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Chapter 0
Manik Malhotra
He is the son of the top most businessman man in Mumbai and he is the handsome and only businessman who has a huge fan following due to his dashing looks and he joined his father in business a year back and he was 27 and loves his parents and his little sister and also a lead singer of fab5
Nandini murthy
She is daughter of a top businessmen and a doctor by profession and loves her family a lot and she is apple of her brothers eyes and any scratch on her and the world will be upside down by her brothers.
Mukti Malhotra:
She is sister of manik and she loves her family a lot and she is also a doctor and a friend of nandini but nandini dint know mukti is sister of manik
Abhimanyu murthy
He is elder brother to nandini and loves her to moon and back and can go to any extent for her happiness and he is working for murthy industries since the past 2 years.
Rishab murthy:
He is younger brother to nandini and same is his case he is very protective for nandini and he was about to join the office along with his father and abhi
Cabir dhawan:
He is drummer for fab 5 and he is also the owner of music labels a company of music and he is like a mirror image to manik.
Alya saxena:
She is the good friend to all and she is key board player for fab 5 and she is also a owner of a boutique and in relationship with druv
Druv vedant:
He is best buddy of manik and he is guitarist of fab 5 and loves alya a lot and he is also a business man son so he too attends his office
“what do you mean??” She shouted on top of her lungs and I just say her excitement was even high than the Everest
“Yes I mean what you heard” I spoke to her while catching her shoulders. She is so much happy that she hugged me immediately.
I was shocked to see her reaction and if I knew that she will react like this before only then I would have died me this many days before only.
But feeling her arms over mine is making me feel like a completed man.
“Manik, see I am going to marry the person whom I love so much as a singer and now even I do as a person” she spoke in her flow and she didn’t even realise what she spoke but I heard it very clear making me smile at my place.
I decided to tease her but I kept those thoughts away because I don’t want to spoil my moments with her now.
“Yes nandini even I will marrying the girl who is very special to me” I spoke while hugging her even more tight.

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