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I woke up early, like my daily routine since arriving at this packhouse. I performed my chores, which included making breakfast for the entire pack, doing laundry, cleaning the packhouse, and even mowing the lawn.
Even though I was exhausted for the entire morning, I still worked my tail off in the evening and fed the entire pack. And when I was done, I went to the packhouse’s basement to rest. Since I arrived here, the basement has become my domain.
Since the first day the alpha of this pack brought me into this packhouse, I started to serve the whole pack. I am the pack’s slave. I kept my mouth shut if they ordered something, but when some of the pack members started to taunt me, especially my father’s name, I fought back which resulted in punishment. Sometimes the alpha punished me or he ordered someone to beat me up.
Right now, I’m in the kitchen finishing up the last of the chores for my morning routine. Even though I just turned seventeen this morning and no one knew it was my birthday, I don’t have any friends in this pack, so, naturally, no one knows who I am. They only know I’m a slave for the pack.
I’m sweeping the floor in the packhouse kitchen when two girls walk in and begin to insult me.
“Take a look at the pack’s slave. Isn’t she pathetic and ugly?”
I heard the blonde-haired female say. If my memory serves me correctly, this woman is the girlfriend of the alpha’s son, the future alpha of this pack, Dimitri. I think her name is Beatrice. And she’s with her bestfriend.
To ignore them, I took a deep, silent breath. I lowered my head and resumed scrubbing the floor. I need to finish it before the Alpha returns and reprimands me.
“I’m not sure why the alpha decided to keep this useless girl here.”
“Perhaps it’s because she’s an alpha’s daughter? And the fact that alpha’s daughter is a slave which made alpha Dominic intitled.” I heard them laugh.
“It’s a shame to the father to have such a weak daughter.”
At what I heard, I quietly clenched my teeth and gripped the mop handle tightly. All I wanted to do at the time was smush these women’s faces into the floor with the mop.
But I restrain myself from doing so. Before the alpha returns, I need to finish my work. The two girls, on the other hand, did not stop talking there.
‘Did you know that her father, the alpha, is a weak alpha? And that’s why he was so easily killed.”
“He is, without a doubt, the weakest alpha. Why isn’t he able to protect his people? He has no right to be the alpha. It’s a good thing he’s already dead, otherwise, his people would still be suffering.”
The last strand of my control has snapped, and before I know it, I’ve beaten the two women with a mop. I didn’t come to a halt until I was dragged away from them.
“You don’t have the right to mock my father’s name. You were not there when that day happened. You know absolutely nothing about him!” I screamed, attempting to reach them with my hand, but the person holding me seemed to be quite strong.
“We’re just telling the truth, slave! Everyone here is aware of your father’s frailty!”
“But you still have no right to insult him!”
Both of them smirk at me. “You are a fool!”
“Maybe I am! Because this fool will fight you!” And when I reached the blonde-haired girl, I pushed her to the wet floor.
“What the hell is going on here!!!” I gasped as I heard the alpha’s enraged voice ringing through the kitchen.
I took a deep breath and hesitantly glanced at the kitchen entrance, where I saw Alpha Dominic and Luna Haydi standing. I shivered in fear.
Alpha…” The blonde-haired girl said, her voice shivering, and I can hear it. I noticed her getting up and ran over to Luna, crying.
“Alpha, Luna, this slave beat me using the mop. Look at my arms, I have bruises,” she’s weeping her face while lowering her head.
As I looked at her arm, I saw a wound. But I swear I didn’t cause it. And then I remember she’s good at making up stories. I secretly rolled my eyes because I knew that girl was just pretending to be hurt.
Alpha Dominic glanced at me with angry eyes. “How dare you hurt the future Luna of this pack!”
I looked nervous. “S-she started it, alpha.”
“Shut up!” Alpha Dominic yelled, using his alpha tone.
I shivered in terror at the sound of his tone. I can see where this is going: me in the basement while Alpha Dominic beats the crap out of me until I pass out.
