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Chapter 1

The water sprinkler we had in our backyard was the true meaning of what freedom felt like: soggy and messed up. We were never free in the Moonlight pack, Alpha Raden never allowed us to even move a step from our territory to go shopping so it was always boring here. He was cruel and treated us like slaves more than people. We couldn’t even turn rogues because he controlled every aspect of our lives and has a strong bond with other packs like Wildcrest, Silver and Moongold, the most powerful three packs in werewolf history.

I stared in boredom as the little black sprinklers spurted water around our backyard within the glass windows, I felt trapped and I had only my little sister and my mother, we were just another normal family in Moonlight pack. My dad was a former beta but he died during the toughest werewolf vs. Vampires war, he truly died as a warrior when I was only seven years old. Mom was in pain but like the strong woman she was, she looked out for me and my little sister.

“Honey, come and help me.” My mom shouted impatiently and I quickly complied with the obedient daughter I was.

She was making our favorite chocolate cupcakes that I and my little sister loved like it was a guilty pleasure for us.

I helped her out in icing the cupcakes and cutting vegetables for dinner. It was a very dark evening since winter was coming and the days were faster.

“Mom, I’m so bored,” I whined, I never went out of the tiny house we had, I begged to be released. Her warm brown eyes gazed at me with understanding, she was bored too but there was nothing to do about it.

We only had the close by school and we were restricted from hanging outside of the building unless it was an important pack arrival where teenagers stared in adoration at the murderers like they were superstars. I had a strong opinion on other werewolf packs and I was the daring one out of all the scared pack members here. We never even had universities because Alpha Raden thought that we didn’t need to be further educated.

“Darling, tomorrow is your birthday, that’s something to be excited about, it’s your first shift.” She gushed with watery eyes and I hugged her; I never felt excited because I was scared of the first shift, many of my schoolmates told me that their bones break painfully and their hands twist to form the claws. It was so scary to me.

I was happy about one thing; I got to celebrate it with my family. It was one blessing and I hoped to not find my mate in the early shift.

My little sister, Evanna, giggled at us hugging with her cute grey eyes and tooth gap, she was only eight years old, and she wore the usual yellow dress that she adored. I was once like her until I grew up seeing wars and darkness. I hoped that never happens to my sister.

I carried her as she squealed and twirled with her in my arms, our eyes cheerful with happiness until it was too soon to tell.

The rancid smell of smoke started to get into our house and the only reaction was to let my sister down, placing her behind me protectively as a blaze of fire slowly cracked our glass doors. Mom stayed beside me, trying to mind-link our Alpha for help because we couldn’t escape through the doors for there was a circular firestorm around the house. I could see it from all the double doors on each side of our house. A part of me was grateful that all of our doors were transparent so we could quickly scan the severity of the impact.

Who would do that to us? We were a peaceful family, we didn’t have enemies.

The fire was everywhere, terrorist werewolves came inside and killed my mother, I clutched my sister hard screaming to let her go as mom tried to grab her from the terrorist wolf’s sharp canines, I couldn’t turn into a wolf to fight them so they harshly bit my hand and their plan succeeded, the blood that left my terrified sister’s arm drifted off to her wrist like rivers, I tried holding her again but the wolves took satisfaction in watching my sister die slowly and mom kept hollering at them to leave her alone as we tried to attack again but to no avail. My little sister died as her eyes changed from scared to lifeless. I shouted in pain at the loss of my sister as I charged towards the wolves but they pushed me off again with their head making me dizzy, the other wolf took my mom’s body as she tried to push me away so they couldn’t take me, she gave me a sad smile before her head was teared apart by the wolf’s claws.

They didn’t kill me as the burning fire increased more and they ran away. I screamed as the eyes took in the malicious orange flames and black smoke, I sat down, wanting to burn with my family too. I wanted to be with them up joined by dad. I smiled and let the flames near me to touch me.

But someone had to save me, Alpha Raden, he came inside and lifted me when I fought with him to stay here, he didn’t reply to my wish and rescued me when I didn’t want to be rescued.

“Why?” I shouted at him and his blue eyes were confused at the first thing I said, any chances of a thank you flew out the window.

Alpha Raden was a powerful Alpha but he was too much of a strict father to everyone. He has muscles for life and his eyes were bright blue while mine were blue-grey ones. He has a stubble and pointy nose, he was twenty-six years old and no mate yet.

“You can’t die, you have to shift tomorrow.” He growled and I smacked his chest only to be bitten on my wrist by him challenging me to disobey.

“Stand down.” I laid my head down submissively with tears gushing down my eyes.

That was that Alpha took me into a new apartment inside his mansion until he knew what he wants to do with tomorrow but I didn’t care. I was grieving and I wanted to take my life to join them since I have no reason to live anymore.

“Alpha will visit tomorrow, so be on your best behavior.” He commanded and I nodded, afraid to speak.

“What’s his name?” I asked I might know him.

“Just Alpha with no name.” I gasped, never hearing of an Alpha who didn’t tell his name to any of his pack.

He stormed out as I cried my heart out at my little sister’s giggles in my ear and my mother’s smile when she baked with me. I would find who did this and kill it. Whoever it was, I was more than determined to find out, they needed to die a vicious death.

I burst more tears remembering just how mother wanted to see her daughter shift, she didn’t have her wish but I knew that she was watching it from up the heavens. I tied my blonde wavy hair and wiped my red greyish eyes. I was going to avenge them, one way or another.

I was still curious as to who is Alpha unknown. Maybe he could help me with my revenge.

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