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Chapter 1 Don’t Be Mad at My Sister

“Ryan, I don’t want to marry Theodore. He is so aloof. Even when I stood in front of him without a cloth, he asked me to get away.”

“Honey, I can’t help you. You know, he has said that he likes you, and I can’t take you away from him. Otherwise, I would have long broken up with your sister. She is so boring. I have been with her for almost three years and she hasn’t had sex with me once. Come here. Let me kiss you. The wedding car hasn’t arrived. We still have time to make love.”

Immediately, low moans and gasps kept coming out of the room. Dawn, who was standing outside the room, was stunned. Although she was inexperienced, she knew that the man and the woman inside were making out. What surprised her the most was that the man was her boyfriend and the woman was her sister as well as Theodore’s bride. She carefully turned her head and looked up at the man next to her.

The man was Theodore McEwen, who was more than six feet, 8 inches taller than her. His face was angular with impressive facial features. Now his sexy lips compressed into a thin line, showing his coldness.

Every time Dawn stayed with her brother-in-law, she was under great pressure. His eyes were so sharp as if he could see through her and her secret thoughts had nowhere to hide.

He seemed to sense Dawn’s observation and tilted his head to look down at her.

When their gazes met, she was so frightened that even her legs began to shiver. She begged in her heart, ‘Oh no, I don’t dare to look into his eyes. Please don’t look at me like that. It is so overwhelming and I can’t stand much of this.’ After stepping back quietly, she swallowed hard and forced herself to look at his cold face. “Theodore, please don’t be mad at my sister. She just made a mistake. I think you are still the one she loves.”

Theodore smiled slightly. He opened his thin lips and said with ridicule, “Are you kidding me?”

It was the first time that she saw his smile, but she was so nervous that she almost wept. Although her brother-in-law looked quite handsome when smiling, she felt that she was doomed. ‘Hey, I am not the one who has two-timed you. Don’t blame me on that.’ She then screwed up her courage to lie to him, “No, I am serious. After you two get married, she will never act like this again as long as you spend much more time with her.”

“So you think I will still marry her?” He looked at her with his eyes narrowed as if she was an idiot. Before she said something, he opened the door of the dressing room.

The two who were enjoying sex didn’t realize that they had forgotten to lock the door, so when they heard the door open, they were both startled. Grace even screamed, “Who is there? You just entered without knocking on the door. How rude you are!”

Dawn had a bad feeling. ‘Oh my God, the whole family is finished. Theodore is annoyed and we all will reduce to sleeping in the street.’

Ryan and Grace who just put on their clothes hastily stared at Theodore with a feeling of impending disaster.

“Theo, please listen to me. It’s not what you think.” Grace walked over to Theodore hurriedly with a pale face. “It’s just a momentary lapse. You are the one I truly love. Please don’t abandon me.”

“The wedding won’t be canceled,” announced Theodore.

Grace heaved a sigh of relief, but later, he added in a cold voice, “Also, the bride won’t be you. Dawn should be my new bride.”

Read all chapters,via:

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