Just thinking about the possible result made me tremble in fear.
“I ordered you to clean the kitchen,” Alpha Dominic yelled, slapping me. “But what are you doing? Beating the future Luna of this pack! You are an outcast, a slave to be exact! Are you looking for death?”
I want to scream yes to him so I can finally live in peace, but I’m reluctant he’ll only punish me, torture me in the basement, and no one will be able to help me.
I lowered my head and entwined my fingers in front of me. Feeling terrefied is not new to me. I grew this harsh treatment. “I apologized, alpha,’ I said in a low tone.
He walked out of the kitchen without saying anything. Luna Haydi follows the alpha outside. The blonde-haired girl stayed with her friend, she had a smirk on her lips before leaving the kitchen.
Now that I’m at peace, I’ll return to what I was doing before. I don’t have time to be self-pitying. I need to finish my work before alpha Dominic becomes enraged and punishes me once more.
After finishing my work, I immediately went to the basement to rest. I inhaled deeply and pondered what would happen to me when I turned eighteen. If that day comes, I’ll meet my wolf and my mate. I’m praying that my mate will protect me and save me from this pack. I sleep with that in my mind. Hoping to dream them in my sleep.
‘NO! Please, stop! Get away from me!”
I shouted my lungs out, imploring them not to touch me, but they didn’t seem to hear me. I awoke in the middle of the night when I felt uncomfortable in my skin and discovered these two men ogling and exploring my body with their hands. They reeked of booze to me. When they touched me, I was horrified.
I screamed even though they occasionally covered my mouth, hoping that someone outside my room would hear me. But I knew that no matter how loudly I shouted and begged for rescue, no one would listen.
It’s as if this pack holds no hope for me. There’s no one I can count on if something goes wrong. No one can help me.
‘Even if you scream, no one will hear you,” the man who grabbed my hair said. That hurts a lot.
“And even if they hear you and consider rescuing you, they will believe our alpha was the one who punished you. And we all know how merciless our alpha can be when it comes to beating you, wench,” he added.
What they say has rendered me speechless. They were correct. No one in this pack dared to rebel against the alpha. But I don’t want to be in the hands of these two men. If I have a choice, the alpha of this pack, the one who punished me, is preferable to these two. Because I’m well aware that the alpha is uninterested in my body. He will physically punish me, but not sexually.
If only I had a wolf this would never happen to me. I wouldn’t have to suffer and endure every single cruelty of the whole pack. If only that day never happened, maybe I am free and living a happy life.
I felt helpless. I’m down to my last ounce of strength. All I can do is cry and cry while allowing them to do as they please. But I never give up hope, and I pray to the Moon Goddess for mercy. She’ll do something to save me from these two. I just need to endure this.
“Stop what you’re doing!” I heard screams at the basement door.
The two men came to a halt and stared at the woman. “What are you doing here? Get out of here!” the man exclaims.
The woman’s expression shifted. “The alpha has summoned both of you to his office right now!”
“In the middle of the night?”
I heard groans of annoyance, “Damn it! The alpha always get in our fun!”
When the two men let go of me and went outside, I felt relieved. I thanked the woman and looked her in the eyes but she was giving me a smug smirk. As if looking down at my situation.
“I didn’t stop them to help you; alpha Dominic requires those two,” she stated before leaving me.
Even if she didn’t mean to help me in that way, I’m still grateful. Those monster didn’t succeed to whatever they are planning.
HOURS TURNS DAYS AND DAYS TURNS MONTHS but the ill-treatment of the whole pack towards me continued. There was no single day that I didn’t suffer. But I’m thankful that no one attempted to sexually abuse me again. I’m still a packhouse slave, but Alpha Dominic doesn’t beat me up every night.
“Get out of my way!”
At my rear, I heard a beautiful but enraged voice. When I turned around, I noticed Dimitri, the alpha’s son. When our gazes locked, I noticed a strange emotion in those eyes. I hastily bent my head to hide my face because he hates it every time I stared back. I immediately made a path for him.
