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Chapter 1
Princess Bitaqir is woken up by the sound of the high chamber bells ringing , she could basically hear her own heartbeat as she fear what that might signify.
Could it be that her father is dead , no!! it can’t be, he was already recovering and also he hasn’t chosen a heir yet to take the throne.
If her father dies then a calamity will befall as each prince will want to descend the throne, their dearest Azbedran will bleed if this occurs.
“Maybe the bells have nothing to do with his health.”She thought to myself as I walk towards his quarters
Her father’s quarters is located at the center of the palace and her quarters are located by the south towers so it’ll take a few minutes to reach his chambers
Finally she reached his quarters ,the solemn feeling, the wails of his wives and concubines confirmed my fears.
The Princes and other princesses each consoling their respective mothers and each other .
She look around for her mother but can’t see her.
“Princess Bitaqir the Queen Aisha is inside his majesty’s chamber ” Sumbul Agha informs her as soon as he sees Bitqir
Standing at the doorway Bitaqir see a sight that she had never imagined and it completely shattered her heart.
Her once vibrant and active father now lay lifeless , his eyes covered with the sacred gold coins reserved for the dead, his skin now pale .
For a moment she just wants to reassure herself that her father is just sleeping but the cries, the golden coins and his pale complexion are like a slap to her.
“Your highness” Nigar Kalfa called her attention
“Her Majesty has neither uttered a word nor shed a single tear, she seems to still be in shock”
Nigar’s words finally made me notice my mother sitting at the edge of the bed staring blankly at her dead husband.
I can feel my world crashing down as I look at the heartbreaking scene before me
Never have I ever seen my mother so emotionless, I feel like she has died along with my father.
Frozen at the spot the Kalfas look at me with sympathy and pity, the two emotions I hate the most but at this point I don’t care.
My original intent of consoling my mother forgotten , how I can still control and stop myself from breaking down is still a mystery to me
When death comes it doesn’t knock at the door, it grabs whom it wants, when it wants.
Grabbing its prey like a starved predator under the angry rays of the hot desert sun, death doesn’t care whom it grabs into it’s clutches
When a righteous man dies his soul will sour on the wings of a green bird.
I cannot help but think this.
Two hours , Father has been dead for two whole hours .
I’m now standing at my mother’s terrace looking at the horizons as the sun rises
Sunrise has always being a beautiful sight for me, but today it seems like even the sun is laughing at me .
The sun has risen today promising a new day, but what will today bring us .
My mother has been given a sleeping drug that will help her sleep through her shock , but will it ?.
Last night whilst in father’s chamber she has heard the criers announcing the King’s death, their voices were like arrows pointed at her heart .
I have never seen my mother this way, so detached, and seemingly depressed .
When will this nightmare end ?
Or is this just the beginning?
I cannot help but wonder.

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