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Read all chaptersThe Beginning
I woke up with the sound of shouting outside, I couldn’t hear clearly but I recognized their voices.
I went out to see my parents fighting about something I couldn’t understand.
‘No! I don’t want to!” My dad shouts at my mom
‘Please Richard.” My mom begs
He sighed and finally, he went into their room and went out holding two bags.
‘Daddy!” I shout and ran towards him
‘Please” My mom begs him
‘I’m sorry” My dad says and he left with the rain pouring.
I ran out to catch him as I get soaked in the rain crying and begging him to come back but he went off just like that. The rain pouring, it felt like I was drowning.
My knees went weak and I kneeled on the road, I saw my mom running towards me and hugged me right there in the middle of the road, while we were both crying.
‘Kristen!” Kyle shouts at me
‘Huh? What?” I ask, blinking my eyes
‘You were spacing out again” he says
‘I’m sorry. What were you saying?”
He sighed ‘I was just wondering and hoping if you say yes, about me asking you out”
‘You know my answer to that” I say
‘Well, I tried. Trying, actually. I’ve been what, asking you for 5 years?”
I laughed ‘You deserve someone better. Someone, more stable and surer and of course someone who loves you” I say
‘I know, I know. You always say that when you reject me” he says and I shake my head
Then silence fell between us.
‘Were you thinking about the incident with you when you were 5?” he asks and I nod
‘Whenever it rains, memories of that come in series of flashbacks. Plus, of course, the guy I dated who cheated on me with my best friend. I wasn’t even mad, but the fact that it was raining again that time” I sighed ‘Rain makes me feel different”
‘It’s just a coincidence. It’s raining today and not one bad luck came to you” he says
‘The day isn’t over Kyle. Well, anyway, I need to go home” I say and closed my locker
He raised his eyebrows.
‘Why? We have one more class?” He says
I can’t tell him. I took a deep breath, close my eyes and open them.
‘I’ll skip. Tell Ms. Montgomery that I felt sick and needed to go home” I tell him
‘Fine. If only I don’t love you” he says and I chuckled
I went home. I lock myself in my room and started pacing around trying to calm myself.
I rub, play with my bracelet on my wrist causing it to bruise again.
‘Stop panicking, Kristen. You’re always alone, you can do this. You have to help yourself. Stop it” I tell myself
But I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Until I found a scissor on my table, I was about to take it but then I was disturbed by a sudden knock on my door.
My hands shaking withdrew with the attempt to take the scissors. I went to the door and found Ian standing there soaking, with a large bag on his hand.
I pursed my lips. ‘What are you doing here?” I asked in a cold voice
He stepped inside and walked past me going to the other room. ‘I don’t like where I was, so I decided to crash here, with my dear step sister”
I rolled my eyes ‘I know when you lie.”
‘I’m not lying. I’m tired of your dad and my mom always fighting about something, and I don’t even know what is it all about, they won’t tell me” he says and running his fingers through his hair frustratingly
I sighed. I don’t really hate him. It’s just my dad for leaving me and marrying his mother. While he left us, after my mom died, I hated him to the core.
The good thing was, I started being comfortable with him ever since he started showing up before I could do something to myself. I couldn’t thank him straight to his face but I am really thankful.
‘So, what do you want to eat?” I ask
‘I ordered pizza; it’s already paid for” he says as he unpacks
I nod even though he can’t see me. I started to walk back to my room when he talks
‘You should stop hurting yourself” he says and my eyes widen, I stopped.
‘I—I’m not.” I say as I try to convince him and myself that I wasn’t
‘The first time I went here, I brushed it off. But every time I do. I notice it. And I only see it whenever it rains. So, what happened in the rain, did something happen?” He asks turning to me
‘Nothing” I say in verge of crying
He sighed and hugged me.
‘I’m sorry” he whispers
‘Thank you” I say
He let’s go of me. ‘You are my little sister and I should always be there for you. Even though we are not related at all, my mother still married your dad. Meaning We are still responsible for you’
I nod.
After that confrontation. We went to the kitchen as the pizza arrived.
‘I know you are here to look out for me” I say
‘It’s really because they were fighting” he says and I narrowed my eyes at him
‘Fine. The first invasion…” he stopped and chuckled at the term he used ‘It was about them fighting but now, ever since I noticed. I wanted to make sure you’re okay” he admitted and smiled
‘So, where do you plan to go after college?” I ask changing the subject, as I took a bite on my pizza
‘I have no plans yet. Mom and Dad doesn’t pressure me at all”
I pursed my lips ‘Why are you comfortable with calling my dad, dad? No offense but I was just curious”
‘He became my father since my father left me when I was a kid. He was always there for me, supported me on my game nights. He was more of like my relative than my mom. Mom was always busy with her designing stuff” he says
‘Dad is also busy. I’m glad he made time for you” I say feeling sad and envy.
‘I’m sorry. I didn’t…” ‘It’s fine. I made it all on my own you know. The first time I met you, I admit I was mad but then, you always save me, even though it’s not intentional. I need to thank you for that”
‘Well, in that case, it wouldn’t be a problem if I accept the job offered at your school then. It’s not a major job since I am not a graduate yet but it’ll do” he says and I shake my head
‘Hell no, I don’t want you constantly running around to look out for me” I say and handed him a can of soda
‘I’m not going to follow you. What? Stalker much? I’m just going to be the student body assistant to the adviser” He says, my mouth parted in shock
‘I’m the president of the student body! I can’t believe this” I threw my hands up in the air
‘Oh, what a coincidence. I’ll see you often then” he smirks evily
‘I hate you now again” I say
‘Oh come on. It’s not that bad.” He says
‘Easy for you to say. No one knows about you being my step brother and if you keep on acting like that, everyone would think you’re my boyfriend. I don’t want any trouble Ian” I say
‘Then I will tell them that you are my sister. I see no problem with that?”
I took a deep breath as I don’t know what to say. I guess I don’t have choice.
‘When will you start?” I ask
‘Tomorrow. The Adviser will be out of town and I’ll be taking over. A new student transferred by the way what was his name again?” he asked himself and thought about it for a while, I rolled my eyes.
‘Sebastian Harris, son of the mayor. Who got transferred because he didn’t like his old school anymore? I’m fully aware” I say
‘Ahh yeah, that guy. I heard he doesn’t talk much and when he does, nothing comes out good from his mouth” Ian says
I sighed ‘As long as he doesn’t stir up trouble then nothing to worry about. I’ll get Abby to show him around”
Ian nods. After that we cleaned up and decided to go to bed. But before that Ian went in my room and took all sharp things he could find.
‘I’m not going to do it you know” I say
‘Better to be safe than sorry” he says and he leaves my room taking everything.
I sighed. When he got out, I laid down.
I stared at my bruised wrist.
‘I should take my bracelet off” I tell myself. But I couldn’t take it off. It was my mom’s.
It’s the only thing that I could hang onto. Well, maybe this house and everything in it but it makes me feel that she’s always with me everywhere I go.
I sighed. I should be asleep. I need to prepare myself physically, emotionally and mentally for tomorrow, as I feel its going to be a long day.