“There’s nothing special about you but why does the moon goddess make you my…” Dimitri stops his words and starts to insult me yet I didn’t even look at him or move a step forward when he move closer to me. “…you are nothing but a slave of this pack! You don’t deserve to have a mate! You don’t deserve someone like me!” He yelled in front of me.
I inhaled deeply and battled my trepidation. I raised my head and looked into his eyes even if I know he will hate it. “What do you mean, future alpha?”
I called him future alpha because that’s what he wants.
I saw him smirk and pushed me to the wall. He wrapped his hand around my neck.
‘Future alpha…” I tried to remove his hand but he was too strong.
“I will never accept you as my mate! Never!” After saying that, future alpha Dimitri left.
Mate? Did I hear it right? I am his mate? The one moon goddess blesses her beloved children? Is Dimitri, the future alpha of redmoon pack, the man who makes my life miserable, my fated mate? Is he the one?
I don’t think so. I think there’s a mistake. I think what he said was wrong.
TODAY IS THE DAY that I met my wolf. I’m ecstatic to know that I’ll be able to speak with someone. Someone who I can rely on and whom I could trust and tell anything to. And I’m hoping my wolf is a strong one.
“Of course, I’m strong; we’re the alpha’s daughter after all.”
I heard a sweet voice echoing in my head.
“Can you tell me who you are?” I inquired. I’m alone in my basement chamber, yet I’m hearing the sweetest voice.
“My name is Hailey, and I am your wolf, Aya.”
At that moment, I wanted to scream in excitement, “My wolf? I have a wolf?” I inquired.
When I began to cry, Hailey, my wolf, stayed by my side until I was calm.
“I’m not alone now. You are with me now. I’ve been praying this day to the moon goddess to meet you, Hailey.”
“You weren’t alone, Scarlett Willow Johnsons; I’ve been with you since you were born; I know your agony and anguish; I know everything that happens to you in this pack; and now that I’m here, I’ll never abandon you. I am you and you are me.”
“Thank you, Hailey. Thank you for coming.”
“Then what are you waiting for, Willow? Remember, we’ve got work to do, and today is the day we’ll meet our mate. I’m looking forward to meeting him. I’m sure he’s powerful and handsome.”
I remembered Dimitri when Hailey mentioned the word ‘mate’.
“Willow, I know what you’re thinking. And it isn’t going to happen. We both know how much we despise his father, the pack’s alpha. And I’m certain that the moon goddess will never give us a mate from this vicious pack.”
“Hailey, I truly hope so. I’ll never forget what they did to me, how they treated me, and how much I despised this pack for killing my father.”
“It’s all right now, Willow. You’re not alone anymore,” Hailey replies, “and I’m sure that when we meet our mate, he’ll help us get back on this pack.”
Before exiting the basement, I fixed myself and smiled bitterly. I walked straight to the kitchen and began preparing breakfast for the entire pack.
“Willow, this is the last day we’ll serve this pack,” says Hailey.
“What do you mean, Hailey?”
“I understand that you desire to be free from this pack, and I’ll do everything I can to help you.”
“I appreciate it, Hailey.”
‘Who the hell are you talking to?”
I heard a man’s voice. But it’s the lovely smell that grabs my attention; it smells like a melon. It’s intoxicating. I can’t control it and Hailey’s excitement is not helping at all.
“Did you smell it, Willow?” Hailey asked, her voice excited.
Dimitri, the alpha’s son, was standing in the kitchen doorway when I turned around. His eyes narrow and slit.
“Mate!” exclaimed Hailey.
What the hell is going on? Is Dimitri our fated mate? It’s impossible! He can’t possibly be our mate! Perhaps the moon goddess was wrong.
“Willow, he’s our mate.”
“No, Hailey. He can’t possibly be. He’s not our mate.”
“But Willow—.”
“Hailey, stop!” I yelled at my wolf. “He is the son of the person who killed my father, our father!”

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