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But Dad I’m too young to get marry. And why should I marry when I’m only 20. Dad I’ve my dreams, I don’t want to be tied up with someone said the tanned skin tone guy in a pleading voice.
You know that you will have to marry him that’s how businesses are done and secured. You just meet him, maybe you’ll agree said the old man who was arguing with his son.
Fine! You are saying to meet so I’ll meet but I want to marry or not it’s still my decision. Here’s the address Thiraweet Complex, 1210 Bangkok.
Because of dad’s forcing here I’m. Meeting the person with whom my dad wants me to marry. I started walking towards the door, as I was about to knock I heard the voices of two men.
You know I’m a playboy, you think I’ll settle with a marriage. And besides it’s a business thing I’ll marry him took over his company and then divorce him I don’t want to be caged.
The tanned skin toned guy was listening every word and he couldn’t believe what he just heard he couldn’t see the face of the person because his back was toward door. He headed straight to home and told everything to his dad.
Thud! The voice of slap echoed in the room. I had enough of you said the old man. If you don’t want to marry him, here take your bag and leave my house. And the tanned skin tone guy was pushed out of the house with his bags.
He looked at the door which was shut on his face. With teary eyes he hold his bags and started walking far away from this place.
With one last look at the house from which he was pushed out he said I hate you Mew Suppasit.
Lots of Love from LilFlower ❤️❤️
Two Years Later
Type what’s wrong you seem little lost. Is everything okay? The voice was of the chocolate skinned guy who has brown color hairs with a piercing on his left ear. The owner of the name looked at the direction of the voice. Shiya! (Shit) P’Perth you are in your shorts again said Type.
Perth laughed when he saw the reaction of Type, he smirked and said you should have got use to it now as it’s everyday thing said Perth. P’Perth is a playboy, Type pouted while saying that. Perth came towards Type, patted his head and said Give me ten minutes, I’ll get ready after all it’s my Nong graduation day.
Type was surprised when he heard what Perth said. Phi remember my graduation day. Perth smiled and said how can I forget my brother’s graduation day. Type was having happy tears. Perth couldn’t see his little brother crying so he hugged him and said I’ll freshen up and then Phi will drive you to college.
Type wore a white shirt. He meet his friends Mild & Samantha waiting for him. He excused himself from Perth and headed to the rows where students sitting. When his name was called, he slowly walked towards the stage when he hold the certificate he was looking at his Phi and then to his friends with a smile on his face.
Perth has thrown a party at their restaurant. As soon as Type entered the restaurant, the staffs, his friends, some people whom he knows and the friends of his Phi congratulated him.
All of the sudden room goes dark and there was a spotlight which was kept on Perth who was walking towards Type with a cake in his hand. The cake was cut and the party was started. Perth gave a box to Type which was his gift. When Type opened the box, he saw a key inside and he asked what’s this key is for?
Perth hold the hands of his brother and took him outside as Type was blindfolded with a cloth he couldn’t see anything. When Perth removed the blindfold there was black BMW standing at the entrance of the gate. Type looked at his Phi and hugged him. Perth patted his head and said this is the gift for my little brother. Type was crying, in fact one could heard his sobs voice too. Perth immediately pulled Type and asked what’s wrong?
Type smiled and said it’s the happy tears Phi! Thank you na krub P’Perth! Perth smiled and said we are family and there’s no thanking in the family now come inside or else our guests will say Perth has stolen the one for whom this party has been placed.
Perth put the hand on Type shoulders and both the brothers walked inside the restaurant with a smile on their face.
Phi is a term for elder brother/sister in Thailand whereas Nong is used for little brother/sister.
Lots of Love from LilFlower ❤️❤️
A Normal Day
N’Type what are you doing? You should be resting said one of the staff of a restaurant. It’s okay na krab I’m bored so I’ll help you guys like always. By the way where is Phi? One of the girl staff blushed and said Phi isn’t home, he gone out with a girl last night. Shiya! Phi and his one night stand. After hearing Type cursing everyone start laughing.
Type walked into kitchen and made a French toast for himself. He sat on the table and was having his breakfast. He was busily eating his breakfast, that he didn’t noticed someone opened the door and has walked in. That person coughed to get attention. Type didn’t lift his face to see who was the person instead he said we are not opened yet sorry.
The person brushed his hairs which alerted Type and he looked at the person. Oui P’Cooper! You should have told me that it’s you. Cooper just smile at him and sat on stool while watching Type eating his breakfast. Oh P’Cooper, P’Perth is not in house so you got to call him and ask where he is. As far as I know he would be still asleep. Cooper nodded and left for his own work by bidding goodbye to Type.

