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Chapter 1 The snow in the Antarctic is not as cold as your heart
Lucy opened her eyes and saw a clean room filled with the smell of disinfectant water. Only then did she remember that she had just donated a kidney to her younger sister. The anesthetic has only just worn off.
Just then, the door of the ward opened and a slender man walked in.
When Lucy saw the man, an excited smile appeared on her pale face.
“Smith, you came to see me…”
Lucy’s tone was weak, but tried to make every word clear.
She stretched out her hand somewhat hard, wanting to get Smith Lu’s response.
But what she could never have imagined was the bad news that followed…
“Lucy, did you know that your family is bankrupt?” Smith indifferently ignored Lucy’s outstretched hand, and walked to sit on the sofa by the window.
“What are you talking about? It’s impossible, my family has been going well before, and nothing bad has happened recently. How is that possible? Smith, you have to save my family…”
Lucy was so worried that she even could not breathe. And when she asked for help, Smith just watched indifferently.
Gradually, Lucy noticed something, tried to calm herself down, and sat up slightly to look at Smith.
“I have helped you to acquire your family’s company, and your property transfer letter has been notarized. I never thought you would love me this much that you’re willing to give up all your possessions, but I am here to divorce you today.”
Property transfer letter?
Was that prenuptial agreement actually a property transfer letter?
But she didn’t know anything about it.
Although they had been married for just a few months, not even six months.
Even Smith almost never came home, she still cleaned the house every day, made his favorite meals and waited for him to come home.
Now she had just gone through surgery and he didn’t say a word of concern or a greeting to her.
He only set foot in her ward to get a divorce…
“I don’t agree! I don’t want the property, and I can put up with the fact that you always stay out at night, but I can’t accept the divorce!” Tears filled in Lucy ‘s eyes, her fingers gripped the quilt tightly, and she could see her nails embedded in the flesh with bright red blood.
But Smith wasn’t here to discuss with her, he just came to inform her.
So when he heard her self-righteous resistance, he impatiently stood up and choked her as a warning.
“Lucy , I only married you so that you could give Jane a kidney transplant in the first place. You are not qualified to be Mrs. Lu. Now that Jane has recovered, our wedding will be held as soon as possible. So you must agree to this divorce today! “After saying that, he loosened his grip on her neck, then took a tissue and wiped them disgustingly.
“No, that’s not true. We are married. I am already your wife. I won’t divorce you!” “Lucy shook her head in disbelief and denied it.
“I didn’t sign those documents. They are not valid. Smith, please save my family. That’s my parents and they are your parents-in-law. Smith, save them, please.” Lucy raised her head with a reluctant smile, and tightly clutched Smith’s sleeves and kept begging him.
Smith frowned in boredom and shrugged off Lucy’s hand.
Looking at Lucy, who was begging him, Smith only felt a burst of disgust. This was Lucy, a woman who can’t compare to Jane in every way.
“This isn’t true. It’s just a dream. I love you so much. I donated a kidney to Jane for your sake. Besides, we are married, you have to save my family, save my mom and dad, Smith.” Lucy kept begging him.
“My wife, you? A vicious woman like you actually wants to be my wife? You have nothing on Jane, you took her place and still got the nerve to ask me?”
Smith then took the ink pad and divorce agreement from the lawyer and walked towards Lucy.
And Lucy was still sitting on the bed, shaking her head and muttering to herself.
“Sign it!” Smith handed the divorce agreement to Lucy.
Lucy watched the document with the divorce agreement written on it, and moved back to the end of the bed. She shook her head and hid her hand in rejection.
“No! I can’t!”
Lucy began to struggle fiercely, trying to break away from Smith’s restraints. She kept slapping Smith with her right hand, and her legs also kept stomping him on the bed.
Smith lost his patience, and slapped Lucy ‘s face, which made Lucy completely stunned.
Just when Lucy was unprepared, Smith took her finger and pressed a bright red handprint.
“The agreement has been signed, get the divorce done as soon as possible.”
Smith then handed the divorce agreement to the lawyer.

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