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Chapter 1
“Please, don’t do this…” The woman on the bed curled up and begged for mercy.
“Leave you alone and watch you and that man have fun? No way!” The man tore apart her pajamas.
“I didn’t!” Sophia resisted.
“You didn’t?! What about all these photos?” Adrian pushed Sophia against the bed.
Sophia gripped the sheet tightly with her hands, enduring the pain and gasping hard.
“You can’t do this to me! I’m pregnant!”
“Yeah! The baby belongs to another man!” Adrian did not stop, but moved back and forth faster.
“It’s…yours…” Sophia felt a sharp pain. She didn’t expect that Adrian would not believe her!
At the beginning, she married him without hesitation. She could endure all kinds of tramples he had inflicted on her and all kinds of doubts he had about her. Only on the issue of children, she would never compromise. She couldn’t let this man foul her and her child like this.
“Don’t just conceive a bastard and say it’s my child!” Adrian grabbed Sophia’s hair and forced her head to lift back high. The pain suddenly made her shed tears.
“Feel wronged?” Adrian moved back and forth violently. Sophia held back her feelings and let tears fall without saying a word.
“You dare have affairs with other men behind my back! It doesn’t matter. You will never see that man again.” Adrian’s eyes were cold, and it seemed that only in this way could he reduce his anger.
“You’ve gone too far!” Sophia hated Adrian’s arrogance.
Those photos were clearly fake. Why didn’t he believe her?
Sophia bit her lip and sobbed in a low voice.
“I want a divorce!” Sophia begged emotionlessly.
Adrian paused. “Don’t even think about playing any tricks. Do you think leaving is enough?”
Adrian’s words were cold and heart breaking. Sophia, with tears in her eyes, protected the baby in her belly.
“Then what do you want? Didn’t you always want a divorce? Now that I agree, shouldn’t you be happy?”
Perhaps a divorce was the only way to free her. She fought hard to maintain this marriage, yet only to cause her more struggles.
“You just want to keep that bastard, but I won’t let you go!” Adrian kicked Sophia in the stomach.
Suddenly, the telephone rang. Sophia sat on the ground with her stomach covered, listening to the telephone ringing in disgust.
“What? Lack of blood…? I’ll be there right away,” Adrian looked at Sophia.
All in a sudden, Sophia had a bad feeling.
“Go to the hospital with me!” Adrian pulled Sophia up. Whether she wanted it or not, she put on her clothes and headed for the door.
Sophia gripped the handrail of the stairs tightly and shouted, “I won’t go! I won’t!”
Sophia cried, but it was in vain.
“It’s not up to you!” Adrian grabbed Sophia’s hands and dragged her out.
“I don’t want to go to the hospital!”
“That is your sister! She had this disease to save you. And now you are unwilling to give her some blood?”
“That’s not even true! She didn’t save me! You were all fooled by her!”

Read all chapters,via:

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