floor then slowly heads toward the boy’s locker room. Pushing one of the double doors, he enters the seemingly empty space, the sounds of his slow footsteps echoing in the room. “Daniel?” He calls loudly but not a yell Stopping Jasper looks around until he sees a figure coming from a corner, Daniel stops when they see each other. It’s been five days… but why did it feel like forever to them? “Hey,” Daniel greets him
“Are you ok?” Jasper asks and Daniel watches as he struggles to walk closer
“I’m fine, are you ok?” Daniel asks causing Jasper to stop realizing how embarrassing he probably looks hobbling all over the place
“I’m good, do you know about all the news vans and reporters outside looking for you?”
He nods, “they were at my house this morning too… feels like I’m right back to a year ago having to sneak in and out of places,” the boy says as his eyes trail off. Daniel says he’s ok but anyone can see that’s not true, his eyes carry so much burden.
“Sorry about your dad,”
“Don’t be,” Daniel meets Jasper’s gaze again, “he deserves it. Anyway, that’s not why I asked you to come—”
“I really wanted to call or text to check on you while you were home, but shit with the trial and my dad got—”
“No it’s ok, I get it”
“Um, I kind of got you something,”
“You did?” Jasper smiles already surprised and Daniel nods, “what is it?”
Going back around the corner Jasper waits as Daniel returns to what he can only describe as a small tricycle, “if that’s supposed to be a new bike it’s a little small,”
Daniel snorts holding in his laugh, “it’s not, it’s called a knee scooter. You can rest your broken leg on it and push yourself around”
“Seriously? That’s so cool! Can I try it?”
“Yeah,” getting close Daniel positions the scooter in front of him, not expecting him to help further Jasper freezes as he watches Daniel gently pick up his injured leg, positioning it on the scooter for him. As the boy is bent in front of him helping, Jasper stares at his every move, and when he’s done Daniel looks up meeting his eyes asking, “comfortable?” To which Jasper just nods, “ok you just push with the other leg like it’s a scooter.”
Jasper starts to push himself around as he chuckles, “oh my god! This is so much easier!” Daniel watched as Jasper pushes himself between lockers amazed by the scooter, he can’t help the gentle smile on his face as he looks at Jasper rolling around the locker room. Going back to where Daniel is standing Jasper stops in front of him unable to help his grin, “it’s amazing, thank you”
“The least I could do.”
“It really is,” Jasper replies then chuckles but not Daniel, he just smiles. “Is this what you meant when you asked if friends buy each other gifts at the hospital?”
“Yes,” Daniel answers, “back in Brussels my grandma had dislocated her knee and used one, so I thought it’d probably work for you too.”
“Because I’m your grandma”
“Exactly,” they look at each other and Daniel smiles as Jasper laughs. “I also have crutches in my car just in case,”
“In case of what?” Daniel shrugs not having a specific answer, he got both just to be sure… that’s the honest truth. “Do you think people are going to stare?” Jasper looks down at the scooter and hands gripping at the handles.
“Probably,” Daniel says making the boy look back up at him, then he shrugs, “but who gives a fuck, right?”

Read all chapters,via:

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