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Chapter 1
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The sun was as bright as the moon. The sky was blue as the water. The birds were flying freely up in the sky. The warm air passes by my bare skin. Fresh air was passing by the branches of the tree that were making the leaves of the tree sway.

There was an underground society, where children, is trained to kill to be able to live.

The gunshots were echoing in the four directions of the place. The birds were flying away, from the nearest tree because they were startled by gunshots.

A lot of young werewolf kids were crying, because of the gunshots, they were hearing.

Some men of an organization like me were giving them guns, so they could be trained. Some of the kids that were aged twelve to fifteen years old were crying, there are tears in their eyes. Their body began to tremble because of the fear they are experiencing. When the teenagers won’t listen to us, we use whips to hit on their bodies, so they would use the gun, and aimed at their target point.

A slave like us living a lavish life that was given by the underground society, this was the payment of all this, we need to train being able to live. We need to learn to survive to exchange by giving us wealth, and good education.

“Use that gun!” I ordered to one of the kids.

He looked at me with frightened eyes. His eyes were full of fear and despair, his eyes were begging for mercy that I would just let him be. His whole body began to tremble, and his hands continued to shake as he was holding the gun.

“I-I can’t, “he blurted out.

I looked at him with death glared. I stared at him with my cold eyes looked. That makes his whole body more to tremble, the hair all around his body began to stand up.

“Do it now! ” I loudly shouted at him.

He started and he closed his eyes, then shot at the aiming point. He got lucky and shot at the red in the middle of the target.

Im pretty impressed with him, in the first shot he became excellent. He immediately shot in the middle of the target point.

“Not bad!” I commented.

“C-can I stopped now?” He asked me stammered.

“No! Just continued,” I responded and smirked at him.

He just lowered his head and close his eyes, and started to shoot at his aiming point.

He was too afraid to be a young man…

How could he survive in this cruel reality when he can’t even hurt a fly?

I let him and asked one of my colleagues to look after him. I would be wandering around, and I am gonna watch the other young teenager how tell would train.

“This was hell and heaven!” I whispered to myself.

This was hell because every young werewolf needs to be trained to use guns, explore their ability, and also know how to self-defense. Because they were gonna used to killing someone that was ordered for them to be killed. It was heaven because they could experience wealth, lavish life, and a three-meal course a day.

We are being adopted by the organization and giving us a life that we could never have as a slave, in exchange for our loyalty.

I sat down near a bench in this training filled, and the memory of why I was determined to do this kind of career flashback on me…


“Why does it have to be Taurel?” I asked my superiors as they are having a meeting.

I go inside their meeting hall without even knocking. They are having a meeting with something important but I interrupt it.

I didn’t want to interrupt!

But when I heard they wanted to kill Taurel, that is when I blew up. I’ve lost my temper because of it.

I wanted to quit this organization to win Taurel’s heart. But I can’t I was just a merciless slave without anything.

“You are leaving, right?” My fourth-ranking superior asked me.

“Yes?” I answered without hesitation.

Why they’re asking me that now?

I thought they agreed to let me go…

What are they planning to do now?

“Then pack your things and leave. It was easy to do. Right?” He answered.

“Why? Can’t, you just leave Taurel alone? Can’t, you just be happy for me? Just please don’t take away, Taurel, ” I pleaded.

I can not lose her!

I can’t lose Taurel…

“If you want her to stay alive. Don’t leave on the organization! You know the consequence, Xavier!” My superior answered.


That can’t be!

“Please! No,” I begged them.

“Think carefully,” he warned me.

“Okay! I would not leave on this organization. But just one thing doesn’t kill Taurel,” I answered.

I took a deep breath and sighed.

“Okay! Good. You can leave now, ” my superior ordered.

I just walked out of the meeting hall helplessly.

I was just a mere slave that has nothing without this organization. I don’t even have a name if I am not becoming adopted.

I was fallen in love with a person that I can’t be with…

This day, I realize that my weakness was Taurel. The organization would use her forever to keep my chain stocked in here.

But no matter what I do…

“I would still forever love Taurel, ”


Because of that incident, I can’t leave the organization. I can’t just let them kill Taurel.

She became my world…

The priceless treasure I had…

This was the first time I have fallen so badly. When I was with him, the cold and heartless Xavier was melting. I can’t stay cold whenever I was with her.

She gave me a different connection…

I took a deep breath and sighed.

Being a slave without any family in this pack was difficult.

I looked at these young wolves who were continued training, shooting at the there target point, and also trying and testing their every ability.

Some of them were crying, their eyes full of fear, and their bodies were trembling in fright.

I can’t blame them…

Because every time they are not listening and only crying. Their bodies would be hit by a whip that would let a scar or mark on their bodies.

“Because I was in love with you Taurel. I needed to continue this life in order for you to be safe, ”

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