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Rico was exhausted went he went home, He is a lawyer and he just won another case he handled today. Rico looked at the picture on his desk beside his bed. It was his picture together with Alice… it has been 3 years already when Alice left him without a word. Rico’s past with Alice is still fresh in his memory… it’s because… Alice is Rico’s first love.

3 years ago…

“Will you marry me, Alice?”, Rico happily said while on his knee in front of many people. Alice was surprised and she worriedly looked at the people around them.

‘Why are you doing this Rico? Stand up, please.”, Alice said with worry.

“Then say YES.”, Rico smiled with full confidence as if teasing Alice. He is quite sure that he is truly loved by the woman in front of him. Alice gave him everything, her whole self and that is enough proof that she loved him too.

‘Rico… I’m not ready..”, Alice shyly said. Rico was embarrassed but he didn’t remove his happy smile on his pretty face.

‘Please stand up!”, Alice said and was about to cry. For this reason, Rico panicked when he saw her tears and he hurriedly stood up and went to her.

“Don’t cry… I can wait for sure.”, Rico assured Alice. Aliced hugged Rico tightly and cried.

“Rico… I love you.”, Alice whispered with tears on her eyes.

“I love you more, Alice.”, Rico hugged her back and smiled to soothe her.

‘Promise… I will wait for you, Alice. You will be the only woman that I will marry because you’re the only one I love.”, Rico said to her.

The next day, Rico found out that Alice went away without informing him. Her friends told her that she went abroad already. And ever since that day, Rico never saw Alice again. He didn’t receive anything from Alice, not a text or call, nothing. It has been 3 years already when Rico had become like this. It has been 3 years since he had been continually enduring the sadness and hoping that one day he will fulfill his promise to Alice… even though there is no assurance that she will go back to him again. Due to this, Rico is incapable of loving other woman than Alice. And if Alice won’t come back, his heart will continue being dead when it comes to love.

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