Blue Eyes
I woke up and went straight for the bathroom, as I was already late. I wonder why my alarm didn’t ring, but then I checked, my phone is out of battery.
I groaned in frustration and started looking for my extra battery. Then when I did, I went to fix my stuff.
I knock on Ian’s room ‘Ian! I’m going”
When he didn’t answer. I went out and left a note on the refrigerator, hoping that he would be able to read it and went off.
The moment I got to school, I bumped into someone.
‘I’m sorry” I say and look up. I met these beautiful blue eyes, but it triggered me, even though I love to look at them, I hate that it reminds me of my mom.
He didn’t talk but just stared at me.
‘I’m sorry again. I really have to go.” I say and ran off
I went to the student body office and Abby came up to me.
‘The student body adviser was looking for you, why are you late!” She says
‘Abby calm down, I will go there now” I tell her, I walk past her and went to him
‘Sorry sir. I just woke up late” I say and when he turns around, I scowled at him.
‘I left a note because you weren’t answering! I literally hate you right now” I tell him
He didn’t show any emotion.
‘When we’re at school, do not do that to me. I am supposed to be a respectable and feared person here. Now going back to business”
I was taken back by what he said, but he was right though.
‘Mr. Harris called me this morning and he ask to not treat his son any special. He transferred because he needed to, to learn somethings”
I nod.
‘But for now, he needs to be toured around the school”
Then the door opened. I look over who it was and it was the guy I bumped into earlier followed by Abby
‘Sebastian” Ian says
My eyes widen. What? I screamed internally.
‘Ms. Abby right here will tour you around the campus, if any problem arises don’t hesitate to come to me or her” Ian tells him
He looks at Abby and to me. Then to Ian.
‘Sure but I want her to tour me” he says as he points at me
‘I can’t do that I am needed here. I apologize” I say
‘If not her then I don’t want it” he says again, putting his hands in his pockets
Ian stared at me and pinched the bridge of his nose. That’s how I know he’s thinking. Why would he even think about this.
He just told me to not treat him any special.
‘Okay” Ian finally says
‘But you just—” ‘So that if there are any problems or questions needed to be asked, you answer it. No need for coming here” Ian says
He was right though. I hate it when he is right.
‘Fine” I say
‘This way” and he follows me
We went around the school, I was talking and taking glance at him making sure he was still following me. He did follow me btu he was quiet all throughout, and I feel he was staring at me the whole time.
We also went to get his schedule for his classes and I discussed it with him. Where he would find his classroom and just everything.
‘I guess that’s it” I say
I turn to him ‘So, any questions? Or problems?”
He shrugged ‘Yeah”
‘Oookkkaaayyy….What is it?” I ask
‘Well, you were talking all this time and didn’t even ask if I needed the tour” He says and I raised my eyebrows keeping my hands at my back
‘You just told us you want me to tour you” I tell him
‘My ex-girlfriend, Bianca, goes here. So, I don’t really need a tour” he says
I want to burst out right now, as I hate him. But as the Student body president I need to compose myself.
I smiled ‘Okay then. Since you don’t need anything else. I will be leaving you then”
I turned away from him and started to walk away.
‘Wait” he says and I stop
‘My locker, I don’t’ know where it is” he says
I sighed and walked back to him. I checked his papers and learned that his locker is next to mine.
I cursed internally.
‘Well, I can show you that now, since it’s beside mine” I say and stated walking, he didn’t say anything just followed
When we reached his locker, I showed him the code and how to change it.
‘I won’t change it anymore” he says
I nod ‘Okay then, if there anything else just—-” ‘Just ask me” someone interrupted
I look who it was and of course Bianca. I rolled my eyes, the ex-girlfriend.
‘Okay then. That’s all. I’ll leave you two be”
I check the time and I had one more class left, but scheduled two hours from now then I walked away and went to Ian’s office.
‘I already finished the job” I tell him
Then suddenly it rained heavily. I froze. Ian stood up and held me, he was whispering something but I couldn’t hear. I was breathing so heavily.
‘We should go home” he says
I shake my head ‘I still have class” I swallowed a lump in my throat ‘I can do this” I continued
‘Are you sure?” He asks me and I nod
I sat down and he gave me water. He sighed
‘Does dad know?” he asks but I shake my head
‘Ian, nobody knows. Please let it be that way. I have to overcome it anyway”
‘Before everything, how do you—-” ‘Sometimes I can but when something makes me remember then suddenly it rains, I get…..like this” I cut him off
He nods.
‘So, it’s not every time it rains. That’s good. Do you see a doctor?” he asks
‘Yes, but occasionally. She’s a friend. ‘
‘That’s good” he says
We were talking about it then Abby came in. We started talk about school stuff and the upcoming programs.
When it was done. I went to my last class. I sat down and the professor started the lesson. When done, I got ready to leave the class, once I was out, I saw Sebastian and Bianca on a corner of the parking lot.
She was crying and he seems to be comforting her. Then he hugged her. Huh. Maybe they’re back together.
I turn my back away and started walking home. I unlock my door and went in. I dropped myself onto the couch.
School is tiring, I just want to stop for a while. I need to rest. I don’t even know why I ended up joining the student body and being the president. I hate myself for not being able to say no at times.
‘I hope Ian doesn’t go here tonight” I tell myself
I stared at the ceiling and thought of something. Dad never tried to visit me not even once. Or even go to my graduation. I always asked Melody to go with me.
Melody is my old neighbor; she and her husband Mac was always there for me ever since mom died. They were also the one who helped me with her funeral. I’m so glad there were there for me.
Last year, I received a sad news that her husband died. Even though he didn’t show affection to me that much, he left me his car. Which I was thankful for.
Melody is now alone but doing okay. She often brings me food and tops that she knitted herself.
I should pay her a visit.
I stood up and went to her house. I knock and she smiled when she found me on the other side of the door.
‘Hi” I say
‘Hello dear. What brings you here? Come in please, make yourself at home” she says and guides me inside
‘So, how is life?” She asks
‘Great as usual. I haven’t seen you going out recently, is everything okay?” I ask
‘Yes, my grandson decided to visit me today. I was about to go out to buy groceries but he insisted on buying some, so yeah, I have like food for at least two months.”
I raised my eyebrows ‘You had a grandson? Where was he when Grandpa Mac died?”
‘He’s what do you call them? Ohhh uhmm, he’s just hard headed sometimes. He doesn’t get along well with his father. He leaves whenever he feels like it” She said and handed me a glass of lemonade
‘Some grandson he is”
She chuckled ‘You know, you should meet him sometimes. I bet you’d be a good influence to him”
I smiled ‘Maybe some other time”
We talked about a lot, she told me same old stories and how she missed Granpa Mac. I didn’t even notice that it was late at night.
We called it the night when she felt tired. I led her to her room and I locked her door and left.
I went to my house and was welcomed by an angry Ian.
Oh yeah, I forgot he lives here temporarily.
‘Where were you?” he shouted
‘At the neighbors house.” I answered taking off my shoes
‘You didn’t even inform me! I was worried that something might happen to you!” he says
‘I didn’t even know you were coming home today” I tell him
He pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to calm himself down.
