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Chapter 1

Edgar Kirk Lancaster sat in his office when suddenly, Cassie Donalds his PA beeps. He hits the intercom only to be told that a Monique Carolla Montgomery was here to see him.

Why did the name sound so familiar?

He paused to think a bit only for it to hit him; Monique Montgomery. He remembers now. The blasted nerdy girl who kept throwing herself at him through-out their high school years.

“What did she want now?” He thought.

He straightened his suit and stepped out and what he saw shocked him. A sophisticated looking woman stood with her back facing him. Lucky him because he got a full view of her exquisite and extremely rounded backside. She had a body of a goddess.

She was looking way better than she did in high school. Way better.

Snapping out of his daze, he cleared his throat and walked up to her. Drawing her attention whiles he was at it too.

When she finally turned, they stood there staring at each other for God knows how long till Monique broke their intense gaze.

‘Edgar it’s nice to see you again…under much nicer circumstances.” Monique said whiles flashing him a rather heavy smile to which Edgar returned nervously.

He knew exactly what she meant by that statement and the thought alone made him feel very awkward and bad. Even his palms were starting to sweat so he quickly stuck them into his pants.

Clearing his throat, he said

“Yes… Eh… why don’t you come into my office?”

“Yeah sure” Monique replied rather sarcastically before following him into his office.

After they were both settled, Edgar asked

“What brings you here Monique?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. Well, your father put his shares up for sale and one Honorable Caldwell Montgomery happens to have bought that forty percent shares.”

Monique paused to glance at the expression on his face. Cheering inwardly at the horror that etched on his face.

“Well, that man happens to be my father and as his only daughter I’m taking over the management of those shares” She added in a smug tone.

“What!!!… I… I… Really? … Well… Welcome then” Edgar said in frustration

“Great. Well I have to run so I will appreciate it if you have my office set up as soon as possible. I will see you tomorrow though.” Monique said as she rose to her feet.

Edgar followed suit numbly. He flashed her a forced smile and said with false enthusiasm

“Don’t worry; it will be ready by tomorrow. And have a nice day”

“I sure will” Monique murmured as she exited his office. Making sure to flash Cassie a heartwarming smile before leaving.

As soon as she was out of the building, she let out a heavy breath. She could feel her heart pounding and ringing in her ears.

“This is just the beginning Edgar. You are going to pay for all the things you did to me. Just wait” She whispered as she walked towards her car.

Edgar fell back in his chair shaking all over. ‘Monique Montgomery’ he thought.

The image of her standing in his office kept playing in his head. Her full breasts, her perfect curves and her extremely over-emphasized backside. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Damn….” He yelled as he run his fingers through his hair in frustration.

He was pissed and turned on at the same time. He was so close to letting go in his pants and he wasn’t in high school anymore.

The rest of the working hours were hell as he snapped at his PA for the first time and made life impossible for the rest of his employees.

They saw a side of him that they hadn’t seen since his father left and even then his temper wasn’t this bad and they understood why he was like that.

He had become successful on his own and had taken expert care of his mum and three younger siblings singlehandedly

The day passed by too slow for his liking causing him to leave earlier than usual.

He took a cold shower as soon as he got to his penthouse. He has never felt out of control like this. No woman has made him burn like this and on the first meeting nonetheless.

The shower didn’t seem to calm him down like he hoped for. Seeing no use to stay under the cold shower, he quickly got out.

Making sure to wrap a towel around his lower body before entering his closet where he put on fresh briefs and a grey wife beater top and made a beeline for the gymnasium where he showered his frustrations out onto a punching bag.

Hours later, he finally calmed down. Sanity finally set in.

He headed back for a quick shower before heading downstairs to his kitchen to prepare dinner. He made a meal of spiced bacon with veggies and fries…strange combination but that is what he felt like eating.

He finished his meal in record time and after washing it down with a glass of red wine, he headed to his study to work the excess tension off his mind.

Monique lay on her bed with a smug smile on her face. Feeling proud and satisfied with how she handled Edgar.

She wanted revenge but after seeing him today, something else stirred inside her.

She knew what it was because she’s always felt that way about him. She remembers when she first saw his picture.

It feels like déja vu all over again. But she couldn’t put her feelings before her mission. This isn’t high school anymore. It’s war.

For hours, Edgar tried hard to focus on his work but failed. His dirty mind won’t stop flashing him images of Monique’s over-emphasized backside, her full hips, and her full breasts.

He had played Several scenes in his heard where he actually had his hands on them and was doing more than touching and had gotten a hard on each and every-time.

Edgar had to take a cold shower to calm him several times to the point where it hurt.

He was returning from his bathroom from yet another cold shower when his phone went off. He checked the time and it was twelve thirty-eight.

A frown etched on his face. Who could be calling at this hour? He walked to his nightstand and the caller ID shocked him.


They haven’t formally exchanged numbers so it seems each one had gone in search of the others contact. Edgar hit the answer button before he snapped out of his stupor.

“Edgar Lancaster. Who is this?” He said in a business-like hard tone pretending not to know who the caller was.

“Um… Hey it’s Monique” She replied flustered

“Why are you calling at this time?” He questioned

“Sorry if I woke you. I was busy all day and I forgot to check in on the progress of my office. I was just calling to ask you.”

Edgar sighed, “You didn’t wake me. I was working on some papers and your office is done. You can check on it tomorrow and add whatever you want.”

“Oh… Um… Thanks Edgar”

“You welcome”

“So… I guess I will see you tomorrow?”

“Yes. Tomorrow”

“Goodnight Edgar”

“Goodnight Montgomery”.

