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Living a life becoming a wife beloved husband, how long would Jewel handle all the pain cause by Thunder? Will  it take her long to stay? Or choose to stay away from him and continue her life without the presence of her husband?
A question that keeps lingering on her mind and trying to find its answers but I end up setting it aside and continue to focus being a wife.
For this unrequited love I had for him.
Jewel Mercyl Dawson-  Alcantara, came from a rich family and she’s the only child of Dawson Family, wife of Thunder. A brave woman that would do everything for her husband to love her, even though her husband despise and hurting her she still choose to stay beside him because she believes that Thunder will change someday.
Thunder Alcantara, he’s the heiress and the only son of the Alcantara Family, he was destined to marry the daughter of Dawson family for the sake of their merging business, he’s the CEO of Alcantara Group of Companies. He despise, loathe and haate his wife so much, he will do everything to make Jewel’s life a living hell. He blames his wife for taking his freedom away from him since they got married. He wants to get rid of her. He’s always shouting ang hurting her to make her leave him but his wife is strong to handle all the pain he is inflecting.
Jewel immediately stood up as she noticed her husband stepping down the stairs well-dressed and in a hurry,
“Where are you going?” I ask as I got near him.
“Why are you asking where I’m supposed to go? Mind your own business!” coldness
and anger is there as he spoke those words.
“I just want to know what time you’ll get home,” I responded.
Without any second thought he came closer to me, hold my chin harassly. “Want to know where huh? To other woman’s bitch! And you don’t need to know if what time I’ll be back. Do you understand me woman?” and he released me.
I can still feel how tight his grip is on my chin. I’m hurt by what he does but I can do anything because I love him, dearly love him I stumbled near the sofa as my tears continued to stream down in my eyes
“What kind of drama is that? Oh please don’t give me that shit!” He hissed
“Aren’t you tired? Is this how you want us to live? When will you change?” I sobbed.
His chin tightened because of what I’ve said. He immediately approached me and quickly pulled me upright while holding my hair, ” You have no right to question me like that! You don’t own me nor my life! I can do whatever I want to do.”
“You’re already married, Thunder!” I shouted in response that made him mad even more.
“SHUT UP YOU BITCH!” He shouted and slapped me, “What now if we’re married huh? Nothing will ever change, I’m still Thunder Alcantara and you are Jewel Mercyl Dawson- Alcantara my useless and desperate wife! We’re just married by papers and you’re caring my surname but not my heart, mind and soul! I will never ever love you!”
After he said that he let me go and quickly left the house.
That’s how he treated me since we got married. He’s always angry, he doesn’t care about me and on how I feel. He also often lays a hand on me especially when he’s too angry or he doesn’t like what I say and if I talk back to him.
Even if he hurts me that much I can’t leave him because I love him with all my heart. And I will endure everything he does like cheating, ignoring and hurting me because I’m still holding on the thought that he’ll change and love me back.
But destiny has its own tricks on playing between my love for him, unexpected things happen that made me leave him. And when I come back I’ll make sure he pays for the cruelty he did to me. I will get my precious revenge.
It’s been a year since Jewel become a official Alcantara the wife of Thunder Alcantara but nothing change. I only got his surname but not his heart.
One year of being miserable,
One year of being unloved,
One year of being in pained,
One year of suffering,
Thunder really despites me, since we got married he always reminds me that I’m the one who make take away his freedom and for exchange he will make my life a living hell.
But regretting of marrying him was not in my vocabulary, I love him with all my heart, I want to be with him to be with his side all the time. And I would do everything for him and for him to love me.
Will they be together again?
Will Jewel forgive her husband?
Who’s the real traitor in their life?
Will they have a happy ending or a tragic one?