‘I’m sorry” I say ‘It won’t happen again”
He sighed ‘Okay, tell me next time. If something happened to you dad and mom would kill me.”
I raised my eyebrows.
‘Did you eat already?” he asks
‘Yeah. I already did. What do you mean they’ll kill you?” I tell him
‘Look, you just be careful. Okay?” he tells me
I didn’t want to know more about it so, I left him standing and went to my room.

Grandma Melody
‘Yes, Abby. Make sure to photo copy all of this and give me, Sir Ian a copy. And the original will be for the principal. Got it?” I say
She nods ‘Yes I got it.”
‘Thank you, Abby, you don’t know—” ‘Hey, Kristen!” Someone calls before I could finish my sentence
‘I’ll go ahead, no worries” she tells me and I nod
I look over who it was and it’s Sebastian.
‘Yes?” I ask
‘Come with me” he says
‘Why?” my eyebrows furrowed. Why does he want me to go with him? We’re not even that close.
He just stared at me but no, I’m not going with him. I stood my ground.
‘What?” I ask irritated
He rolls his eyes ‘I hate that you make me talk too much” he sighed
‘If there’s nothing else, I need to go” I say, as I turned around, I see Kyle going towards me
‘Come on, let’s go to lunch” he says and I nod and yawn
Kyle chuckles ‘Why are you always sleepy? Didn’t get much sleep last night?” he asks and ruffled my hair
I shake my head ‘I just woke up early, lack of sleep. Let’s go”
‘He asks you and okay, I ask you and no” Sebastian says that made me stop, I turn to look at him and raised my eyebrows
‘You ask me to come with you, not to eat with you, that’s different” I tell him and rolled my eyes
He scoffed and walked away. What’s wrong with him? I shake my head
‘I think I got some competition” Kyle says
‘Competition? You have a game this weekend?” I ask him
‘No, silly you” he chuckles ‘I mean competition with you. He likes you” he points out
‘What? That’s ridiculous. Plus, I’m not some kind of trophy for you two to compete with” I say and started walking
He follows ‘Well, I know you wouldn’t date him. You’re not into dating anyway”
I didn’t answer and we headed straight to the cafeteria. After getting what we ordered, we sat on the same table with Abby.
‘Are you up for a sleepover today?” Abby asks
I shake my head ‘I’m sorry. I have a lot of work to do”
‘And I have practice for a game coming up” Kyle says
‘You know for being the captain of the football team, there are cheerleaders out there who drools over you and here you are chasing someone who doesn’t like you” Abby tells him
‘Abby” I warn
‘It’s fine, I’m used to Abby telling me the truth” he sighs
‘you’re a great guy and I am so comfortable with you being around. It’s just that, I only see you as a friend” I tell him
He nods ‘I know. I’m happy that you still let me be your friend. That’s enough for me” he says
I smile at him. Then suddenly the principal announces something.
‘Ms. Kristen Miles, Please, come to the principal’s office. Thank you”
‘Well, I guess duty calls” I tell them
‘Should I go with you?” Abby asks
I shake my head ‘No. Just tell Sir Ian what we need to do today.” And I turn to Kyle ‘See you later” and he nods
I walked towards the principal’s office when I felt a pain in my heart that stopped me from my tracks. I held my chest and pressed harder.
I took deep breaths and it somehow stops. I wonder why? Am I nervous? For what reason?
I went in and sat down, to wait for the secretary to call me in. After a few minutes, she called me to go in. I enter his office and then saw Sebastian there sitting.
‘Mr. Wood, you called me?” I say as I sit down
He was pinching the bridge of his nose.
‘Yes. Can you please take Mr. Harris right here and show him out?” he says and I was confused
‘Not that I am being disrespectful but you called me for that Sir?”
‘Ms. Miles. He told me to change his schedules, sitting arrangements and just everything so that he can get to you or else he would call his father, who is the Mayor and I know you are aware. ‘ he says and I don’t like one bit what he said
‘His father doesn’t listen to him; no special treatment was advised but he doesn’t seem to get it and still so stubborn” he continues
‘I understand. I apologize for his behavior Mr. Wood” I forced a smile
I grabbed his arm, making him to stand up. ‘We’ll be going” I say and he just gestured for us to go
When we got out. I let go of him.
‘What’s wrong with you?!” I whisper shout
He just stares at me. There he goes again. I ran my fingers through my hair frustratingly.
‘Answer me! I can’t believe you’re just here for what, a week and you’re already getting on my nerves!”
‘You talk too much” he just says
‘That’s it? That’s fucking it? God!” I’m going to go crazy with this guy
‘I’m asking you out” he says
I stared at him. ‘Are you serious? That’s your way to ask me out?”
He didn’t say anything.
‘Then I’m going to answer you the same way I answer guys who asked me out”
‘No” he says
‘What do you mean no?!”
‘I said no. If you’re going to say no, then don’t answer yet” he says
‘You can’t stop me” I say
‘Then why haven’t you said it yet?”
I parted my lips but I couldn’t answer him. I don’t know why but I just can’t say no.
‘Ahhhh you’re making me crazy!” I say and turn around to leave
He ran towards me catching up, and pat my back.
‘Answer me if you change your mind” and then ran off
That crazy guy! Ahhhh he’s getting on my last nerves!!!
I was about to take a step when my phone rang. I picked it up.
‘What?” I snapped
‘Is this Ms. Kristen Miles?” a voice of a woman asked
‘I’m sorry. Yes, why? May I know who am I speaking with?” I ask
‘Yes uhm, I’m a nurse at CMS, your grandmother is here right now”
My eyes widen. ‘Yes, yes. Okay I’m coming”
I franticly ran out and tried to catch a cab but none. I don’t want to use my car right now as I am panicking, I don’t want to get into an accident.
Then it rains showers started.
‘No, no, no. shit no. Why are there no cab right now!” I shout at no one
Then a car stopped. And the window rolled down. It was Sebastian.
‘I don’t have time for you right now, so scram” I tell him and tried to call Ian but it didn’t go through
‘You’re in a hurry. Come on.” He says without a second thought I climb in
I told him where and he started driving. When we got there we both ran inside.
‘Who are you looking for?” the nurse asked
‘Melody Stewart” we both say, I looked at him and raised an eyebrow and he did the same
‘Which one of you is Kristen Miles?” she asks
‘Me” I say
‘Okay. She’s in the recovery room right now. You can see her at room 1023.” She said and smiled
‘Thanks” I say and ran towards the room she informed me.
When we got there she was sitting and talking to the doctor.
‘Ahh, the granddaughter” The doctor says
‘Doctor Mike. How is she?” I ask
‘She just overworked herself and luckily, she got herself in time or it could have been worse.” Dr. Mike explained
I sighed of relief. ‘Thank you” I say and smile
‘Okay, I’ll leave you two be” he says and left
‘Grandma! I told you to rest!” I scold her
‘You know me. Don’t worry, I was just tired. Thank you both for coming. I see you’ve met my grandson” she says
‘What? GRANDSON?!” I shout
‘Geez, no need to shout” Sebastian says and walk over to Grandma and kisses her cheek and sat down
‘How are you? Do still feel anything?” he asks
‘I’m fine dear.” She answers
What a small world. So, he is the good for nothing grandson.
