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Chapter 1
“Hey Amelia” I heard someone yell my name across the hall
I turn my head away from organizing my locker as I see my best friend Stella running towards me and pushing people out of her way
“Stella” I yell back and start running towards her as we both meet in a tight hug.
Stella and I have been friends ever since I fell off the monkey bars at our elementary school and she helped me up. She was the only person that didn’t laugh at me.
“Omg I haven’t seen you in forever” Stella exclaimed as she clinged onto me for dear life
“I know. We need to hang out after school” I say as I cling onto her with as much strength that she is
“You guys saw each other yesterday,” Easton says walking up to us since we caused a little crowd around us
“And talked on the phone all night” he say putting the emphasis on the word ‘and’.
Easton Hayes. If you haven’t figured it out Easton is Stella’s twin brother. No, they aren’t identical but they both have similarities. For example their black hair, grey eyes with flecks of gold, and freckles across their nose and fading onto their cheeks.
The only big difference between the two, actions wise, was that Stella was waiting for a nice trustworthy guy to spend all her time with but, Easton pretty much gave up on the idea of settling down with a girlfriend when his first girlfriend cheated on him. So he goes around and flirts with girls but, he’s not your basic fuck boy, he doesn’t hump then dump. He just flirts with them and if they’re lucky he’ll maybe make out with them but that’s the most that he does.
“That’s too much time apart” Stella expresses to her brother as I laugh at the two siblings
I pull away from Stella and check the time on my phone only to see we have six minutes until class starts
“Come on Stells, we have six minutes or we’re gonna be late for class” I say as I grab her arm and pull her towards our lockers since they’re near each other
“I see you’re still the goodie two shoes I remember from last year” he teases me as I gather my books for the next 3 classes
“I see your still the same man whore from this summer” I say as I turn around to see him winking at a group of girls gawking at him
I close my locker and walk towards science class since it’s our first class of the day. Me and Stella were lucky enough to be put in all the same main courses, but not the same electives sadly.
Stella and I walk towards the science desk in the back so we wouldn’t get in trouble during class since we talk a lot
“Okay class,” the teacher yells gaining our attention
“Today we’re going over lab safety” she announces causing everyone to groan in irritation.

Read all chapters,via:

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