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Chapter 1

Flashing lights, loud music, and a large crowd. In the middle, you will see dancing bodies tangled together. You will also see people kissing and making out on the dance floor and the tables.

A typical scenario in a bar.

I usually went here for social events and gatherings. I have my mini bar in my penthouse, so I don’t need to go here.

But tonight is an exemption. I am here with a mission.

I visited an OB to have myself checked. And as per her, based on my period calendar, tonight is a high chance for me to get pregnant, and I don’t want to miss it.

I never had a boyfriend. I’m too focused on my career, and I had no time for love. Also, most of the guys were intimidated by my achievements.

I’m an orphan. My parents died when I was 20 years old. I lost them on my graduation day. I graduated as summa cum laude. I was about to have my speech when I received a call; it’s from the hospital. My parents are on the way here when they met an accident. They were dead on arrival.

At a very young age, I had to handle the Cabello International Corporation, my parents’ company. I’m an Engineer and an Architect. I love doing designs, but I also knew that I had to study engineering to be an effective leader.

I think finding the right guy for me will never come. All guys love their ego so much that they can’t handle a woman like me.

But with all my success, being on the list of successful young entrepreneurs, I still feel empty.

I miss my family. I’m living alone for six years now. I want to have a family of my own. But how?

I was in a bookstore buying books when I saw some novel books. Most of the stories were about a girl who got pregnant because of a one-night stand. Then an idea popped into my head.

I will get pregnant, and I will do that through a one-night stand. In that way, I will have a family. I don’t need to look for a suitable partner, and a child will do. And it seems like I will never find the right guy for me.

I visited my OB asking the date where I have a high chance of getting pregnant. She was a bit shocked by my question, but I just shrugged. I don’t care about what people will think about my plan. Based on my period calendar, today is my lucky day.

Now that I’m in this club, I need to find a guy who could get me pregnant.

Some guys went up to me and flirt, but I immediately rejected them after scanning them. They are cute but not my type.

An hour had passed, and I haven’t found a guy yet. I need to find a guy! I don’t know what type of guy I am looking for. I want to trust my instinct.

Another hour had passed, and I’m getting impatient here. Maybe I should dance?

I decided to go to the dance floor, trying to find a guy I can flirt with and be the father of my child.

I dance with some guys but just like with the other guys I met a while ago, and they are not my type.

I am hopeless. I said to myself.

I was about to give up when I felt someone touching my waist. He pulled me closer to him.

I haven’t seen his face, but I kind of like his smell. He keeps on caressing my waist while dancing.

I feel so hot! Maybe he’s the one!

I need to turn around to look at his face. I hope his looks are good enough to be the father of my child.

Slowly I turn to face him. My eyes widen when I saw the face of the guy dancing with me.

I smirked. He’s the one! I need to get him tonight.

Handsome is an understatement on how good-looking he is. He clenched his jaw while looking darkly at me.

He’s so manly and mature. Messy hair, deep brown eyes, thick eyebrow, pointed nose, inviting lips, and well-defined jawline.

I dance with him sexily, biting my lips though I like to bite his lips more.

He pulled me closer to him. I put my hands on his neck, pulling his face to meet mine. Our lips are just an inch away from each other. He groaned and captured my lips.

“Your place or mine?” He whispered.

I got you!

“Hotel,” I answered.

I saw him smirking. He captured my lips before he held me out of the club.

He kissed me when we reached our hotel room—a gentle kiss but with so much passion.

His lips went on to my neck, his hands starting to unzip my dress and unclasp my bra giving him the full view of my body.

I never felt ashamed. I am always confident about my body. I know that I have a good and sexy body, good enough to give him a hard-on.

“Beautiful.” He whispered, and then he gave me another hot kiss.

I moaned when I felt his hand on the peak of my breast—feeling hotter by all his touch.

He lay me down in bed and started to take his clothes off.

“What’s your name, baby?” He asked.

I smirked. “You don’t need to know. This is just a one-night stand.”

His jaw clenched and brow furrowed. “If that’s what you want.”

He is now naked in front of me. I saw his thing. I swallowed hard.

It’s too big! Will I still be alive after this?!


I raised my eyebrow. “O-of course not!”

I almost close my eyes because of my stuttering. Do I look scared? Oh, no! He might run away!

I heard him chuckle. “Is this your first time?”

I felt nervous about his question. Will he stop if he knew that it’s my first time? I won’t allow it!

“So what?” I said coolly.

He got shocked. I got panic. No! No! He can’t back out!

“Scared? No worries, I will not cling to you. You’ll never see me after this.”

I said to assure him. Oh, no, please don’t back out.

He chuckled. “Who said I’m scared? It’s my pleasure being your first, and I’ll make it memorable.” Then he winked.

I sexily smiled at him. Good.

“Are we just going to talk?”

He laughed. “Getting impatient, are we?”

I just rolled my eyes.

I saw him getting something, and it’s a condom!

“You don’t need to put that. I’m safe. Plus, since it’s my first time, I want to feel yours uncovered.” Trying my best to sound sensual.

I hope it works.

He smirked. “If my baby says so.”


Planned Child
Copyright © Annehyeong, 2020
All rights reserved.

Author’s Note:
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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