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Chapter 1 Why did you come to my bed?
Nicole heard someone moaning。 It took her a while to realize that it was her own voice。
She was lying on a big bed, clutching the soft silk sheets with her hands。 Her waist collapsed into a sexy damp, and her round hips were tilting up high。 Meanwhile, she was being vigorously inserted by a man“s scorching penis!
Wait a minute–
Wasn“t she in the bathroom of the cocktail party。。。just now?
In her blurring memory, it was like someone pat her on the shoulder or something。
She was drugged?
She was still at a loss, and the man behind her suddenly pushed forward, and the heat in her body just jerked across the sensitive spot!
That stroke gave her a strong and numb feeling, after that, she finally came into her sense! The big hands around the waist, the pain of losing virginity, and the pleasure brought by the man every time he sprinted into her body, they were hitting Nicole all at once!
“AHHHHHHHH。。。“ Uncontrolled moans came from her throat, and Nicole crawled forward while the man pulled out half of his dick before inserting it again, and she turned away from the man“s shackles。
Later, she saw the man“s face clearly。
“Shawn?!“ Nicole exclaimed aloud。
The President of X-beats Industry?! WOW!
There’s no one on earth that’s unfamiliar with this man。 Although he is“ low-key“, his face is on TV advertisements, big screens in the square, and pop-up advertisements of some apps–basically everywhere。
How did she get into his bed!
Nicole widened her eyes, only to find that something was wrong with him。
His face was flushed, and the sign of the red blood in his eyes was abnormal。
It seemed like he was drugged, as well。
Nicole“s eyes moved from the man“s face to his sturdy abs, the veins standing out on the cock, and the genitals stained with unknown liquid。
She could swallow something–THIS BIG?!
“You don“t like this position?“ Shawn asked in his hoarse voice。
“Oh no 。。。 that 。。。“ Nicole knocked on her head。 “Why am I here?“
After waking up slowly, she also had some guesses about who drugged her in mind, but that “who” wouldn“t send her to Shawn“s bed!
Shawn looked at her condescendingly: “Why are you here, huh。 You can’t be clueless about that, can you?“
Realizing the danger, Nicole wanted to escape from bed as soon as she turned over: “I really don“t know–AH!!!“
Shawn leaned over quickly。 He pulled out a bathrobe belt out of nowhere and tied Nicole“s hands together。 “Wanna go? Wanna play the hit-and-run thing with me huh? “
Breaking off her legs, Shawn lowered his waist, and “stabbed” her with his powerful “weapon” to the deepest directly!
“AHH!“ Nicole“s tears rushed out。 It hurt SO DAMN MUCH!
The man“s thick, long, scorching dick directly stuck against her uterine, and after staying there for a while, he started stroking again。
“IT HURTS!! HELP!!! LET ME GO!! YOU BASTARD!“ Nicole tried to break free from the man who tied her wrist, but she didn“t know how the man tied it。 The more she struggled, the tighter it got!!
The man held her legs, moved quickly, every time he hit her sensitive point, reaching the deepest place。
“Uh-huh 。。。“ Nicole simply grabbed the bathrobe belt on her wrist to stop the shameful moaning。
Wonderful feeling rose from her lower body, passed through her spine and reached her brain。 A wave of pleasure superimposed over her。 Shawn suddenly pressed Nicole“s hands above her head, and the fierce kiss fell on her mouth。
The moans were swallowed into her belly, and the man almost tore Nicole apart and ate her belly, sucking the soft tip of the tongue hard。
He finally let her go just when she was out of her breath: “Are you still leaving?“
Nicole almost cried out: “YOU BASTARD!!“
His body was trembling。
A strong pleasure rushed over, Nicole couldn’t move at all。
Blood no longer spilled at the junction, and the translucent liquid has already wet the sheets。 “As I said, it won“t hurt the second time。 I can fuck you ‘til the hotel closes。“
“FUCK OFF!!“ Nicole was a bit scared。
However, the desire came one after another, and the handsome face of Shawn, who was comparable to a celebrity, was blurred, and she let out an uncontrollable scream。
She had an orgasm。
The lower part of the body was clamped, the man also had a rough breath, and all the hot liquid was sent to the depths of Nicole。
She forgot that he didn“t wear a condom!
Taking advantage of the space after the man’s cum, Nicole used her last strength to drill out from under him, biting the belt that tied her hand with his teeth, and grabbing a coat and rushing towards the door。
Her waist was grabbed by a strong hand before she could make it out, the whole person was flung aside and fell on the sofa!
“It“s not over yet。“ Shawn bit Nicole“s earlobe, and the hot kiss went down。 The big hand also lifted one of her legs, revealing her red and swollen pussy between the legs, and inserted it again。
The novel angle of sideways made Nicole groan at the first time, and her legs tremble: “I, I really can“t 。。。“
Her consciousness was fading away and gradually fainted。
However, what she heard after the fainting was a man“s chuckle: “Then I will pretend that I’m FUCKING a little dumb!“
Nicole woke up all of a sudden, stretched out her hands, and left five scratches on the man“s chest WITHOUT MERCY!
But he didn’t give a shit about it。 He pushed hard at her waist and sent his dick even deeper。
He carried Nicole“s legs to his shoulders, and every movement would only push his giant cock deeper and deeper!
“Well, well, I can“t, please Shawn。。。“ Nicole begged for mercy, but she kept leaving scratches on Shawn“s body!
Shawn“s eyes turned red, but there was some coldness in her eyes。 He approached Nicole: “Since you personally gave me the drug, I thought you were looking forward to it。“
Saying that, he maliciously pushed his cock to the top again!
A thick stream of liquid flowed out between the legs。 After the second climax, Nicole really fainted。
When Nicole woke up, it was already the next day。
She was sore all over her body, and her white chest was covered with kiss bruises, extending all the way to the inside of her thighs。
The man next to her was still sleeping, and she saw the scratches on his chest。 Nicole unlocked her phone, turned on the camera directly, and quickly took photos of Shawn in sleep。
After that, she got up carefully。
She gently moved and the thick white liquid between the legs。 GOD KNEW HOW MANY TIMES DID THIS MAN CUM OVERNIGHT!
She had to take the med!
She scolded Shawn thousands of times in her heart, but Nicole did not dare to take a bath for fear that the sound of water would wake the man。
She hastily cleaned it up, put on her clothes, and quietly opened the door to escape。
She hurried down to the first floor and was just about to slip away, only to see a familiar person sitting in the lobby!

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