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Chapter 1
Jasmine’s POV
“This can’t be the proposition she was going on and on about for weeks with her annoying ass voice which always makes my damn ears ring! Miss。 Rhino can’t be serious!
This has absolutely no benefits nor profits behind it and as matter of fact, if we invest, we would be at a loss!
I’m not interested in this。
Why the hell I hired her?”
He looked at the documents in the folder on his desk I had brought in for him by his Chief Operating Officer, Miss。 Rhino。
“Get Ms。 Rhino on the line and instruct her to find herself in my office immediately!”
“Yes sir,” I answered sharply。
“And Miss。 Blackman, reorganize my schedule for the upcoming week。 Cancel that nonsensical meeting with Mr。 Hoggers since I’m not interested in investing one billion dollars in his shitty business。
Also, fax those documents to the sixth level and proof read these for me before one p。m。
And can you send Julia a bouquet of white roses with a note attach to it which reads ′thank you′ and get my father on the line,” he ordered although it may sound like he was asking me。
I nodded yes and took two stacks of paper from his hands and exited his office immediately。
I called Miss。 Rhino and informed her that she was needed in Mr。 Hollen’s office。
“Sir, your father is on line one,” I said to him through the phone once I had phoned his father。
“Mmmh,” he answered back and took the other line。
I ordered the bouquet of white roses and had it delivered over to Julia’s apartment and began faxing the documents to the sixth level as he said。
Afterwards, I began to proofread the other stack of papers he had given me。 I would call Mr。 Hoggers lastly because I knew he would request to speak to Mr。 Hollen directly and since he was on the phone with his father, and Miss。 Rhino was on the way to see him, he wouldn’t appreciate being distracted by Mr。 Hoggers’ call。
Evan Hollen was my boss and a very successful, rich and powerful one。 I had been working for the company for a total of one year。 Finishing college, it was a dragged finding a decent job that paid well within my city but luckily for me, I applied to Hollen Tower when I saw an ad in a newspaper for a personal assistant role。
Hollen Tower was established and operated by his father before him。 The company was one of the most successful and well developed organization over the globe。 Great Cooperative, solid partnerships and a body of well educated and experienced and trained staff took the company to its highest peak and Evan Hollen stood above it with his father’s relinquished crown and well-deserved titles。 He would be damned if someone tried to damage what his father started and worked so hard for。 He had the temper of a shark, the personality of a dragon and the untimely patience of a baby。
But let’s not forget about his best features。 His dark silver grey eyes were everything。
His sexy lean body always carved sharply in his expensive Armani suits。
Okay, you got me。 I had the biggest and most unstoppable crush on my boss and I couldn’t help myself。
Evan Hollen was too fine not to have a crush on。
It’s okay to have a secret crush on a very attractive man, right?
Even if he is your boss?
“Miss。 Blackman! Can I be buzzed in please?”
A voice snapped me right out of my lustful thoughts。
Miss。 Rhino was at my desk, pencils and folders in hands and tapping her left foot impatiently on the tiled floor。
“Yes, one moment please,” I responded, putting the images of my boss to the far back of my mind。
I called Mr。 Hollen’s line and informed him that she was here。 After he told me to let her in, I hit the buzzer and she strolled into his office with her head held high。 She always thought she was above everyone else working at Hollen Tower。
I hated the best bone in that woman。 She was a tall, slim woman with pale cream skin。 She was thirty years of age but she liked younger men like Mr。 Hollen。 There was once a rumour circulating about the two of them but I found that very hard to believe。 She still had the body of a model but she was utterly not his type。 The woman had a personality of a beast and she thought she was better than everyone in the company, except Mr。 Hollen of course。 She possessed a high job position, she was the COO after all, but she still had to answer to Mr。 Hollen。
I continued to proofread the documents in front of me, making the necessary changes and corrections。 I enjoyed my job because it made life easier for Mr。 Hollen。 He had a personal assistant but he fired her on the spot when she developed feelings for him and began flirting with him in his office and since then, he hadn’t hired another one。 I was the one doing the duties a personal assistant ought be doing plus my secretarial duties, but I didn’t mind or complained one bit in view of the fact that I was being paid double my monthly salary until he hires another personal assistant。
He should get a male assistant who doesn’t have a thing for the handsome boss。
The ladies always lusted and drooled over him, always wanted his attention and time, always talked about him。 He was indeed handsome, one of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid my eyes on。 His skin tone was perfectly tanned and I always wondered why。

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