Chapter 1
The restaurant was busy in afternoon and Type with a corner of his eyes saw P’ Perth coming back home. He rushed towards his Phi and said do you ate something? When Perth saw who was asking the question he smiled and shaked his head. His little brother dragged him towards the table and made him sit on a chair. He quickly go to kitchen and within 5 minutes he is back with omu-rice(Rice with Omlet) in his hands.
Phi eat lunch first, then tell me what’s bothering you. Perth wasn’t surprised when he heard what his little brother. He clearly knows that no one in this world can understand him better than Type. Perth nodded and ate lunch he asked Type that did he ate lunch to which Type pouted like a child and replied Now Phi is asking that I’ve eaten or not?
Perth laughed upon seeing his little brother cuteness and said here take a spoon from Phi’s hand. Type opened his mouth immediately and Perth feed him a spoon of omu-rice. After lunch, Type asked what’s bothering Phi? To which Perth said it’s just a business thing. Type didn’t said anything as if he is giving a clue to let Perth continue. And Perth understood that.
It’s nothing so complex, just that one of our hotel isn’t doing well. Type smiled and said I’m free these days I can help you with that. Perth without thinking said no, this shocked Type. His Phi has never behave like this unless it’s something that will harm him. He calmly asked why? To which Perth said do you know where is this hotel?
Type shaked his head indicating that he doesn’t know because in reality they have hotels in every country. Perth looked at his little brother and said it’s in Bangkok. Hearing the name of Bangkok, the color on the face of Type’s face drained and this was noticed by Perth too.
If it would be any other country I would have allowed but not there Type.
Lots of Love from LilFlower ❤️❤️
Welcome 2 Bangkok
I’ll be okay na Phi don’t worry said Type who was hugging his Phi on the airport. Perth who still wasn’t sure how Type had convinced him to send him Bangkok. But Perth has stated that he will too come over there within 2-3 days. Perth still doesn’t let go of his little brother because he was worried. Type reassured his Phi that he will be fine. And finally Perth let go of his little brother.
Type clicked a Selfie of his airport look and posted on his IG, he then kept his phone aside. And decided to take a nap. He woke up after sometime and ate his lunch. After that he started reading the Mangas he has downloaded in his cellphone.
After a long tiring flight, he legs touch the floor of Bangkok Airport. He let out a sigh and started walking forward. When he came outside the airport he found a driver who was holding his name in his hands was waiting for him. He go towards him and greeted him as the driver was elder than him and Type always have a habit of greeting his elders no matter whatever their position would be.
He was on his way to the hotel when his cellphone rang. He picked the cellphone and find that it’s his Phi calling. He picked up the cellphone and was bombarded with questions from his Phi. He calmly replied to his Phi and let him calm down. He hangup the call by saying that he has reached. He looked at the hotel and saw it was old which means it’s needs total renovation. He was greeted by the staffs and he let his introduction. He excused himself and walk towards his room to get freshen up.
It was late at night, Type had his dinner and was taking a stroll. Then he heard the noises of people arguing. He walked towards the direction of voice and saw some people were breaking things and were threatening the staffs. Type immediately rushed towards the scene and stop those goons. Goons thought him as a customer and warn him to leave this place or else they will break his bones. Type immediately dialed the cops number, and said that he is from Paradise Hotels there are some goons breaking things.
Cops were ignoring him and said that it’s daily thing this angered Type. He dialed the head of police & security department number and told him the same thing when the head of police department asked as to who was speaking he said he is Type. Within 15 minutes, the police came and arrested the goons the police officers were scared as Type seems to be one of the high level person who has directly complain about them to their chief.
Before goons were taken by police, he smiled and said, “Tell the person who send you here that Type is here and he won’t let his place get damaged.” The goons got scared because the way he said wasn’t good his eyes show evilness and was deprive of mercy.
Lots of Love from LilFlower ❤️❤️
Mew Meets Gulf
Type was sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee on his table. He was enjoying his coffee and his cellphone ranged. He checked his cellphone to find that his Phi is been calling him. He put the cup aside and call backed his Phi. His Phi is been worried and he can clearly see that. He asked his Phi what’s wrong?
Perth eyed him which made Type feel guilty that he hasn’t told his Phi about last night incident. So why were the cops at our place? Phi goons tried to damage our place so I called the cops to let the arrest. In an instant, Perth expression changed from angry to scared. Before Perth would ask anything, Type immediately said, “I’m fine, no harm is done to me so don’t worry!”

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