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Chapter 1
Elena’s pov
We were at the airport, Shawn and I,waiting for Harry. Shawn made a call, waving his hands to signify to Harry where ever he was. Standing in the middle of the airport, I was mixed with both anxiety and fear. The fear of losing myself to him. It’s been four years since I last saw Harry. Would everything still be the same as before or he will see me more as a woman? Harry has never loved a girl or has either been in a relationship. He believes they aren’t worth it. Harry was far different from Shawn. Harry was a player or should I still say he is? I don’t know. Who knows maybe he’s changed. Shawn wasn’t like him. He was only crazy about one person and that’s me, no one else. I like Shawn. He always found ways to please me and make me love him. He was good at such things but there was no way he could beat Harry in the way I feel for him. Love can’t be bought. Many times…I had wanted to break up with Shawn. I felt it was wrong thinking about Harry and also be in a relationship with his best friend. It was completely wrong but Shawn never gave me a chance to speak about issues like this. I never told him I was in love with Harry. It will drive him mad and I know he won’t get over it. NEVER. But still he knew I didn’t love him that much but he always thought we would work out. Shawn will never let me go. My mind drifts from these thoughts by Shawn’s voice. Harry was already here and my heart feels so cloudy with rainbows as he walks towards us. I was breathe taking by his look.
“Bro!” Harry gave Shawn a side hug immediately he sighted him.
“You got muscles now!” Shawn teased, still surprised to see a new change in him. He wasn’t the Harry that left four years ago. He’s far much different. He’s muscular, manly voice, and yeah, much more handsome.
“And you got fatter.” Harry teased, even when there was no sign of Shawn ever growing fat.
“Well, my babe here has been feeding me to the fullest.” Shawn smirked, both eyes diverting to me. It was so weird. Harry looked at me closely. What has changed in me? That was left for him to say. The way he looked at me got me confused. I know I was meant to do all those ‘long time greetings’ but I don’t know why my lips are just left plastered but i have to say, Harry is looking good. He’s eyes zooms down to my chest and I was left confused. What was he looking at?
“Wow! She’s got bigger breast!” Harry teased again. I felt really uncomfortable. I used both my palms to cover my breasts even when they were covered with clothes. It felt like he could see inside my body.
“What the…” I almost cursed loudly.
“Harry, we’re in the public.” I raised both my arms in the air. I didn’t quickly realize when I freed my breasts. He’s eyes went over there again, making me to quickly wrap it up with my hands.
They both laughed at me like I was a fool or something. Boys can be weird.
“Okay, sorry. You just got sexier. If that should suite you better.” Harry said, putting his hand around my arms as we walked back to where Shawn parked his car. Right now, those emotions were freed. It felt like old times when we were friends. But Harry will never be a friend to me. He’s more than that.
“Ha ha ha. Very funny Harry.” I forgot Harry loved to tease me so much back in high school. It was an experience I shouldn’t have forgotten.
I could deeply remember when Harry played a prank on me by sending me love letter anonymously into my locker when he knew no guy has ever asked me out yet. There I was feeling so excited that there was someone out there that had feelings for me. The most foolish part was me blushing when I told them about the love letters that blew me away. Then the foolish Mr. jerk face finally confessed that it was all a prank that he played and I shouldn’t keep my hopes up. I was dumbstruck!
We kept on arguing and teasing each other even when we entered into the car. Shawn drove while Harry and I sat at the back seat. Shawn laughed away while I was so irritated by Harry’s jokes.
“I swear if you ever say that again, I’ll make sure you never fuck a girl again.” I spat out. I can’t believe Harry was asking if I have been taking sex lessons by watching porn videos. Who asks that?!
Shawn just loved seeing us argue. We could spend the whole day to find out who’s better between Harry and I.
We got inside the house. Shawn assisted Harry in carrying his luggage.
“Final question, Shawn who’s hotter between Harry and me?” I asked, with my right hand at my waist. We’ve been arguing all the way since we met at the airport. I have to say, I really miss this feeling.
“Shawn wouldn’t tell the truth because he’s your boyfriend. We both know who is and that person is only me.” Harry said, winking at me.
I roll my eyes feeling irritated.
Harry took out a bottle of beer from the fridge pouring into three glasses.
“To friendship.” He said and we cheered.
I stared at him as he gulped in his drink. There was a lot I wished to do when I saw him at the airport. Dirty thoughts took over my mind at that moment. I just don’t know how we became friends and why he looked at me differently and acted differently around me. Wasn’t i pretty enough?

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