And the line went dead. Monique smiled as everything seems to be going as planned though she felt uncomfortable with how flustered she became when Edgar answered her call in that stern business-like voice.

She wouldn’t lie to herself and say she wasn’t turned on because she was and only that fact infuriated her more whiles Edgar on the other hand got in bed with yet another hard on but didn’t bother to take another shower. It will be of no use.

The bright morning sun, barged through Edgar’s window waking him up like always. He was in a foul mood as to the wet dream he kept on having about a certain someone. It was so frustrating.

He jumped into the shower for yet another cold shower and after quickly getting dressed in his favorite tailored suit, he headed out to his garage where he hopped into his car and sped off to work.

In the silent confines of his car, he took time to reflect on yesterday’s behavior. He shook his head at how childish he acted. It wasn’t long before he pulled up in his company’s parking lot.

And as usual, Cassie was there waiting to get his things. There was an awkward silence between them and knowing Cassie, it wouldn’t take long before she gave him a piece of her mind.

They grew up together and they were each other’s confidant and rock.

They had finally entered the private elevator to their office when Edgar cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Cassie…” Edgar called out softly

No answer.

“Cassie… I’m sorry. Please forgive me” He said sincerely

A smile graced Cassie’s face instantly. She turned to Edgar with a smug look on her face but on seeing how nervous he was, she burst into fits of laughter.

“You sneaky bitch” Edgar muttered under his breath

“I heard you lover boy. And don’t worry I forgave you last night” Cassie replied smugly

Edgar shook his head smiling. Leave it to Cassie to always make light in a dark situation.

“So…….” Cassie started

Edgar cut in immediately knowing she was about to talk about a certain someone he has been having a hard on for since she stepped foot into his office.

“Uh…Uh…Uh… Cassie drop it. Let it go. I don’t want to talk about her. Not this early in the morning.”

Before Cassie could force it out of him, the elevator pinged signaling they had reached their floor that used to contain only her and Edgar but now Monique and her new assistant, Izzy April Quinn too.

Things were going to be so interesting. She thought smugly.

Edgar made a beeline for his office where he instantly started working. Trying to stop his mind from wandering.

After trying so hard to concentrate, he stood up and decided to check on Monique’s office. To make sure everything was in order. He tried to convince himself.

As soon as he stepped out of his office, Cassie gave him a knowing look to which he rolled his eyes before making a detour to Monique’s office.

Thinking she still hasn’t reported, he barged right in only to find a topless Monique standing in the middle of it fuming.

He was struck dumb. He stood there staring with his mouth open till he heard Monique snap at him.

“What the hell Lancaster? Didn’t you ever learn how to knock?”

“Didn’t you also learn to lock your doors?” Edgar countered back angrily.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he felt bad. He run his hand over his face in frustration.

This woman would be the death of him.

“I’m sorry Monique” He said sincerely as he sighed tiredly

“I’m… I’m sorry too Edgar. I shouldn’t have snapped at you” Monique apologized reluctantly

“Why…. Why are you… topless in your office?” Edgar questioned nervously whiles looking anywhere but at Monique’s half naked body.

The black slip she was wearing emphasized her full breast and complimented her skin rather beautifully.

He could feel himself hardening.

“I was talking on my phone and in a hurry to catch the elevator in the lobby before it closed when I crashed into an employee who poured Coffee all over me. Luckily I brought some clothes for keeps in my office in case of things like this” Monique explained quietly

“Well…once again I’m sorry for invading your privacy…. Is… Is there anything I can do for you” Edgar said still without looking at Monique.

“Yes… Um … You can wait while I change into another dress and zip me up”

“Okay… I’ll wait”

Monique disappeared into the office’s washroom. She returned a few minutes later in a black body hugging dress that ended right on her knee.

With her hair now up in a messy bun, she turned as soon as she reached where Edgar was standing. Rocking nervously on his feet, Edgar shakingly started zipping her up. He could even see the black lacy pant she wore.

He was trying really hard to concentrate. He had finally managed to zip her up to her mid-rib when his fingers brushed against her back.

They both stiffened and froze until Edgar grew a pair of balls and finishes zipping her up.

Monique took a few steps forward to a safer distance before managing a strained thank you. It sounded as awkward as the sexual tension became heavy. Edgar took that as his cue and left without a word.

They avoided each other like the plague for the rest of the day. Each one on the others thought. Stealing a minute or two, to reminisce on the event that took place earlier on.

Monique was shaken by Edgar’s touch whiles Edgar was distorted. His desire for her seems to be growing stronger by the minute.

He couldn’t take it anymore and he was going to make her his soon. Very soon but he need to correct the errors of his past. So with a new found courage, he stood up and headed for Monique’s office making sure to ignore Cassie knowing fully well that she would have that knowing look on her face. This time around he knocked softly and only entered when asked to.

Monique squirmed uneasily as Edgar entered and made himself comfortable on his guest seat. They stared at each other quietly. Lost in a trance till Edgar remembered the reason why he was there.

Clearing his throat softly, he said;

“Well… I came to apologize for high school and a chance to start over”

Monique’s mouth dropped in shock. She wasn’t expecting this. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. This complicates everything. She was pulled out of her daze when Edgar cleared his throat again.

She let out a heavy sigh. “Well… I didn’t expect that” She stated truthfully.

“But… I… I forgive you. The past cannot be undone. So yeah I would like to start over too”

Edgar flashed her one of his rare billion dollar smiles which almost sent her into an orgasmic convulsion.

“Great… Thanks Monique. You won’t regret it”

“I hope so”

“You won’t. I will see you later on”

And with that he walked out of her office with a smile on his face leaving a very dazzled Monique behind to ponder upon the possible consequence of her decisions.

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