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Chapter 1

Tom stared sadly out the window as he sat in the wheelchair. It has been a month since he had an accident that caused him to be crippled from the hip down to the legs. There were tears dripping from his eyes out of self -pity. He shouldn’t be here in their secluded house, he should be in another country and continue to thrive.
At the age of twenty -five he has already made a name for himself because of being a motorcycle racer and because he is handsome many brands take him as a fashion model. In fact, he was in his prime at that time. He started to get popular even in other countries. His name was already known to them. But because of an accident, everything changed.
Tom was happy arranging his things. It was the grand finals of the racing competition he joined. He has a good chance of winning because his opponents are not very good. Apart from the cash prize, he wants the prize to be taken abroad to compete with well -known racers.
‘Son, are you sure you will join? You know that your daddy and I have never wanted you to drive a motorbike, are you still competing? It may cause you an accident my son. We cannot afford to lose you Tom. We don’t need money. If you think about the cash prize forget it were rich already,” said Mrs. Vina Prats. His mother.
‘Yes, son. We watched you before. You almost fly on a motorbike. It’s very impossible to survive when you fall,” Rocco replied. His father. Tom laughed. He knew that they were very worried because he was an only child.
‘Mom, Dad. I will be careful. I know it’s dangerous but I can say that I’m a professional, why do I step back? I have won many elimination rounds. This is the Championship. This is the final round. Just think that when I win I will go abroad. Do you want to live there too right? That will be fulfilled if I win we can stay there for good. A bigger opportunity awaits me. So please let me go. I’ll go ahead.” He then said goodbye to his parents.
‘Just remember. Go home immediately and let us know whatever happens.” Vina said.
“Yes Mama,” Tom replied.
Car race championship
The fans screamed loudly especially when they saw him. Tom is the crowd favorite. All cameras and Medias are with him. Scream, yell and shout from the fans as the race begins. He is serious about winning the first prize and determined to never lose.
He was surprised to see a rider near him so he ran his motor even faster. He was a little scared to beat because the rider also wanted to win.
When he looked again at his competitor, he hit a barricade, his motor flew and he fell away. His vision darkened around, everyone saw the accident run to him even the accompanying rider went down to check on his condition.
Angel healing Hand Hospital
Tom opened his eyes. He saw the white ceiling. He wanted to move but his body seemed stiff. He rolled his eyes and saw his parents on the sofa and asleep.
“M-Mama, P-Papa,” he said, very difficult. They opened their eyes and immediately approached him. They cried but did not hug him because they worried it would fracture his body more.
“Thank god you are conscious now!” his mother cries.
‘We thought you were completely comatose. You’ve been unconscious for a week Tom. I’ll call the doctor in a moment.” Rocco said then go outside the room.
“W-What happened to me?” he asked. The mother wiped the tears from her face and then replied.
‘You had an accident, son. You fell off the motorbike, it was good that your helmet was strong but you lost consciousness for a long time and then your hips were affected.”
“A-Affected?” He was then forced to look at his body. It is cemented and cast so that it cannot be moved. He tried to move his finger as much as he could but the problem could only be the hip down to the foot. Tom cried because his dream seemed to be ruined. The doctor came in to see him.
‘How are you feeling tom? It’s good that you actually have consciousness. It is a miracle you are still alive but your lower body was damaged. God is still kind but because of what happened we will try after the cement is removed from your body what will be the result. You need therapy to be able to walk again,” said the doctor.
“Please do everything so I can walk again,” Tom cried. The doctor nodded. The days he was in the hospital passed. The cement has been removed and as expected he still can’t walk so he did therapy for a few months but there was no change.
It’s been six months since their therapy session but his legs still seem numb. He didn’t know if they were just wasting money because even though he was going to change therapists monthly still nothing happened.
He could no longer bear the pity that people saw in him because he was getting smaller and feeling invalid. He asked his parents to take him to their home in the province. They would not have liked it but because he said he was depressed and needed to stay away from criticism and human pity. He was allowed.
That house was just a bungalow with one bedroom. It was nice and fully equipped but far from the neighbors. Every week the parent serves him a stock of food. He finds it difficult to have no helper when using the bathroom but he feels more comfortable being alone.
He was hurt more when he was in his room in their house then because he had many memories of motoring and his dreams that would never come true. Tom rested deeply on the memories. It’s already evening. He was happy to see the moon so he operated the wheelchair out of the house.
To be continued.

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