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Chapter 1

After 5 years

(A fresh start)

Anna’s P.O.V

Grabbing the towel from the holder I came

out of the shower. The bathroom is filled up with the smell of my lavender body wash and the lavender air freshener. Inhaling the smell which makes my mind fly I looked at the mirror.

“First day of new work,good luck Anna,” I smiled at myself.

I always found myself lucky as I got a job after I flew here and now I’m being promoted to the head office to be the assistant of the CEO.

My boss gave me a brief information of how the head office would be and they would always recruit each member from the companies working under them and here I am who deserved to be promoted I guess.

“Mr Han,” I uttered his name as I walked out the washroom.

Staring at the dresses which is laid on the bed I smiled at myself.I have no idea of why would Mr Han recruit me out of all the other staffs im my previous workplace because all were hardworking to be honest and most of them dreamed of being promoted to the head office. I got many wishes from all my staffs and I will surely miss them because all were so friendly which made the working place as a home.

Grabbing the dress I removed the towel off and began to dress up.

I wore a pair of grey trousers along with a white blouse which is tucked in and a grey overcoat. Being dressed officially made me look mature and I love it.

Pulling my hair up to a ponytail I looked at my reflection. A grin appeared on my face when I realised how quickly I got ready and dressing up quickly was my talent.

Applying some light makeup I completed it with a light shade of pink lipstick. First day of work , I should be early and look good…you know first impression is the best impression.

Grabbing a white handbag and I packed it up with my phone, tissues,my wallet and finally my spectacle box.

And who would forget I also grabbed a pad and pushed it in my bag.

Looking at my reflection one last time,I pushed the chain which I always wear around my neck into my blouse , putting on my grey heels I grabbed my file and walked out.

Waiting for the elevator is something which makes me impatient. I’m living in the last floor of the apartment. Being in the tenth Floor was something which I like because the view in the balcony is breathtaking it helps me release my stress and to be honest the rent is cheap here.

Each floor has two houses opposite to each other and my neighbour who was living opposite to me moved out a week back. Being alone is kinda frightening but I’m just used to it.

Every passing second seems to be like an hour when I wait for the elevator. Taking my phone out I plugged my head set. Plugging my ears I waited for the elevator and finally it’s here.

Being late is not my kind of thing and in the first day definitely not. It’s seven thirty and I have an hour  to be there. By the time I have tea in my usual spot and leave I will be there by time for sure.

Luckily I got a taxi as soon as I walked to the road. Adjusting my glasses I looked through the car window and it’s just another busy day.

Now here I am standing Infront of the the company and here comes my nervousness. Taking a deep breath I walked in and the view infront of my eyes made to look at every detail in awe. The interior is splendid and also the fountain in the corner is amazing.

“It’s beautiful,”the words came out of my mouth without my realisation as I was gawking at my surrounding. My phone rang which made me to slip out of my mind and I pulled out the phone instantly.

Looking at the caller id a smile made its way to my lips automatically.

“Anna how’s everything going baby,” he asked as soon as I answered the call.

“Good, and you just brought me out of my stupid my mind,”I mumbled as I laughed at myself for being rooted in one spot and looking around as a child was put in a zoo.

“So are you gonna give me a reward and by the way I’ll be there to pick you,”

“Okay…. I’ll be waiting for you and I’ll treat you for dinner…okay buddy now I gotta go…see yah,” with that said I hung up.

Dylan is my best friend we are always together that sometimes we are so close that people misunderstand us as a couple. He has always been there with me and he will always be…his sister is also a friend of mine and she always says me that Dylan has feelings for me and I just slip that topic away.

Walking further I stood infront of the registrar table. Opposite to me stood a girl who is about 5’6 I guess. Her tall figure looks even taller due to her heels and I kinda felt uneasy because all the girls around me looks so pretty and damn they look like dolls. Their makeup are on spot and here I am who is short even with heels.

Pushing my stupid unreasonable thoughts behind my mind I gave my information as she requested and she told me to go to the eighth floor…and it’s where he is.

I haven’t heard anything about Mr Han as I was just living in my small world its just me Dylan and his family.

I’ve heard many girls and my colleagues gossiping about him saying that he is the youngest CEO who took control of a company and is still being the successful one as well as the most popular one.

He is known for his business thinking and of course his appearance…but ironically the description I got from my boss was completely different. He told me that he was a hot headed person and someone who is cold hearted.

Walking forward I hear people bluffing by looking at me and the situation was even awkward when I stood there waiting for the elevator.

Maybe something is wrong in my outfit or is it that I’m not suited in here,am I the odd one here ,lists of statements are being scanned into my mind and it paused when the elevator welcomed me.

A girl who might be a little older than me I guess walked in and stood next to me. Looking at the button a smile made its way to her lips and she tapped the button seventh floor.

” A newbie,” she asked by looking at me surprised.

“Yes,” I utter nervously as I meddle with the handle of my bag.

“Assistant right,”she ashed her brows raised with a smirk.

I nod in reply.

“Don’t bother them…you know Han had many assistants and most of them were fired with in two months and some of them even quit their job. According to my calculation you might be the thirty second one I guess,ohh okay… I gotta go..see you newbie,”she bids me goodbye and walks out.

Han….maybe she is close to him…or maybe she is his girlfriend…a pretty girl like her with a perfect figure will have boys drooling over her. Her mini skirt shows her skinny legs and her dress are just not my type I would say.

Every passing second became suffocating and finally I arrived. Taking a deep breath I walked out and adjusted my glasses, it’s something I do when I’m nervous.

“May I come in,”I asked as I knocked at the door.

And there came the voice in reply with a yes.

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