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Chapter 1

Logan’s eyes savored the half-naked woman lying on the bed, she was a real definition of beauty. He smiled as he gently walked over to her, she looked at him with the same hunger he had in his eyes. Such a beauty! without delaying further he bent over to her and caught her lips in his, racing his hand all over her and listening to her most out of pressure. such a sweet human, he was surprised how she moved her body against him no human had ever taken him by surprise but this lean and beautiful being.

He broke the kiss just for a moment to stare into her emerald eye, it was so clear that he could see his reflection. where was this woman all this while? where was she when he needed a beautiful being to satisfy him and now he found her, he was not letting her go easily? He let her caress her back and at the same time he showered her with kisses and slowly he traveled down to get their neck just the perfect place to make her gasp in pressure, she buried her face on his neck and raked her finger through his hair and raising herself to meet his.

That was it now, he was going to have her, he was going to taste every inch of her being but first, he wanted to make her cry out more to have him. He wanted her to yearn and cry out in pressure only then will he allow her to have him just the way she wanted.

He torments her with kisses and soft love bite making her yearn more for him when he had made her reach her peeks, Logan smiled in pressure as he undid the last hem of her dress, just what he wanted the first time he saw her tonight at the club. Girls has been roaming about him earlier, making their best moved to catch his eyes but he had seen them all but none has been appealing just the way he had wanted them to be.

Walker has warned him about the time, he couldn’t stay for long this night. it wasn’t like the other night he had some freedom with his women, he needs to leave early. Yes, He was going to leave by the way since none of the women has seen entertaining enough for him but just then he saw her enter with friends laughing as if nothing matters to the woman, his first thought was that he was going to have her. He wanted her, her scent and everything about her seemed to be pulling her toward her but he had wanted to leave.

He would do that after he had a taste of her until then nothing would matter to him, he looked down at her again as he tried to remember the reason he had wanted to leave earlier but the woman lying on the bed slipped help hand down his jeans trousers and just again nothing matters than to have her. The next few minutes were led by pressure as he watched the woman scream and smile with her ruffled hair, she looks more than beautiful this way and he can’t wait to have her this way every night. He finally slipped off the last barrier between them “What’s your name pretty angel” he asked staring back to her beautiful face. “Jasmine” she whispered with a smiled and with this he took her just the way she wanted, He thrust harder and moan she was driving him insane and this was the first woman to that had made him feel that way.

He felt his head pound, just for a little while then he heard his back cracked on his back bending his back a little. What was happening?.. his eyes widen in shock and regret as he remembered it was the full moon, this was the reason he had wanted to leave earlier, Walker had warned him about this not to stay for long but he violated that one rule and anger rose through him not just for Ignoring the rule but for the woman lying beneath him. He had planed to keep her for long, he had liked her, her smile and scents but if she saw him change he was definitely going to hate him and probably he won’t see her ever again as much as he wanted to control himselff he couldn’t it was impossible this night.

“Are you okay” he heard her asked but he was more than okay as he watched his nails elongate a bit taller than his normal nails and he felt his ears doing the same and the hairs, he looked down to find Jasmine face in complete horror, She was now paled compared to the glowing lady he had taken in for the night.

“What are you! she asked in horror and Logan watched her backed away in fear, he wanted to speak to explain to her but why? he had never felt the need to explain to anybody and why was it hurting him seeing the expression on her face. ” What the hell are you! She screamed falling off from the bed still. naked and pale. “listen! he tried to say calmly but his voice has turned to something horror more hoarse and nothing human.

This thrilled her off even more making her to scream louder but thanks to the music playing downstairs her voice was drowned away nobody would hear but be didn’t want her to leave, Logan stretched his arms toward her but notice that it was already full of hair. He wanted her to stay but was scary the hell out of her as she continued to scream louder, Logan made to talk but howl instead making her to scrambled up and falling at the same time as she made to run. ” You’re a monster, I had slept with a monster! she cried out in fear…

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