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Chapter 1

“Hey mister, can I ask you for a favor”. A lady asked with her sweet and intoxicating voice, causing the man who was walking to turn around and stare at the young lady.
The lady wore a pair of blue short tight trousers, and a pink belly top, that has a tiny hand that exposes her shoulder.
Her brown short hair rested on her elegant fair skin, causing the lady to look more attractive.
Her brown emerald eyes were as attractive as the sun, causing the man who had turned around to fix his gaze on her without blinking.
The lady’s round face brought out the beauty of her small eyes, which had long lashes above them.
Her flat stomach could make any man who sees her droll on himself, but not him. He can’t droll because of how pretty the lady is.
” I was expecting you to ask for the reason why I stopped you, but since you don’t care, you can kindly go “. The lady said while adjusting her blue shot.
He raised his brow while questioning her words without talking as he just shook his head sideways before walking away.
” Hey wait!!! I need a favor from you, and I’m hoping you will be able to help me out “. The lady asked with pleading eyes.
The man didn’t mutter anything, as he raised his brow again as a means of questioning her, causing the lady to get angry, but she did not dare let her anger get the best of her.
” Okay!! Hi and I’m Cecilia, but you can call me Cece if you wish to “. Cecilia said as she extended her hands for a handshake.
The man took her hands as he returned the gesture while staring at his wristwatch, which seems to be worth a lot of money.
” Ohh!! you must be a busy man, so I’ll just make it snappy as ever. So here’s the thing…… I’m looking for a husband, not temporary, just permanently. And not husband actually, just looking for a boyfriend “. Cecilia said with boldness.
She saw a frown plastered on the handsome man’s face when he heard her say the word ‘ husband ‘, so she quickly changed her words to boyfriend, causing the man to smile a little bit, as his expression returned to normal.
” I know it sounds crazy to stop a guy and spill out such things, but you are my only hope. But you were my first hope, so if you can just agree, I swear to pay you anything that you demand, so please do accept “. Cecilia pleaded, causing the man to smile genuinely this time around.
The man nodded his head before walking away without even uttering a word.
Cecilia doesn’t know if she should lose control because of the man’s rudeness, or she should just walk away and bear the shame and humiliation that she just received, because getting rejected isn’t what she likes.
She just glares at the man while frowning her face, as she rolls her eyes and turns towards another direction.
Before turning around, she saw the man standing while looking at her with a confused expression.
She quickly faced his direction, as she smiled while hoping that this arrogant man would call her back because she needs a boyfriend as quickly as possible.
” Should I follow you ?”. She asked the man who was motioning for her to follow him by uttering anything.
Cecelia is annoyed with the man’s quietness but she had already prayed for someone like this as soon as she woke up from sleep early this morning.
The first thing that made her remove her phone from under her pillow early this morning was the continuous vibration of her phone which was under her pillow.
Her parents were the ones calling, and they told her that they were already at the airport, and were coming over to visit her and her boyfriend, which she had claimed she had.
They have already forced her to show them their soon-to-be son-in-law, but she refuses, only because she gave them a clear description of her so-called boyfriend, and luckily this handsome guy standing in front of her happens to look like her imaginary boyfriend.
The handsome guy in front of me nodded his head, as a sign of me to follow him.
I didn’t bother to think twice, as I enclosed both of my hands together while smiling, as I happily followed him.
I don’t know where he’s exactly taking me to, but I didn’t care a bit, because my spirit suddenly rhymed with the handsome man.
He walked freely while staring at the floor before he finally decided to cross to the other side of the road where a black Lamborghini with tinted glass windows was packed.
The man stared at me before nodding his head once again as he opened the car and entered inside it, leaving me to stare at the completely black car in confusion.
” Miss please come inside “. A man said as he made the car window to slowly wine down while revealing his face.
” Umm… does your boss say I should come ?”. Cecelia asked because he hadn’t said anything to her earlier.
” Yes, miss!!! and do make it snappy, because he’s in a hurry “. The man sitting beside the driver’s seat said.
Cecilia ran towards the other side of the road and entered the car without questioning the man who was talking to her earlier.
” So hey hi !!”. Cecilia said as she tried to wave at the handsome man who was busy with his laptop.
” Can I at least know your name sir, because it’s weird you aren’t talking to me, even when you are already planning on helping me out “. Cecelia said as she couldn’t withstand the total silence coming from the man.
” Well Miss, my boss is Chen Edward, and he’s the founder of Charles diamond company “. The man beside the driver’s seat said, causing Cecilia’s eyes to light up in surprise.
” What!!! so you are my dream crush, and you look so sexy in person “. Cecelia said out loud while admiring the man beside her who still hadn’t opened his mouth.
” You know that talking once in a while is good right ?”. Cecilia asked while rolling her eyes because it was obvious that the man didn’t want to talk.
” Hmm… about that. Sir Chen Edward doesn’t talk because he has a problem in opening his mouth “. The man said, causing Cecilia to freeze instantly.

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