Chapter 1

When I woke up I felt that my stomach was starving already, without a second thought I stood up and looked at the wall clock it’s already 10 in the evening. It seems like I overslept.
I looked outside to see if Thunder was home already and to my disappointment I found nothing, his car is not in the garage so that means that he’s not home yet.
I can’t help but to think about him. Perhaps he’s not coming home and I know by now he was with another woman.
My eyes started to get blurry again by just thinking of it, tears starting to flow again. Honestly, I don’t know what I should do to him just to hear me out. I had done nothing from the mistakes that he keeps on blaming me for. All I want is that he would listen to me.
Yes, we’re married, we’re together, we’re living under one roof but nothing more. He treats me like nothing and what’s worse is we keep on arguing, which always leads him to hurt me emotionally and physically.
Since we got married he never treated me right . All he did was loathe me and felt abhorrence towards me. He keeps himself drunk to get wasted and enjoy being with his woman.
“You’ll regret marrying me” until now it’s clear like a camera megapixel in my memory as he spoke those words. Nonetheless being together for years I never regret every second of it eventhough I was just a mere nothing to him but maybe because I just love him this much.
I just went to the kitchen and prepared something to eat. I’m sure he won’t come home so I’ll be eating alone again. I took some rice from the rice cooker and put in the microwave the dish I cooked earlier to preheat it.I finish my food quickly. As I was soaking the dishes I heard the sound of a car. I immediately wipe my wet hands and walk towards the main door to open it for him.
As soon as I opened the door, a beautiful and sexy woman was there assisting my drunk husband Thunder. I felt a sudden pain in my chest as I watched them together. It hurts seeing the one you love being held by someone, being hugged by someone and being together with someone and you witness it.
“Babe, come in or maybe you’ll stay here just for tonight,” Thunder said.
“Oh my gosh babe, aren’t you feeling tired? We’ve done it the whole day and now you still want it here in your house? Hahahaha! But even though I want to be with you for too long, I can’t because I need to go home” his woman responded as she clung to my husband.
While me, standing here like a statue and watching my husband with someone else.
“Even though we’ve been doing it the whole day I still want you, to be with you and taste you all over again.” Thunder whispered to his woman but I could still hear it clearly.
I can’t take it anymore, ” Miss? Maybe I should take care of him? ” I called out the woman’s attention.
As her eyes gazed upon me she raised her eyebrow right away “Yes? You’re saying what? Babe do you know her?” he asked Thunder, not minding my presence.
“Yes babe, she’s my personal maid.” Thunder responded dryly.
“Oh I see, she’s lucky to be your personal maid and I hope nothing beyond that because I know you too well babe. ” she replied.
There was this urge inside me wanting to tell this woman that I was Thunder’s wife but I tried not to because I knew it would make Thunder mad.
“Don’t worry about it babe. Be careful on your way home, I love you” Thunders sweetly responded and put his arm around her.
“Okay, I’ll see you again next time babe. Thank you for this day, I really enjoyed it. I love you too.” she replied and gave my husband a kiss on the lips.
I saw Thunder how he responded to the kiss before his woman bid goodbye. My chest tightened on what I saw, I felt like a thousand stabs in my heart. Why do they have to do it in front of me?It’s way more painful than being introduced as his personal maid.
I approach him and help him to get inside the house but he shoves my hands away.”Let me help you Thunder.” I tried to hold him again but he pushed me.
“Why did you come home this late? And you drink too much.” I said calmly.
“Why do you care? I enjoyed spending my time with her. Can you stop minding someone’s business and don’t you dare touch me!” he replied coldly and walked past me.
I followed him “I care Thunder, because I’m your wife! Is this how a married man is supposed to be coming home?” I don’t know where I got the courage to speak to him like this.
He stopped and stared at me coldly. “Don’t act like a good-fine wife, it doesn’t suit you.” Then he went up the stairs.
I was left again with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. It hurts knowing that my husband is happy with someone else and I can’t be that someone. Never be.
I did everything for him to love me but I think it’s still not enough. I dried my tears and went up to my room as I’m about to enter my room I found myself looking at the halfway open door of Thunders room. Since then we never slept together. I walked towards his room and found him sleeping peacefully. I came near him and sat beside him and carefully stroked those hair trying to cover his handsome face. “Maybe everyone thinks that I am this stupid and martyr enough for staying even if all you did was hurtingme emotionally and physically but I don’t mind it at all, its fine with me I can take it, I can endure all the pain because I love you and I’m still hoping that one  day you’ll love me back the way how I love you and you’llchange as a loving husband. I’m willing to wait for that day to come but for now I’ll just accept all the pain Thunder but please don’t leave me cause that’s the only thing I can’t bear to take.”  My tears flowed like a waterfall as I spoke those words into him even if he couldn’t hear me.
I wipe my tears and give him a soft kiss on his cheeks before leaving his room. I love you Thunder and I am always well even though it’s tearing me apart.

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