I rolled my eyes at him. ‘You should’ve called me if you need something to be done. You had me worried back there”
‘I’m sorry. I told the nurse to not inform you but Doctor Mike said I should.” She says
‘You don’t have to apologize. Just next time call me alright?” I tell her and she nods
I look at Sebastian and there he goes again, staring at me and I glared at him.
Then my phone started ringing. I answered it.
‘Hey, Kyle”
‘Where are you again?” he asks
‘Uhm, hospital. My grandma got sick. I’m sorry. I should’ve inform you”
‘It’s fine. So, how is she?”
‘She’s fine. You should go home. I’ll be staying here tonight” I tell him
‘Okay, call me if you need anything alright?”
I nod even though her can’t see me.
‘Okay” I say and cut the call.
I turn to Melody once again.
‘Who was that? Boyfriend?” Melody asks me.
I look at Sebastian and he was frowning; I look at Melody again.
‘No. It’s Kyle”
‘You should say yes to him you know, he’s a great guy” she says
‘Can you turn around for a bit?” Sebastian says and I did
Melody chuckled.
‘What? Why?” I ask
‘Nothing dear. You should go home tonight. Sebastian here will be staying with me” she says and I look at her suspiciously
‘Are you sure? I can—” ‘Yes dear. Go on. I’ll be out tomorrow morning anyway” she tells me and I nod
‘Okay then. I’ll be going. Make sure to call me and take your medicines, okay?”
‘Yes, yes. Got it. Now, go” she says and I left. Closing the door slowly
She was acting suspiciously. I shake my head and brush it off. Then go home.
When I got home, I found a note that Ian went home for tonight. That’s great!
I went to my room and prepared myself for a long work. I removed my shirt and I notice something was sticking at the back.
I picked it up and my eyes widen.
‘What the….”

‘Ahhhhhhhh” I Scream on the top of my lungs
This guy is literally going to be the end of me. I knew from the moment I stare at his blue disturbing eyes!
I took the note that was sticked on the back of my shirt. It says ‘Call Me Sweetheart” and he’s number on it.
I crumple it and threw it away. I hate him, I hate him!
He’s going to make my life a living hell. I just know.
‘Kristen, Mr. Ian calls for you!” Abby tells me
‘Coming!” I shout back and went in his office.
‘Mr. Ian? You called for me?” I say as I sit down
‘Nothing important. Dad was just wondering if we could invite you for dinner tonight?”
‘That’s it?” he nods ‘Then no, I’m not going”
‘Kristen, please. This is a very special night for them, just for tonight?”
I sighed ‘Fine, but if I don’t want something that comes out from your father’s mouth then I’m leaving”
‘Thank you” he says, I stood up and leave.
I hugged myself as I walk to the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror. Then someone comes out from the cubicle.
‘Well, well, well. Look who’s here. The boyfriend stealer” I turn my gaze to her
‘Bianca” I say as I wash my hands
‘Enjoying my boyfriend?” She sneers
I rolled my eyes. ‘Look, I don’t have time for this. And I don’t know what you’re talking about” I tell her and turn to leave but then she grabs my her back
‘Look here missy, if I ever see you again with him, I’ll make sure to make your life a living hell” she whispers to me angrily
I push her away ‘Ohhh this is about that guy Sebastian? Goodness, he keeps getting me in trouble! May I inform you that boyfriend of yours annoys me, if you can’t keep his hands to himself, then put him on a leash. I’m not even interested!”
‘I saw you yesterday, going into his car! And also he gave you his number!” she shouts
‘It came from your mouth. HE GAVE HIS NUMBER, wanna check my phone if it’s registered already? I threw the note away! Jealous much? I can’t stand this. Stay away from me!” I shout at her and leave her standing on the bathroom
I went to my class and sat down in between Abby and Kyle.
‘Woah, who got you grumpy?” Kyle asks
‘I bet that Sebastian again huh?” Abby says
‘No, it’s Bianca. She grabbed me by my hair and threatened me to stay away from Sebastian. So, well, technically, it is about him again.”
‘Do you want me to do something about it?” Kyle asks
I shake my head ‘I can handle them”
Then the professor walked in, to start the class.
When it was done, we decided to go to the coffee shop nearby to work on some papers that is needed to be done. Kyle went for practice, leaving me and Abby and two other officers.
‘Have you thought about our booth for the school fair?” Abby asks
‘Not yet. All of those I could think of was already taken by club organizations” I tell her as I look over those different club approval papers.
‘There’s one thing we could do but I don’t think you’ll like it” she says
‘Tell me, what is it?” I look at her
‘We could go for a musical show booth? We could go for collaboration with the—” ‘No” I say
‘Kristen that’s the only choice we have” Abby argues
‘I’m sure we could think of something else. You know I don’t like to do it anymore”
‘Then we’ll handle everything, you don’t need to do it”
‘Yeah, we could help out and play the piano not as good as you though but I’m sure we could do it” Mikaella says
‘What do you say? And If you ever change your mind, you could help too?” Shaun says
I guess I don’t have a choice but to say yes, taking a deep breath.
‘Fine. I’ll handle everything for the collaboration” they squealed in excitement
After that, I went to look for Mr. Mcwell, I know he’d be excited to see me, he’s been trying to recruit me for the past years which obviously I refused.
‘Good Morning, is Mr. Mcwell around?” I ask the professors
‘Yes dear, come in” and so I did and waited for him in his table
‘So, have you changed your mind about shifting?” A voice came ringing into my ears
‘I’m sorry Mr. Mcwell.” I say apologetically
‘Never mind you always turn me down. So, what brings you here?”
‘We the student body, would like to go for a collaboration with you, if you don’t mind?”
His eyes widen, I can see he is excited.
‘Really. You’d do that?”
‘Yes. I’m just going to help for the preparation, but not performing”
Then he frowned.
‘Just one song, Ms. Miles?”
‘I’m really sorry, Mr. Mcwell.”
He nods ‘I understand. But we accept. We’ll be starting preparation this afternoon; you could help us then” he says and I nod
I say my thanks and so did he. After that I left. I close my eyes and lean on the wall. I took a deep breath as I can feel my heart thumping fast.
‘Tired? Water?” A voice says and I open my eyes to see Sebastian beside me
‘Thanks” I tell him and took the water to take a sip
I slap my chest, as I feel it tighten a bit.
‘You, okay?” he asks
‘Yeah” I tell him
‘Why don’t you talk much?” I found myself asking, my eyes widen ‘I’m sorry. I was just wondering. Never mind I ask” I tell him
He didn’t answer.
‘Thank you for the water. I better get going. Bye” I say and he stops me.
‘No answer still?” he asks
‘Not now, Sebastian. I really have to go” I tell him and he just nods and lets me go
I started walking away. I remembered I was supposed to go to Ian’s for the dinner. So, I started running to go home and change.
