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Chapter 1


It was on a sunny day in June, unlike other raining days that feet hardly step out of the house due to the cloudy weather.

I got into my car and hit the road to see Mom who just returned home from UK after a successful surgery.

I usually speak to my Dad over the phone ever since my Mom left to the UK.

My Dad has always been an active man he supported and cared for all his children with everything he got.

Let me go back to the very beginning how it all started.

I used to be the only girl and also the last born of the house.

Call me baby of the house and I will gladly answer because almost everyone treated me like a baby.

My eldest brother was settled in UK with his family which was where Mom went to and her surgery was successful done.

My second elder brother, Mark has a business he runs successfully.

He was an electrical engineer and also into bureau de change, where he exchange other hard currency for better and easy transaction.

He was doing well and already had a fiance he intend to marry before year end.

They were engaged around March and planned to get married by November that year.

November is usually a perfect time to settle down.

When the weather smells nice and romantic, and the atmosphere feels cool to the skin.

When people don’t have to be afraid or worry about rain spoiling their occasion, everyone also prepares for Christmas festive holiday.

November is sweet and memorable and so also is April.

Well, maybe because my parents named me April and I happened to love my name.

They said I was born around Easter period and having two boys already before me. I was tender and sweet, they couldn’t come up with a perfect usual name for a girl because Mom thought she will be having a boy again.

She had the same pregnancy symptoms, cramps and belle size like she did when she was pregnant for the boys.

Since she already knew in her mind that it was going to be a boy she did not bother going for a scan.

My Dad told her it will be a girl but Mom seem certain because she was sure of her pregnancy body changes.

Untill I was born and proved her all wrong.

I came in time for Easter and if not that a name like Easter sound weird and funny they could have called me so.

April brought me to them and I was showered with maximum love and care without doubt.

I enjoyed the last born palliative for five years before Rachel came.

She was born in February 28th which was the last day of the month.

She was equally special and took over from where I stopped, the enjoyment of last child.

Yes, she literally took everything from me including the attention.

I never mind, I still get my share of the care once in a while.

Rachel was beautiful and also fair like my Mom.

Her skin was like that of glass, it glitters. Her beauty was outstanding and many couldn’t help but compliment her.

I was also beautiful in my own way with a little melanin light skin.

They used to count me as one of the most beautiful in my basic junior class back then. It feels so good whenever I get such compliment but as the years goes by the compliment was no longer coming like usual.

they usually applaud my physical looks because they haven’t seen my sister who will pass for miss world.

You will think life was very perfect for me, well not really but it used to be. I feel like it used to be untill it took a different turn.

The turn started one day in the month of June.

Yes, June 13th 2016 was the day, month and year it all started.

If I forget everything, I will never forget this day.

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