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Read all chaptersPROLOGUE
In a place in Korea( Seoul ),there’s a school popularly known as ROYAL HILL HIGH. A very famous school consisted with the most smart and cute students,it’s filled with about 5,000 students from all over the world. Entering this school is very hard . why?? Because the school is perfect,it has one of the biggest library in Korea ,the most stunning and adorable school,and has the most beautiful and accommodating buildings. Each students have their own lockers ,uniforms, and dorms. Only the smartest of the smarts can enter, And the richest among the rich. According to history,,Mr Jung who now owns the most popular hotel in the world also studied there, You have to stay until you finish your whole college life,( Unless for Summer or Session Break ) ………. Let’s stop here. Note: The School is Mine ?? So ,,who else wanna go into this novel with me????

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❮ 4:15pm _ Korea ,In Seoul ❯
She got down from the plane,she breath in the new air and smiled ,,,finally she’s here. She can’t wait to see her sister,,,just then a man in his early thirties tapped her shoulder. She turned back to him,,
‘ You’re the driver??” She asked the man
‘ Yes,,can we leave now??” The man asked
She nodded ..
He took the bags from her and she followed him quietly , they both entered the car and in no time,he’s out of the airport.
She should have arrived with her sister last week,but she have a lot of things to take care of,,it’s the beginning of a new session in school,she need to bring some school report so she can get admitted into a new school once she gets to Korea.
‘ How many minutes until we get home??” She asked
‘ 59 mins ‘ The driver asked
‘ Just say an hour ‘ She rolled her eyes
‘ 59 minutes is not up to an hour ‘ The driver replied
‘ Whatever ‘ She muttered
She sighed and closed her eyes,she can still get some sleep until then
She stays with her sister,,Miss Anna in America, though they are from Korea . As long as she could remember, she never knew who her parents are,but she’s sure they abandoned her for her single sister. Sometimes she always think maybe the reason why her sister is still single is because she doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable,, and she love her for that.
They live happily not until the company where she works gave her a transfer to Korea,they have to choice. That’s their source of income,she always wish to be like her sister when she become an adult. She always work hard and she’s rich,, she doesn’t depend on men before she eats and put on nice dresses.
And now,, she have to leave everything behind,her school,her friends and everything. The last one week she used in America,she have spent a lot of times with her friends,, and finally they said goodbye, it was not a pleasant view but she can’t stay with them any longer.
She’s looking forward to start a new school here and make new friends,, maybe it’s also gonna be fun.
An Hour Later
‘ Little miss,,,” The driver called
‘ Are we home?? ‘ She asked
‘ Yeah ‘
She opened her eyes and face the mansion in front of her,,she gasped
This is twice as big as the one they live in America this is just wow.
She smiled and got down from the car ,she continue starring at the house as she walk in.
Just then the door opened and her sweet sister appeared, she immediately picked a race and ran to embrace her
‘ My baby Lisa!!!” her sister shouted as she hugged her tightly
‘ Sis,,I’ve really missed you so much ‘ Lisa said with a pout
‘ I missed you more Lisa,,,come on in,,hope the flight wasn’t stressful ‘ Anna asked
‘ It was fun,not stressful ‘ Lisa replied checking round the house
‘ This is amazing ‘ She said
‘ I know,,,I love it. Why don’t you go into your room and have your bath?? ‘ Anna asked
‘ You will show me ‘ She smirked
‘ I know,,now get your ass upstairs ‘ Anna said laughing
‘ That’s not proper sis,,,” She laughed
She walked into the room Anna showed her,,
‘ Wow,,this is great ‘ She said and jumped on the queen sized bed ,she stood up again and started taking off her clothes, she walked closer to the mirror just on the large wardrobe,she smiled at herself.
After taking off her clothes,she used a band to tie up her long strong hair, she went into the bathroom. Everything seems to be new and she love it,,after taking her bath, she checked her phone after so many hours,
‘ 6:00pm,,,” she said slowly and immediately put on her pajamas. She took the phone along and went out of her room.
She got downstairs,she met her sister already setting the dinner,
‘ Smell yummy ‘ Lisa said with a wink
‘ Sit down and have a taste before you comment
She chuckled and sat down before starting to devour the food into her mouth hungrily.
‘ Take it easy Lisa,,the food is all yours ‘ Anna said
Lisa only smiled and continue eating,
‘ School starts Tomorrow ,,,,so you should get registered into one immediately ‘ Anna finally broke the silence after a long time
‘ I know,,but do you have any school in mind??” Lisa asked
‘ There’s a school I’ve always seen on TV,,,,it’s a very beautiful school,,,and am sure they teaches well also. But am not sure you will like to attend ‘ She replied
‘ Why won’t I want to attend?? ‘ Lisa asked and drank a cup of water
‘ Because it’s a boarding school,,,,” Anna answered
‘ I can’t live without you ‘ Lisa groaned
‘ I know,,” She smiled
‘ But still,,,there will be sometimes I will get home late from work,,and all those stuffs,,,but it’s fine if you don’t want to attend. You can just stay with me,,we’ve always stayed together right?? ‘ Anna smiled and roughed her hair
‘ Take me to the school ‘ Lisa suddenly said
‘ No Lisa,,am not forcing you, it’s your choice ‘
‘ No Anna,,,I am thinking,,,,, maybe I should start learning how to stay by myself from now,,,I’ve always depend on you for everything. But I don’t want that anymore. Am 17,,,and I only have two more years to use in High school,,so,,,it’s fine ‘ Lisa explained with a grin
‘ That’s amazing Lisa,, I will tell the driver to take you to the school tomorrow. Just to take a look,,then you will tell me if you like it,,so I can get you registered ‘ Anna said while Lisa nodded
After eating,they washed the dishes together and each went to their rooms.