‘We’re here. Are you ready?” Ian asks as he stops the car
‘I don’t have any choice” I say and got down from the car
We went inside and we went straight for the dining area.
‘I’m so glad you both could make it” My dad says wanting a hug but I shake my head
‘Just let’s get this over with” I say and sat down
He sighed and we started to eat.
‘How is school?” Dad asks
‘Wow, suddenly you cared” I answer
‘Kristen” Ian warns
I didn’t mind him. We all stayed silent.
‘Well, anyway. We have an announcement” Dad says
We all stopped eating. He held Selena’s hand.
‘We’re pregnant” He says
‘That’s great. Oh my gosh, I’m going to have a little brother!” Ian says
‘We don’t know yet! I want a girl” Selena, my father’s girlfriend says
Yes, they are not yet married.
They are all gushing about the baby coming. I feel so left out. I’m not part of this family anyway.
‘As long as it’s healthy, it’s fine” My dad says, I can see he’s excitement
I scoffed. ‘I hope it’s not a girl. She’d be getting less attention if it is.”
They all looked at me.
‘What do you mean?” Dad asks me sadly
‘Nothing. Since, it’s done. Can I leave now? I don’t want to interrupt this mini family occasion” I spat
‘Kristen, it’s not—-” ‘No. Just stop talking, you’ll just screw things up again. Like you always do”
I cut him off and left without turning back. I hailed a cab and went home. When I got down, tears were coming down and I can’t stop them for some reason.
I felt weak and like I couldn’t breathe.
‘Mom, why’d you have to leave me so fast? Can’t you take me with you?” I say as I stare at the dark sky while sitting on the front porch.
‘Here” I was startled to see someone handing me a handkerchief, I slowly took it, I look up to see Sebastian.
‘Thanks” I say as I wipe my tears
‘Rough night?” he asks
‘Dad problems” I answer
‘Dads” he says and I look at him
‘Why are you here anyway?”
‘Grandma” he says and points to the house next door
We stayed silent.
‘You make me talk to much, you know that?” he says
‘Well, you make me crazy. One day if I go crazy I’d blame you for it” I chuckled
‘How about going out with me?” he asks
Nice going. He ruined the mood. I frowned at him
‘I don’t date. The last time I did, well I got cheated on” I took a deep breath
‘You should be, you’re here asking me out when you have a girlfriend. How are you any different?” I say standing up
‘Go home, Sebastian. I’m not interested” and got in my house
I sighed and went straight to my room.
I was getting ready for bed when my phone lit up.
‘Are you okay?” It was Ian. I was angry at everyone right now; I gripped my phone tight and threw it on the wall
‘Why won’t you all leave me alone!” I scream from the top of my lungs
I lean on the wall, slowly sitting down. I hugged my knees onto my chest and just crying.
‘Mom why did you leave me?”
I whisper to myself and not long after I fell asleep.

This is the day of the fair; After that night, I haven’t talked to Ian unless its about school. He has been giving me side glances and I can sense he wants to say something but me ignoring him, is stopping him to do so.
‘Yeah, a little more over to the left” I shout
‘Stop! Okay that’s good.” I say
‘Aliah, is everything good on your side?” I ask the president of the club
‘Yes. We are just waiting for Lily”
‘Isn’t she here yet?”
She shakes her head ‘Last night, she got sick but she promised to attend today.”
‘Okay, do you have anyone on standby if she never makes it today?” I ask
She nods.
‘Okay then everything else is settled”
I took a deep breath and look at everything one last time. Tickets are sold out. Our play would be the last for this day.
‘There is seven hours left before the play. You should all go and enjoy out” Mr. Mcwell announces
So, we all did.
I decided to walk and check on the other booths. Since it is also one of my jobs today.
‘Hey Kristen!” A girl called, from the bakers booth
‘Hey” I say and wave
‘This is for you”
I looked at her in a ‘What for” look
‘Here” she hands me a cupcake.
‘Uhhh Thanks, I guess” I say and took a bite
‘Ooooo it’s good!” I say
She smiles at me and goes back to work. I continued walking around while eating a cupcake.
I need something to drink. Maybe I’ll go over, Kyle’s booth.
‘What’s your best seller here?” I ask
‘It’s the apple yogurt drink.” Kyle says and looks at me
‘Oh, it’s you. I’ll make you something. You’re allergic to apples” he says and I nod
‘Okay thank you” I say and a few minutes past, he hands me a purple drink.
I took a sip. ‘Mmmmm, you should make this for me daily. Whats in it?” I ask
‘Its for you to drink and me to make. No questions” he says and I laugh at him
I shake my head while I drink.
‘Are you going to play tonight?” He asks
‘Nope. You know I’ll never again right?” I say
‘Just one more time. I miss how you play. Why did you stop anyway?”
‘Nothing special, I just didn’t want to remember I used to play”
Then suddenly, Sebastian came.
‘Blueberry shake” he says, Kyle glares at him and goes to make one
I didn’t look at him and stare at Kyle while he was making a drink.
‘How was the cupcake?” he asks
I look at him with eyebrows furrowed.
‘I made that” he continues
‘You bake?”
‘Yeah. Just that one.”
‘Well, thanks, I guess.”
‘So, I heard you play the piano?”
‘Used to play”
‘Aren’t you suppose to be quiet?” I ask a little irritated that he kept asking questions
He went silent.
‘Bianca is not my girlfriend. She’s just a friend now”
‘She threatened me to stay away from you because apparently you’re hers.” I say rolling my eyes
‘It doesn’t sound like her at all” he says
‘Well, if you don’t believe me then that’s your fault not mine. I don’t want any drama right now, I have a lot in my hands to handle. So, if you just please, leave.me.alone”
I say and left him there. I forgot to inform Kyle I was leaving. Then suddenly, someone yanked my arm.
‘I told you to stay away from him?!” she shouts
‘If you weren’t looking. I was there first and I went there because of Kyle. Sebastian, himself came to me. So, tell him to stay away from me!” I shout back at her
‘Remember this—” I slap her finger pointing at me and I point at her ‘No, listen here. He told me you were just a friend even if I didn’t ask. I you don’t like seeing me with him then tell him to get the fuck away from me!” I stare at her intently one last time and turn to leave
Then when I was away, I was yet again pulled somewhere with my arms.
‘What’s with everyone today that you keep yanking me” I tell myself
I turn to see, It was Ian.
‘What did you say?”
‘Nothing. Now what?” I ask him with my arms crossed in-front of my chest.
‘I talked to your doctor and she said, you have not been going there for a year now” he says
‘Why do you care anyway? Just leave me be” I say and turned around to walk away but he stopped me again
‘You’re not well Kristen!” he shouts at me
‘I am perfectly fine. I can handle my own problems. I am not a kid anymore that you have to keep checking up on me”
He parted his lips wanting to say something but I stopped him.
‘When I had no one, I took care of myself and now that I’m old enough to take care of my own, you talk like you all did something from who I am right now. You all did nothing for me. I am always alone and always will” I say and walked away from him
I know I’ll feel guilty later for my outburst but I needed to get that out from my chest. I made my way to the theater as no one is there. We have like 3 hours left before the play.
