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Chapter 1
“Aspen” I hear someone whisper from faraway. I ignore it and just pass it off as the wind since I left my window open last night.
“Aspen” I hear again except it’s louder this time. I ignore it again.
A couple of minutes later a sweet smell fills my nostrils. It reminds me of pineapples and vanilla.
“If you don’t wake up, I’m going to burn your favorite book” I hear a familiar voice say which causes my eyes to snap open as I jolt up in bed so that I’m facing my best friend
She’s sitting crossed-legged on my desk chair while looking at me with amusement in her green eyes.
Great, she snuck in again.
“I swear to god, Charlotte” I say with a glare as I look at her through my mess of hair. It would be so convenient if I could wake up looking put together.
“Don’t use god’s name in vain” she says with a scolding tone as she stands up and dusts off the imaginary dirt from her outfit.
I subtly check out her outfit. She’s wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top that’s covered by a black leather jacket, she paired that with black skinny jeans and a pair of black combat boots. She kept her hair naturally wavy.
“Are you going to continue checking me out or get ready so that we’re not late for school?” She asks with a smirk as she climbs onto my bed which causes me to roll my eyes and blush
I uncover myself and stretch my tight bones since I feel tense before I stand up and walk towards my bathroom so that I could get ready for school.

Read all chapters,via:

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