Lisa slept on the bed thinking about leaving her sister and going to a boarding school,,she suddenly waved the thoughts off.
She’s going to check the school tomorrow, and if she doesn’t like it,then she won’t be Leaving her sister. She finally closed her eyes and slept off.
Next Morning
Lisa woke up and walked into the bathroom sleepily, she brushed her teeth and then took her bath. She went back into the room,,her bags are still scattered on the floor,she hissed inwardly and opened one,. She got hold of a trouser and a blouse,,she put it on and then wore a snickers. She arranged her hair and took her phone,
She went downstairs,, as if she knew. Her sister already left,but not without breakfast and letter,,that’s what she always did back in America. She will never change. She smiled and sat down eating the bread and jam,,,after eating ,she drank the milk and took her bag walking out.
‘ We can leave now right??” The driver asked and she nodded
She entered the car and in no time,they were out of the mansion. She stared out of the window as they pass many places,,it been long since she left Korea and it’s like it’s looking more beautiful right now.
She shook her head happily before closing her eyes.
The next time she open,,she was hearing some noise and she knew they were in the school,,she checked the time and it’s 10 already. She got down from the car adjusting her bag
‘ I will be back ‘she told the driver who replied with a nod.
She started walking in,,,
‘ Wow,,” Was the first statement she uttered
The school is really amazing,, she looked up at the building since it’s tall.
Was written boldly on it,,she suddenly smiled
‘ Golden High ??? The name is beautiful” She said to herself but still continued walking in and in.
She love the way the students dressed so neatly,, they are all f**king rich.
‘ Hey,,,you’re new student?? ‘ A voice asked behind her
‘ Soon,,I came to check the school out. And I think I love it ‘ she explained with a smile
‘ Of Course,,you will enjoy your stay here. You should make sure your parents come with you tomorrow so you can take the test ,,,after tomorrow, there won’t be any chance again ‘ The man said
‘ I don’t have parents,,but I will come with my aunt ‘ Lisa replied
‘ Good then,,you should take your number ,,,so you will know when it’s your turn for the test tomorrow. Over there ‘ The man pointed at a place,,she nodded immediately when she saw some students like her ,not in uniform.
‘ Thank you sir ‘ She said
‘ You’re welcome ‘ The man smiled and walked away .
Lisa turned to leave and then she suddenly remembered that, she didn’t even prepare for any test,,not like she’s really brilliant anyway. Does that mean,her chance to get into this school is low????
She still walked to them anyway,she will just try her best.
When she got there, she met few outside, probably waiting to be called in,,she Sighed and lean on the pillar.
Someone also came after her,,,a girl, in a messy bun,Lisa immediately moved her eyes away ,she really doesn’t like starring at people too much.
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Soon ,,,two students were left,and Lisa seemed to be happy about that.
‘ Gosh,,finally ‘ The girl beside her said
‘ Hi,,am Florence ‘ She introduced herself to Lisa
‘ Lisa,,,,Mona Lisa in full ‘ She replied
‘ Beautiful name,,nice meeting you ‘ She said
‘ Same here ‘ Lisa replied.
‘ Next!”
Lisa turned to the girl and then she went in ,,,
‘ Hello,,you’re welcome to Golden High ‘ the lady attending to her said smiling
‘ Thanks ‘ Lisa replied shortly
‘ Here is your number ,,,you’re number 199,,you need to get prepared tomorrow for your test,,the total number of students who came today should be 200 ,,only one is left outside. Out of the 200,,we’re gonna admit 100,,,so work hard ‘ The lady smiled
‘ Thank you ma” Lisa replied and stood up
She was feeling the urge to laugh,,,100 out of 200?? She should not apply for the admission then.
She won’t be among the 100,she’s sure of that.
She inserted the note into her small bag and went out.
‘ Bye,,see you tomorrow ‘ Florence waved at her before running in
She only Sighed and continue walking,,
‘ Michel,,you’re one of the best students in this school,,,but still,,can’t you just stop causing trouble???” She heard someone and she turned only to see a teacher, yeah she’s sure it’s a teacher talking to a male student who doesn’t seem to care about what the teacher is saying. His hands were tucked in his school trouser,,,
His face seem to have some bruise,,maybe he fought. Even though his face was bruised,, Lisa still find him handsome,,, even though it’s only his side view,,he’s really handsome.
‘ Am talking to you Michel!! ‘ the teacher yelled
Still the student didn’t flinch,,and then when he decided to talk,
‘ I find pleasure in causing troubles,,, can I leave now??” The so called Michel replied and without even waiting for the teachers approval,he left .
‘ Wow” Lisa muttered when she finally saw his face,,
‘ He’s really cute,,,,,but who finds pleasure in causing troubles??? He’s funny ‘ She find herself smiling
But she suddenly remembered that she still have to pass the test before she can get into this school. She immediately frowned,,reading is not just her thing.
She went out of the school building and got into the car,,,the driver also entered and they left.
To be continued…….
How is this for a start???

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