I went to the stage and sat down in-front of the piano. I put my fingers on it, attempting to play a song.
But I withdrew my hands. I promised myself I will never play again. And I will never. I stood up and left.
I started to walk around different booths and they are all doing great, an hour has passed and we have to prepare two hours before the show starts. I went back.
I saw everyone hustling and some are panicking.
‘What’s going on?” I ask
‘No one will play the piano!” one said
‘What why?” I ask but no one was answering, so I went to find, Aliah”
‘Aliah” I say
‘Kristen, you need to play tonight. I’m so sorry” she tells me
‘What? me? No? I can’t, I don’t know how to—” ‘Please, Kristen”
She begs, no, I can’t.
‘I’ll play” someone says and we all look over who it was. Kyle.
‘Really?” Aliah asks
‘You know how to play?” I ask
‘Yeah, just recently. I checked what song I was going to play and luckily that’s the song I first played. It sounds good, don’t worry” he says with a reassuring smile
So, they agreed to let him play. The play was a success, and thanks to Kyle it was saved, not only that, he gained more let say suitors after the show.
‘Thank you for saving me back there” I tell him
‘No problem.” he says
‘When did you started to you know” I ask him as we got to his car
‘Last summer, and that’s also the time when I got to know you used to play but then stopped” he answers and I nod
He insisted on driving me home since it was already late at night, even thought my house was near.
As soon as he left, I walked towards my house and saw a box on the front porch.
A note was sticked to it.
‘I hope I get to hear you play someday” it says and the box was full of cupcakes, from that moment I knew, it was from Sebastian
I appreciate it but then after Bianca acted towards me that way. I should find a way on how to avoid him at all cost.
I’m not even into him, Bianca should be angry at him not me.
I sighed and went inside then lock my doors. I refrigerated it and went to my room to have some peace and quiet.
‘Maybe I should at least thank him?” I ask myself
I stood up and tried to find the paper a threw away with his number, when I found it. I immediately sent him a message.
‘Hey it’s Kristen. I would like to thank you for the cupcakes”
Not a second had passed he called.
‘I know it’s you, I saved your number a long time ago” he says
‘Yeah, I just waited for you to call or text me first”
‘Oh. Uhhh thanks again” I tell him
He stayed silent.
‘Uhm, so I’m hanging up” I say
And he didn’t respond, so I hang up. He’s a weird guy. I shake my head and threw my phone away.
I’m so tired. I should get some sleep, since I have no class tomorrow, maybe I should buy groceries and some other necessities.

Her Problem
Sebastian’s POV
‘Sebastian Dear, wake up” a voice says
I groan. ‘Grandma, it’s Saturday”
‘Silly, I need you to check Kristen” she says and my ears perked up and I sit up.
‘Why?” I ask and stand up to wear my shirt ‘Did something happen?” I ask her and I opened my door
‘Oh good. Can you check her? It’s raining and I don’t think she’s alright” She says and I arched my eyebrow
Does she think Kristen is sick because it’s raining? Isn’t she aware that she has her own house?
‘Go on” she insist
‘Fine” I say and I went out. I took an umbrella and jog up to her house. Once I am at her door, I knock but no one answers.
‘Kristen? It’s me!” I say but still none, I’m getting a little worried, so I try and knock again
‘Kristen! you okay?!” I yell again.
I planned to just kick her door open when someone stops me.
‘Mr. Ian. What are you doing here?” I ask
‘I’m Kristen’s Brother. Uhm, what are you doing here?”
‘Check on her” I say
‘No need. Go home. I’ll do it. She’s always like this” he says
He open’s the door and I peek inside. It’s dark and no sign of her.
‘You can go now” he says and I was reluctant to leave but it’s her brother anyway. So I left.
When I got to my grandma’s house. She looked at me.
‘Her brother is there” I tell her as I walk upstairs to room.
‘That’s good” I heard her say before my door closing.
I lay in bed, remembering the first time I saw her.
I bumped into her and I got irritated but when the moment I saw her innocent brown eyes, something pulled me to know her more.
I wanted to do things for her that I never have done for anyone. So, I did all I can to make her notice me. When she showed me around, I can’t help but to stare at her beautiful features. I hate that she makes me talk too much but still, something is luring me to her.
Then Bianca had to ruin it. She’s my ex -girlfriend. I have known her for years, she’s also my best friend. I dated her because I though I love her but then I realized, I just want us to be friends. She agreed then later on her parents kept fighting and her mental state isn’t good.
Her sister asked me to be with her as much as I can because apparently, I kept her sane. So, every time she needs me I’d be there.
I’m staring at my ceiling and something came into my mind. I became curious about something.
‘It’s raining and I don’t think she’s alright” grandma said earlier and ‘She’s always like this” Mr. Ian says
Is there something about her that I don’t know? That I should know? I went downstairs to ask my grandmother, luckily she was just talking to someone on the phone.
When she saw me, she bid her goodbye and turn to me and asked. ‘Do you need something??”
‘Answers” I say and sit down
‘Hmmm” she says and nods
‘Something wrong with Kristen?” I ask her
‘Oh that, well, she hates the rain, she has this anxiety building up whenever it rains”
‘Why?” I ask
‘Well, she told me that her parents left her while raining. I think it traumatized her. She now thinks that whenever it rains something happens” she sighs ‘My poor granddaughter”
‘Don’t understand” I tell her
‘Well, his father left her while raining to marry someone else. That’s Ian’s Mother. Though they are not related by blood. Ian always tells me that they are responsible for her since, his mother married her dad” she smiled and I nod urging her to continue
‘Her mother died while raining, me and your grandfather only found out an hour later when we heard screaming and crying. No one heard her because the rain then was loud. Then her best friend and her boyfriend betrayed her, you know what I mean.”
‘Lastly, even though I told her that its just a coincidence. Your grandfather died while raining. And she loved him so much like her own dad” Now tears threatening her eyes.
‘Oh, so that’s what it is” I say
She smiled ‘You know, I like her. Ever since you met her, you’ve been talking a lot and asking a lot. Unlike when you were with that, who was that again? Blanca? Oh never mind, you know what I mean” she says, but she’s right though, Kristen makes me talk a lot.
I chuckled ‘Why do you hate Bianca that much? We’ve known her for years”
‘Exactly. She’s a two-faced bitch” she says
‘Grandma! Watch your language!” I tell her
She chuckled ‘What? It’s true”
I shake my head. She always hated Bianca even though Bianca tried her best to be accepted by her. I think Kristen is the only woman she ever approved of me.
‘Good thing, I like Kristen huh?” I ask her and she nods
‘She’s good for you and I think you’d be good for her too” she says
I hope she’s aware of that too. It would be much easier if she is.
After that conversation with my grandmother, I asked her if it’s okay that I went home for a while and she said it’s fine.
I told her that I’d just stay there so that I could get some more clothes and come back but she told me to make amends with my dad, and that will never happen.
