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Chapter 1 loses the wife and breaks the army
I never expected that my first time happened when I took sleeping pills…
The person who had sex with me was not my husband, but my fiance’s brother-Signus.
And before we met, I had secretly investigated him for three months.
However, I am not a pervert with special hobbies. I will follow him because three months ago, I found out that my fiance, Alfard, was cheating.
Three months ago, Alfard told me that his company would organize a trip.
I secretly read his booking information, and then followed myself, planning to come and surprise him.
But only after that did I find out that Alphard and a woman walked into the hotel room with their arms and kisses.
Even a fool knows what they are going to do!
Alfard and I are married in two months, and he cheated on me at such a time?
I took my mobile phone and wanted to go in disguised as roomservice and catch rape on the spot!
But when I approached the door of the room, I was suddenly covered and pulled to the next room. Then the man locked me in the room and left.
It was not until the afternoon of the next day that I was released by the room attendant.
Alphard has long since disappeared.
Later, I found out that the man who locked me in the room that day was named Signus, who was Alphard’s brother.
In an instant, an evil thought welled up in my mind.
Alphard has cheated, then why don’t I stay with his brother, so that I can be his sister-in-law, wandering around in front of him every day and disgusting him!
Thinking of this, I started my revenge plan!
After checking for three months, I found that Signus was really watertight. The only thing that could cut into his life was to become his servant and sneak into his home.
When Signus came home that day, I prepared dinner for him and secretly put light sleeping pills in red wine.
But he insisted on dragging me to drink with him. Soon he was drunk and my head was dizzy.
I felt that Signus’ Zhang Shuai face began to enlarge in front of me. Finally, he picked me up and threw me on his big bed.
He untied his belt neatly, and looked at the posture completely different from that of the drunk man just now.
I was completely stunned. I just wanted to take some large-scale bed photos with Signus while he was asleep. But I didn’t really want to have sex with him. !
Just as I was shocked, Signus’ lips were already on my lips.

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