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Chapter 1 You Are the Selling Product.
This villa in the northern suburb covers an area twice as large as others, and it is finely decorated.
It is said that it was a famous Italian designer who designed the villa and every blade of grass and every tree was carefully crafted. Thus, the market price per square meter of this villa is 50% more expensive than other villas.
After opening the villa door, Lavinia walked through the fountain, the garden and the promenade before coming to the living room.
This villa is so big that it is beyond imagination.
She put the materials for the house-viewing she prepared for her clients on the table, and suddenly felt a heat gushing out of her body.
The drink handed over by the Manager Jack before she came, was it drugged?
Before her arrival here, Lavinia’s clothes were ‘accidentally’ sprinkled with drinks of Manager Jack, and he gave her a gauze dress to replace.
Was that a plot?
Lavinia hurried to the door without taking the paper and materials on the desk.
However, as soon as she passed the screen, she bumped into a man.
“Sir, I’m here to sell the real estate …” Lavinia quickly took a step back and explained.
The man pinched her chin with his cold fingertips.
“YOU are the selling product …” The man pressed her on the screen and laughed: “The good is really amazing, yuh!”
The gauze dress was buttoned in the front, and the second and third buttons were held open by her bulging chest. Further down there was a slender waist, which can be grasped by one hand only.
The legs under the fluffy skirt were slender and white, and the ankles outlined by the red sandals were delicate and sexy.
His hand directly grabbed the neckline of the gauze skirt and pulled it on both sides, and Lavinia’s white underwear was fully exposed.
“Sir, please mind yourself!” Lavinia desperately pushed forward and shook off his hand. She turned and ran to the direction of the stairs she was at before.
She rushed into the nearest room on the second floor and quickly locked the door.
Lavinia looked around, and there was a terrace outside the sliding door, which was the only way to other places in this room.
The drug was taking effect. Just now, the man’s touch seemed to trigger some switch in her body. The hot and dry feeling rose from her lower abdomen. Lavinia clearly felt that there was some damp liquid pouring out between her legs.
She gotta get the HELL out of here!
But before she got to the terrace, there was a loud noise behind—BANG!
The red wooden door that was guaranteed with extremely high safety was kicked down by the man.
“HELP! DON’T COME OVER!” The screaming voice of Lavinia changed and she rapidly ran towards the terrace.
But the man was faster and he grabbed her by the waist.
“You’re really good at acting, aren’t you!” He clung onto Lavinia, and his lips pressed against the earlobe of Lavinia, but his voice was cold. “But don’t overdo your performance, and do NOT challenge my patience.”
“I’m NOT acting!” Lavinia, gritting her teeth, spoke in a low voice. She didn’t know if he heard it, then she hit him with her elbow. While he let go of her a little, she stepped forward and crossed the railing of the terrace.
But it ended up in failure.
The big hand behind her back pressed her directly on the railing, and the V-neck skirt of the tulle fabric was torn directly and thrown aside.
“It seems that you like something exciting?” The man stepped close to Lavinia, pressed her against the balcony. The rail was hurting her back.
There was only the white bra left on Lavinia’s body, and a pair of light pink underwear.
The terrace was designed open. She didn’t dare to scream too loud, so she sobbed for mercy: “Please, sir …”
“You’re begging me for mercy?” The man sneered, and his big hand rudely reached out to Lavinia’s legs. With a slight touch, he felt the wet cloth. “It’s already wet like this. Are you still gonna keep acting?”
Lavinia opened her mouth and wanted to say no. But instead, she let out a strange moaning, “uh~”
Was she wheezing?
“The…the drug …..” Lavinia struggled to make her voice heard.
The men’s eyes became darker: “Do you want me?”
“No …”
The man’s hot palm gradually stripped the sense out of Lavinia’s body. She wanted to escape, but the body involuntarily clung towards the man.
She wanted it—to be fucked!
His hands rudely tore off the white underwear and threw it outside the balcony. Lavinia subconsciously stretched out her hand to protect her boobs.
The man grabbed her by the waist and picked her up!
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Suddenly being dangled up in the air, Lavinia was scared and shuddered. Although it was on the second floor, there was a sharp gravel road outside the railing. Once she fell over…
“Make yourself steady. Don’t fall over and die here!” His cold voice came again.
He grabbed Lavinia’s waist and turned her around!
“HELP!!!!! DON’T!!!!!!!!!”
At the moment, Lavinia was SITTING ON THE RAILING facing the villa!!!!! There were only the man’s hands still holding her waist so that she wouldn’t fall over.
Her only choice was to hold the railing tightly. Her beautiful boobs were completely exposed, and the pink nipples hardened stiffly in the cold air.
“Spread your legs.” The man said again.
“Please, don’t…” The underwear was completely soaked and Lavinia clamped her legs uncomfortably, subconsciously rubbing up on the railing. But she wasn’t out of her senses. The villas adjacent were quite close, and people could see what she was doing with just a casual glance.
What’s more, now people are equipped with phones that’re like super cameras. Anyone would pass the villa at any time …
She trembled with shame.
The left hand of the man holding her waist slowly lifted, stroked upward from the flat lower abdomen, and grabbed the left chest of Lavinia.
He squeezed it so hard that the pain made Lavinia let out a scream: “IT HURTS!”
“Spread, your, legs.” The man bit the earlobe of Lavinia. “Otherwise, I will push you down.”
Lavinia’s tears streamed down. She bit her lips tightly, but slowly opened her legs.
The man’s right hand immediately moved down from her waist, tore off her underwear and threw it down the stairs.
Lavinia subconsciously trembled. But she actually ENJOYED the man’s touch!
The slightly rough fingertips slid from the lower abdomen and slowly slid between her legs. Both fingers reached into the wet garden: “Is it comfortable?”
“Well …” Lavinia tried to curb her voice. “No …”
“Don’t be duplicitous, or you’re gonna pay for it.”
Just as he said that, the man accurately found has erect clitoris and pinched it hard with two fingers!
Because of the pain, her subconsciously wanted to fold her thighs, but the man’s hand jerked her legs to the opposite sides that were almost parallel to the railing!
“If you don’t want to suffer, then say something nice.” The calm voice of the man rang in Lavinia’s ears.
He was dressed in a suit and tie, and his cufflinks were meticulously buckled, but she was naked, with her legs wide open.
A strong sense of shame made Lavinia’s fair skin flush with the faint color pink color. And her heart beat faster. The blood circulation accelerated the reaction of the drug effect, and the liquid flowed down between her legs and wet the railing.
“Open your mouth.” The man’s cold voice rang again.
He then stuffed his wet fingers into Lavinia’s mouth.
The salty taste overflew on the tip of her tongue, and the pink tongue pushed the man’s finger outwards, but this action is like licking with some intentions.
The hand that grabbed Lavinia’s left breast turned to scratch her pussy. The middle finger lingered on the little flower for a moment, and then he stuck it in!

Read all chapters,via:

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