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Chapter 1
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‘Could the second in command, tell us about the results of the meeting that we had with the neighboring packs.” Alpha Adam said in a loud clear voice as everyone kept quiet as one of the wolves stood up from his seat and walked to the center of the room.

‘Greetings, wise Alpha. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk before you all. Like our Alpha asked of me, last time, I went to the neighboring pack on behalf of him, so that we could figure out what to do about the borders clashing and we finally got a solution.”

‘What solution could that possible be? The land is ours. Blood Crescent Moon has been here for centuries, they were a scattered pack that we allowed to stay on our lands when I was just a kid and now, they have the guts and audacity to drag the land with us. We are giving them nothing, instead I advocate we go to war, the Moon Goddess is surely to be on our side.” One of the older men said as Adam smiled and said,

‘Dear Uncle, we are no longer in the days of old, where everything has to be settled with war, my father abolished that silly notion when he was a king.”

‘And wasn’t that what got him killed. Incase you do not know we are already with a war with the witches, entering a war with some rogue wolves is a piece of cake. We have the strongest fleet of wolves here, the most skilled and well trained. We can be done with the enemy and kill them off.” He insisted as Adam shook his head.

‘That sounds brutal uncle, and I am not really a fan of bloodshed. Yes my dad did die but we still signed the peace treaty, if we attacked first, we would be breaking the pact, and I know first hand what havoc and chaos a surprise attack can do and I wouldn’t wish that for my enemies. Now if you would allow Tyler to continue with what he was saying, I would appreciate it.” Adam said as his uncle kept mute but anyone looking at him, with his jaws locked in place would know that he was livid with fury.

‘Thank you Alpha Adam…and you too, Silas. You do have great wisdom and you are the oldest here, so I thank you for bringing out your opinion. I will now read what the Alpha of the rogues said.” He announced before clearing his throat.

‘Alpha Kayden, rogue wolf of…”Tyler was interrupted by the door being pushed open and a guard ran in, panting as all eyes were on him.

‘Alpha Adam…the Luna is on her way and she doesn’t look happy. She is with your sister Alpha Lisa.” One of the Omegas {guards} announced as he rushed into the throne room, interrupting the meeting.

As if it was on cue, all the members of the court started leaving hurriedly one by one as Adam stood up a bit scared as his best friend Tyler tried his best to comfort him a bit.

‘Hey, it can’t be that bad. Maybe, she has good news to say.” Tyler said as Adam shook his head and said,

‘There is nothing good that she wants to say. I told you that sneaking off to have beer with you last night was a bad idea, and she is with your fiancee. Who knows what they might have heard?” Adam said as Tyler ruffled his head too, and said

‘We are so dead. Our mates are going to kill us, and hang our furs on the doors of our house. Do you think we should hide?” Tyler had barely completed his statement when the door opened again and two angry women walked in, as they shuffled backwards.

‘Did I hear you say hide?” Lisa his fiancee and Alpha Adam’s little sister said, as Tyler quickly shook his head.

‘Hide? What no! That is preposterous, please don’t kill me.” Tyler said as he quickly went down before his fiancee could get closer.

‘Sukiiiiii!” Alpha Adam announced as if he was just seeing his wife now.

Suki barely raised her eyebrows as he thought of something else to say, to hide the fact that he was absolutely terrified of his wife. Terrified because he knows that when his wife is angry, a lot of things were going to get broken….so was his little man, in his jeans.

‘Wow, you look delightful and breath taking. Have I ever told you that I am the luckiest man in the world to be blessed with an angel like you.” He said as Suki rolled her eyes and pulled her mate by his ears leaving Tyler at the hands of his fiancee.

‘Help me!” Adam whispered to Tyler.

‘You help me!” Tyler whispered back more sharply before the door closed.

Alpha Adam would have continued to play scared but now they were outside and his pack members all had their eyes on him, he couldn’t show them that he was weak when he was with his wives, it would send the worse signals to them and maybe even make them doubt their loyalty. Luckily Suki had let him go as he tried to pull her into his arms.

‘What is wrong baby? Talk to me!” He murmured against her neck as Suki tried to stop herself from moaning as his deep voice and hot breath was doing more than giving her butterflies in her stomach.

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