‘You’re here! Come, let’s eat” My dad says
‘With you? No thanks” I say and went to my room, unfortunately he followed me
‘Just say hello to mom for me” he says as he watched me pack
‘I don’t know how can show your face to her, when you killed her daughter and her grandchild.” I say
He went silent.
‘What you didn’t expect me to talk to you? Well, too bad, I’m trying to form words again, all not thanks to you” I tell him
He smiled ‘Your grandmother told me about the girl that made you change. I’m glad that you interact with other people other than Bianca”
I pursed my lips ‘you don’t get to insult people I love. I knew you always hated her but you pretend that you do, just because you want her dad to support you every election! You’re a good for nothing user! I don’t even know why mom’s last words were about you. I hate you!” I screamed
He stayed silent again, I looked at him one last time and I bump his side purposely and left him there standing.
I drove back to my grandmother’s place. When I saw her on the phone, I knew from that moment, my dad already informed her of what I had said.
‘So, are you going to tell me something?” I ask
‘No. I’m just happy that you could able to express yourself now” she smiled
I scoffed and went to my room.
I checked my phone and saw a text message. I open it and it was from Kristen. Fuck, I didn’t even notice, this was 30 minutes ago.
‘Hey, I just wanted to tell you thank you. Ian told me that you came by to check up on me” it says
I don’t have time to reply back, because my phone rang, Bianca is calling.
I answer it.
‘Yes. I’m on my way. Just wait for me there” I say and turned off my phone.
I walked out of my room and looked at my grandmother.
‘Where are you going? It’s late?” She asks
‘At Bianca’s she called” I say
‘Don’t you think she’s using you too much?” she asks
‘Grandma, not now” I tell her and she just sighed.
Then I went to my car to drive up to Bianca’s.
It wasn’t a long drive but when I got there. No one else was home except for her. And they knew they can’t live her alone, she goes crazy.
I knock on her room.
‘Bia, it’s me” she doesn’t answer
‘Bia. Please open the door. No one else is here. Just you and me”
I wait for her to respond but still nothing. I took a deep breath as I wait for her to open the door. Every time she calls, I always know what to do.
Come, try, wait and after it will be alright.
Then I heard the doors unlocked. Slowly opening.
Our eyes meet. I smiled at her.
‘I’m here”

Stood Up
Kristen’s POV
I felt warm arms around me and cling to him, crying.
‘It’s okay. Come one” Ian says
Slowly, I begun to be okay and started breathing normally.
‘When was the last time you went to the doctor? Why aren’t you healing or changing?” he asks
‘I did visit her maybe last week. I don’t know why am I still like this. You think I want this?” I ask my voice breaking
He sighed ‘Okay. We should go down. To let your mind wander for a bit. The rain already stopped.”
I nod and he helped me downstairs. He made me a hot chocolate and currently cooking dinner.
‘Sebastian was here a while ago. He said, he wanted to check on you.” He says with his back on me
‘Oh uhm, would you mind if I went out for a bit? I’ll just go and thank him” I say
‘Okay, hurry back”
I nod and went out to go to the house next door. I knock on the door, Melody opened it.
‘Hello Dear. Are you okay?” she asks
‘Yes, uhm thank you for sending Sebastian earlier. Ian told me about it” I say
‘Oh, you want to thank us? Sebastian is not here now, he went home to pick up some things” she says
‘Oh, okay. I’ll just send him a message. Thank you again” I tell her, I hugged her and placed a peck on her cheek
After that I went back and sent Sebastian a message. After 30minutes, I insisted on washing the dishes. I heard a car parked. It must be him.
I continued washing the dishes. When I was done. I took a peek outside and there he goes again. Leaving grandma Melody alone at this hour.
I sighed and shake my head.
‘Ian, uhm I’ll head to my room. Do you still need anything?” I ask him
He shakes his head ‘It’s okay. I can handle it. I just need to make a phone call”
I froze when a sudden pain, in my chest goes again. I held my chest tight.
‘Kristen? Are you okay?” he asks
‘Yeah, I—I just need to rest” I say and he nods
I went to my room and laid down. I was glad that I laid down for a bit because I didn’t drift off to sleep, instead, I passed out.
I groan. It feels like I have been hit by a truck. My whole body is aching.
‘Good you’re awake” Ian says
‘What time is it?” I ask
‘It’s two in the morning. Can you explain this to me?” he asks holding a paper out.
My eyes widen.
‘You had me checked up?! Why would you do that?!” I shouted
‘You have no right to be mad at me right now. I should be the one who’s mad right now! Don’t you dare deny this anymore. Now, tell me, since fucking when?” he
I couldn’t contain my tears anymore.
‘Don’t fucking cry! Explain this to me or I’m calling dad over” he says and I look at him
‘Y—you didn’t—you didn’t tell him yet?” I ask
‘No” he says
‘I’m sorry” I cry ‘I didn’t know how to tell you. When we had dinner, I saw you all were happy. I thought maybe you wouldn’t care if something might happen to me. I didn’t think this through. Please Ian don’t tell anyone about this. I’m taking medicines now and getting check-up” I explain
‘When?” He asks
‘The first time you went here. I just got home from the hospital”
He frustratingly palm his face and run his fingers through his hair.
‘Does dad know the reason why your mom died?” he asks suddenly
‘I don’t know, no one was there except for grandma and grandpa” I say pertaining to Melody
He went silent. I was stare at him the entire time, hoping that he wouldn’t ask more or tell dad anything. I would be a burden to them.
‘Fine. I won’t, but on one condition” he says
‘Yes, anything what is it?”
‘You need to tell me everything. Update me on everything. I should always know where you are”
I didn’t like his idea but I had to agree because if I didn’t, he would tell my secret that I have been hiding for years.
‘Abby, can you give me the papers over there please?” I ask Abby and she gives it to me
‘This one is done. We should start separating the papers that we already finished form the ones we’re still working on” I tell everyone and they all start checking
Then a knock on the door was heard.
‘I’ll get it” Mathew says, so I got back to work
‘Oh, Kristen. It’s for you” he shouts
‘Okay. I’m coming!” I tell and he walked back, I went to look who it was only to find, Sebastian on the door, holding a bouquet of flowers.
Not this again. I sighed
‘Do you need anything?” I ask, he gave me the flowers
‘Who’s this for?” I ask
‘For you, who else” he says
‘Look, Sebastian. You’re a great guy and all but it’s just I’m not in the mood for dating anyone right now”
‘Right now. So maybe later then?” he asks
‘You’re hopeless” I was about to close the door when he stops it from closing
‘Can you at least give me a chance? I heard you gave Kyle a chance, so why not me?”
‘You’re talking a lot lately” I just say
‘Yeah, I’m trying to be. For you”
I sighed. ‘Fine. I’m giving you a week. But if nothing changes, it’s over. Got it?”
He nods ‘Okay then. Go out with me tonight then.”
‘Can we just go tomorrow night? Why today?”
‘Nope. Tonight. I need to make the most out of it” he says
‘Fine. Leave” I say and he does
I don’t get it. What does people see in me.
