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Chapter 1 Give the Child Back to Me
Outside Alan family Villa, a woman like a madman is desperately trying to rush into the house.
Two black bodyguards ruthlessly blocked in front of her, blocking her way.
Lisa’s eyes were scarlet, her vocal cords seemed to have been rubbed by coarse sand, and she cried at the top of her voice: “Son! Give me back my child, read it… my mother is here, mother is here…”
Not far from her, there is a boy in his early one year old, with red lips and white teeth, white and lovely little face, big round eyes and stars. However, when he looked at Lisa, his expression showed a little fear. Then he timidly hugged his mother’s calf beside him and said, “Mom, hug.”
Mandy gave Lisa a scornful look and bent down with a smile. “OK, Mom, hold it. I’m not afraid to read it.”
When Lisa saw this scene, her heart was going to break, and her tears were like a flood, which could not be stopped.
That’s clearly her child!
“Gavin, you give me back the child, I don’t want anything, I want my child, you give me back NianNian, give me back NianNian…”
Lisa roared wildly, staring at the man beside Mandy.
Gavin looked at her in astonishment, as if he were looking at a stranger.
No wonder he has such an expression.
After all, Lisa was a noble and elegant darling daughter a year ago, but now she is skinny, gaunt, dressed in cheap dirty clothes, with long hair, like a crazy woman.
After a moment of consternation, he finally recovered and looked at her like a psychopath.
There have been rumors for a long time that she is crazy, which seems to be true.
After disappearing for more than a year, he came up and robbed the child inexplicably. The child belonged to him and Mandy. What happened to this woman?
Gavin frowned and wondered. Mandy whispered beside her, “I heard Lisa didn’t know which man had a child, but then the child died.”
Gavin’s face was slightly heavy and his eyes were cold. He told his bodyguard, “Get her out of here and don’t frighten her.”
“No, I won’t go.” Lisa was ruthlessly pierced by the man, and the severe pain hit her, which made her head faint.
How could he do this to her?
“Read it! Give it back to me, Gavin…”
Lisa couldn’t restrain her excitement and struggled desperately.
Mingming is only a few steps away from the child, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get close.
She could only cry loudly, full of despair.
That’s the bone and blood left over from her October pregnancy!
That’s her baby!
How can they take him away?
Thinking of this, Lisa didn’t know where she got her strength. She broke free from the bodyguard in front of her and rushed towards the child.
Mandy was so scared that she quickly retreated with her child in her arms and asked angrily, “Lisa, what do you want to do with my family?”
Nian was frightened by Lisa and cried. Tears poured out and hugged Mandy’s neck tightly. “Afraid, mother is afraid…”
“I’m not afraid, my mother is there.” Mandy Wen coaxed.
When Gavin saw this, he couldn’t help but be furious. He strode forward, grabbed Lisa’s hair and gnashed his teeth. “Lisa, what do you really want to do? This is my child with Mandy. Do you dare to touch him!”
“That’s my child, Gavin, that’s obviously my child!” Lisa shouted at him with emotional breakdown.
“Oh, yours? When Mandy was born in the hospital, I saw it with my own eyes. Where did you get your child? Do you also have children? Do you also have my children?” Gavin gnashed his teeth. “Since he has the face to break his marriage, don’t appear in front of me again and get out of here! A woman like you in easy living will only dirty my eyes.”
When the words fell, he pushed Lisa out hard.
Lisa stumbled a few steps and finally stood firm, but her heart ached.
He doesn’t believe her!
I can’t believe he said Nian Nian was Mandy’s child!
For Mandy’s sake, he was so cruel to her!
“Gavin, come on, Lisa. She looks a little delirious, so don’t argue with her.”
Mandy pretended to be kind enough to persuade, but looked at Lisa’s eyes, but full of pride.

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