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Chapter 001 Why have a child with a woman you don’t love?

“Bertram, you and Susan have been married for three years. It’s time to think about having a child.” The old man spoke in a serious voice from the closed door of the study. The man’s cool, indifferent words followed, “What’s the point of having a child with a woman I don’t love?” Susan, who was about to knock on the door, stopped dead in her tracks, her face pale with misery.

The man’s voice rang out again, this time with a little more impatience, “Grandpa, I’ll tell you once again, Susan and I will never have children, so you can forget about it.” “You brat!” The old man cursed angrily, followed by a teacup being thrown to the floor, accompanied by the sound of the man’s footsteps as he walked out.

Susan hurriedly ducked into the bathroom next door and, in her haste, slashed her waist heavily against the tip of an object. The tearing pain spread from her body to her heart, and her eyes welled up with tears of pain.

A few days earlier, she had received a pregnancy-test report on her mobile phone from Jenny Hedy, the dreamlover of her husband, Bertram Hill. Along with it came Jenny’s taunts –

“Susan, you’ve been married to Bertram for three years and he hasn’t fallen in love with you. What a failure you are.”

“You’re the only one who could lay down all your pride at the side of someone who doesn’t love you for so long. If it were me I’d have jumped off a building in shame.”

It was only after her marriage that Susan realized that her husband was in love with someone else. On the night of her wedding, she saw a press release that her husband Bertram spent the night in a hotel with Jenny, a popular actress. Before that, she quit her job in the hope of being happy with him and became his full-time wife. It was funny in the following three years ……

She had just ducked into the bathroom when the door was pushed open so hard that she stumbled back a few steps. In her teary eyes she saw the cold man, her husband Bertram, walk in.

His expression was cold, and his black suit made him look even colder. As soon as he entered, he grabbed her jaw unceremoniously, “Encouraging Grandpa to make me have a baby with you? Susan, you’re more and more good at hurting me.”

He didn’t wait for Susan to say anything, but his eyes were even colder, “Three years ago you set me up and had sex with me so that you became Mrs. Hill, and now you want to use the baby to be Mrs. Hill for the rest of your life?” With her expression changed, Susan bit her lip tightly, “I didn’t!”

“If you didn’t, then how could you eavesdrop on my conversation with Grandpa?” Bertram said with mockery eyes, “Since you’ve heard it, you know how I treat you. Susan, have my children? You don’t deserve it!”

The cruel words made Susan clench her hands tightly, her nails digging deep into them. She had always known that Bertram didn’t love her. But when hearing that he said the words “don’t deserve”, she still sfelt very heartbreaking like a million arrows piercing her heart.

For three years, she had fulfilled her responsibility as his wife, in bed or off bed.

She had thought she could slowly move Bertram’s cold heart. But now she realized that his heart was an iceberg that would never melt, no matter how much she tried.

“Bertram, in these three years, have you liked me a little …… bit?” She spoke in a low voice, her body suppressing a tremendous tremor, as if she had used up all her strength and courage.

She asked in such a low voice, which made Bertram’s heart feel a strange feeling, but it passed instantly.

His eyes were filled with indifference, “What do you think?”

The mockery and disdain broke down the last of Susan’s defence and she felt so painful that she almost numb with other feelings.

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