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Chapter 001 Damned Lance

Bella Brown closed her beautiful eyes. Her mother’s genial smile still lingered in her mind. She couldn’t believe that her mother had left her forever.
“Hey! Happy now?” A cold voice rang and the warm breath he exhaled tickled her ear. A hand rested heavily on her shoulder.
Bella sighed softly in her heart. The young master of the King family behaved like a child.

What happened a few hours ago flashed across her mind again…
“Lance, she will be your sister in the future, you’ve got to take good care of her.” Hulda, Lance’s mother, put her arm around Bella’s shoulders and with the other hand, she dragged Lance, who was heading towards his room.
Hearing this, Lance’s body tensed up. He turned around slowly and looked her up and down. The girl in front of him had long eyebrows and her beautiful eyes looked like a pool of water. She was not good-looking, but the sight of her could make his mind peaceful.
But he would never be fooled by her innocent appearance. Her mother had saved his father’s life at the cost of hers. It was said that her mother was terminally ill with cancer and was about to die. What a smart move! She must have been yearning day and night to send her daughter to his house!
What a vicious woman! And he hated those sly people.
Bella looked like the young master of the family. He was arrogant, with one hand in his pant pocket, and the other holding a black jacket over his shoulders. She had heard that he was domineering, and a touch of disgust welled in her heart.

On second thought, she couldn’t be hostile to him since she had to live in his house.
“Hello, my name is Bella, nice to know you! ” She smiled and greeted him.
“Disgusting!” He squeezed out the word through his gritted teeth.
Before Bella could react, Hulda lost her temper. With one hand resting on her hip, she pointed her finger at Lance and snarled, “How can you be so rude? Apologize to her!”
Well, what could Bella say at this moment?
She had a strong urge to fling herself onto him and twist his neck, but his mother had already scolded him, so she had to look nice.
“It’s okay, Auntie. The young master may be in a bad mood today.” She said with a half-smile on her face. She could see Lance become more hostile.
But she didn’t care.
“Sorry, Bella, just call him Lance in the future.” Hulda smiled back and then she turned her head to him with a grim face. “Go upstairs. Face the wall and think about your wrongdoings! Eat air as your dinner tonight!”
Lance’s eyes were full of resentment and Bella had an ominous feeling.

She didn’t know why he barged into her room at this hour.
“My name is Bella, not ‘hey’.” She turned around. Her white-laced nightdress made her look like a princess.
“Stop being arrogant, my mom isn’t here to help you!” Lance grabbed her shoulders, and his eyes were burning with fire.
“Tell me, why are you here?”
“Why?” Bella sneered, “My mother died because of your father. My purpose here is to make your family grateful to me and repay me! Understand?”
But in her heart, she was not thinking this way.

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