‘Are you sure that was a good Idea?” Abby asks
‘Kyle would be upset but he can’t be upset forever, right?” I say and she nods
‘Hope it ends well then”
I hope so too.
‘Why?” Kyle asks hurt
After I told him what I decided to do, he decided to talk to me about it instead of ignoring me. I would have been grateful if he just ignored me.
‘Kyle, I want to be fair. I gave you a chance, didn’t I?” I ask
‘Yes, but that’s different. What If you fall for him? What do I do then?”
‘If I do fall for him, well that means, we weren’t really meant to be. Like I always say, you deserve someone better, Kyle”
He didn’t answer me, he just looked at me with pain in his eyes.
‘So, you’re not going to slash out the fact that you might fall in love with him?” he ask
‘I—-” Well, I don’t know what to say. Normally, I would say it would be impossible for me to fall in-love again. But somehow, I can’t. Like I can’t say no to Sebastian
‘Look, let’s just wait and see. I don’t want to lose you Kyle, I have you for like my whole life. So, please, understand this” I tell him
‘Fine. But he does anything stupid, I won’t promise anything” he says and left me standing here alone.
I close my door and prepared for me supposed to be date. He sent me a message earlier saying he couldn’t come and pick me up, so Instead he sent me the address.
That’s a minus point.
After getting dressed. I hail for a cab and went on my own. When I got there, a lady took me to our reserved seat.
Well at least, he reserved something nice.
30 minutes had passed and he still wasn’t here. Well, so much for being on time.
‘Miss?” I ask
‘Yes, Ma’am?”
‘Uhm yeah, Can I leave now? How much for the bill?” I ask
‘Oh, the bill is already covered before you even arrive. Are you sure you want to leave Ma’am?”
‘Yes” I answer and he nods, as she helped me out.
Once I left. I went directly to my house. Not even a message why he was late.
Then my phone dinged. I read the message and It was Kyle.
–Kristen, did you go out on a date??—
–Yes but he didn’t show up. I got stood up—I replied
–Yeah, I figured. When I went home earlier, I saw him going to Bianca’s—he said
–It’s fine. At least now I know. Thank you for telling me though. Good Night Kyle, see you tomorrow—
–Okay. Wait for me tomorrow and I’ll pick you up— he says and I didn’t reply back
I change my clothes and went to bed after. I kept waiting for his call or even a message but none.
I sighed. I expected so much from you.
Maybe I shouldn’t have.

Another Chance
I prepared myself to go to school. I grab a toast to put in my mouth as Kyle kept knocking on my door.
I open the door ‘Gosh Kyle, can’t wait?” then our eyes met
‘Oh, uh Sebastian” I say with a smile
‘Kristen I’m sorry. I was caught up by—” ‘By Bianca. Yeah, it’s fine. I know” as I lock my door.
‘No…yes…Oh shoot” he says
I chuckled ‘Look it’s fine”
‘It’s not okay—-” he was cut off by a loud beep. Beep!!!
‘Oh, there’s my ride. Who’s apparently didn’t stood me up” I tap his back
‘See you at School” I say and ran off to Kyle’s Car
‘Let’s go!” I said cheerfully, as I put my seatbelt on.
Kyle looked at Sebastian and smirked. Then Drove off.
I slap his shoulders. ‘What was that for?” he asked
‘You did it again!” I tell him chuckling
‘Did what?” he ask, looking so unaware of what he did
‘You know, the teasing smirk you just gave him? I see that every time, I reject someone” I tell him
‘Really?” he asks, chuckling
I rolled my eyes and we went on.
I went down first. And I look at the school grounds, my eyes stopped at Bianca. She was laughing with her friends and when she took a glance, she smirked and went back to laugh.
I shake my head and fix my clothes.
‘You should always wait for me to open your door” he glared at me
‘You’re just too slow and I don’t have patience” I tell him smiling, he put his arm around my shoulders and went to find Abby
‘Good thing you’re here. Mr. Ian is mad again!” she says
‘What?! Why?!” I ask
‘He’s been asking for some files and we didn’t finish it yet” She says
I ran towards the office and I saw Ian yelling at my subordinates. I pursed my lips.
‘Mr. Ian please, calm down. I’m their president. I should be the one who’s getting the punishment” I tell him
‘Some files are missing; how do I expect you to fix that?”
I thought files that aren’t finish yet? I look at Abby and she doesn’t know what’s happening.
Well, he’s grumpy early in the morning.
‘What files? I know all important files have back up. I can just re-print them again” I tell him as calm as I can
He calmed down a bit and looked at them again.
‘You call yourselves officers when you don’t even know what to answer me. Did you even know there were backups?” he asks and they nod
‘Next time, answer me. The next time this happens again, I would gladly find replacements” he says and left
I took a deep breath.
‘What was that?” I ask my officers
‘He just got here and he went all beasty. Good thing you came”
‘Next time, answer him. I don’t object his idea of replacing you the next this time happens” I tell them and they nod
I left work for them to do and went to find Ian.
‘Come in!” he says
‘Here are those files, you were looking for” I place them in his table
‘Thank you”
‘Why do you need them anyway?” I ask
‘Someone informed me about the funds getting wasted for nothing. I need to make sure that’s not true and if it is. You’ll all be in trouble” he says and my eyes widen
‘I check everything that comes in and out. That’s impossible” I tell him
‘I hope you’re right. You may go” he says in a cold voice.
I didn’t stay much longer. I can sense someone made him to act that way, I’m sure it’s at Dad’s place. And I don’t want to intervene with that.
I went out only to see Sebastian standing by the door. I tried to walk past him but he stopped me.
‘Yes, Mr. Harris? Do you need anything?” I ask with a smile
‘I’m really sorry” he says
‘I told you it’s fine” I tell him laughing
He tightened his grip.
‘Uhm, Sebastian it hurts. Can you let go of me?” I ask but he didn’t let me go
‘Sebastian” I repeat and he lets me go
‘Does this mean, I still have a week?” he asks
Should I still give him a chance though? It’s not like I’m dating him now right? There’s just six days left.
‘So?” he asks
‘Ofcourse” I say and smiled
His eyes lit up. ‘Come on. I’ll treat you to lunch. To make it up to you”
I nod and he led me to the cafeteria. He paid for everything and led me to the bench outside.
‘We’re just going to eat?” he asks
I looked at him confused.
‘We’re not going to talk about anything?” he says again
I chuckled ‘You’re asking me out and you want me to start the conversation?”
‘Oh” he says
I can tell he’s not much of talky person. Well, he needs to adjust because I am very talkative.
‘Grandma told me about your rain issues” he says
‘Yeah” I say casually
‘I’m sorry that happened to you” he says
‘I know you don’t talk much, so it’s fine if we don’t talk” I tell him because I really don’t want to talk about it
‘I want to change that.” He says ‘It’s kinda fun talking and releasing all those thoughts I have in mind. It makes me feel free” he says
‘So, are you going to tell me about it?” I ask
He went silent for a while.
‘Well, I started shutting my mouth up when my mom and sister died because I didn’t want to talk to my father or just anyone”
This is a sad topic. Even for him, I know it’s hard to tell a story where it involves……

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