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Many years ago, there was a kingdom called Cassina. This beautiful Kingdom was filled with Witches, Werewolves, Dragons and other magical beings that ever existed. The King, Scott Daemon, was proud to let these creature roam freely in peace as long as they didn’t cause trouble and the humans loved them. Until one day, a Sorceress named Karen arrived in the Kingdom after escaping from witch hunters and then she asked the King for his help. The King took her in and then they fell in love.

Karen and King Scott were pleased when they became the rulers of Cassina. They were also overjoyed when Karen gave birth to a beautiful daughter called Kassandra. The princess inherited her mother’s powers and Karen taught her everything she knew when Kassandra was 8 years old. But, one day, Cassina’s beloved Queen was killed.

No one knew what happened that day except for King Scott who witnessed her death. He told his people and Kassandra it was a dragon that murdered her and he had no choice but to slay it. After the death of his Queen, the King banished all the mythical creatures along with the dragons, however, the priests who served the dragons placed a curse on the King. One day, he will lose his precious daughter and one of the dragonlords will claim her and she will become his bride.

Not taking any chances, King Scott ordered his men to kill every dragon who may or may not be the princess’s mate. When this happened, some of the dragons were killed but the others, they were able to escape and no one has ever seen a dragon ever since…


I’ve been having these weird dreams lately. It always ends the same, I’m running through the woods and I don’t know what I was running from until I heard the sound a dragon roaring in the sky. Fear rushed through me and I managed to hide for a little while until I heard a group of people chanting. I followed the source of the sound and when I found the group of people they didn’t notice me until I realised they were surrounding someone or something.

I walked over to the centre of the group and that was when I saw myself with my arms tied on each side of the rocks. I looked at their leader and then he spoke up.

‘O great dragons of the north! hear my call! I present you the maiden Kassandra! who was chosen by our ancestors! with her sacrifice! the priests of the mountain shall continue to live in peace! Now come to us and receive your prize!!”

The moment he said this, a dragon black as night came out of nowhere and then the world around me turns into darkness.

I don’t know why I was having the same dream for the past few months because everyone knows that the dragons were killed after my mother died but, I was beginning to suspect that it was my powers. When I was little, my mother used to tell me that I’ve inherited the ability to see into the future and I was beginning to wonder if that dream is actually a vision.

However, I didn’t let that bother me because I was meeting my fiance, Prince Tobias. My father knew that I had to inherit the throne someday so he decided to pick out three princes and chose one that will be suitable for me and we both chosen prince Tobias. Today was the day that he was supposed to visit and then we would spend some time together so we can get to know each other better before we get married.

“What if he doesn’t like me? what if he changes his mind about me? what if-”

“Princess, please calm your nerves,” My maid, Annie, told me with a smile as she brushed my hair.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’ve heard about Prince Tobias and he’s handsome and well…what if he doesn’t like me, especially since I’ve got my mother’s powers? *Sighs* I wished my mother was here.”

“Hey, don’t worry, you’ve still got me. I’ve been like a second mother to you, haven’t I? I’ve been looking after you when you were little.”

“Hehe, yes you are and you’ve been a great mother to me,” I spoke with a smile on my face.

Once my hair was free of knots and tots, Annie tied some of my hair back and left the rest of it down to it reached my lower back. I also wore my tiara on my head and then I got changed into a dark blue dress that has long see-through sleeves and the top was v-shaped. I put on my three-inch heeled shoes and then Leo, my bodyguard knocked on the door and he entered into the room.

“Princess Kassandra, Prince Tobias has arrived. Your father is waiting for you in the throne room.”

“I’m on my way.”

I left my room and then I took a deep breath and then I wrapped my arm around Leo’s arm as he escorted me into the throne room. Some of the people who lived in the castle bowed politely and respectfully to me as I walked over to my father. Father and I sat down on our thrones and then the doors opened revealing Prince Tobias.

He was handsome. Prince Tobias has brown hair, hazel eyes, slightly tanned skin. He wore his crown on his head, a dark blue tunic with a belt around his waist which has his sword strapped to his side. Beige leggings and dark brown boots. He also wore a black cape and grey trimmings on the edges which also has the family crest on the back of it.

The Prince walked over to us and then he bowed to us.

“Your majesties.”

“Prince Tobias, welcome to Cassina, allow me to introduce my daughter, Kassandra.”

I stood up from my throne and I took the sides of my dress and curtsied to the Prince.

“It’s nice to meet you, Prince Tobias.”

“Likewise Princess Kassandra.”

Prince Tobias told me before he took the back of my hand and kisses it. I smiled a little and then my father spoke up.

“Where’s King William? didn’t he come with you?”

“Sadly, something came up and my father was unable to come.”

“Oh, that’s a shame it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. Last time I spoke to him was years ago before he met Katrina.”

“That was a long time ago,” I mumbled with a smirk.

“Oy! I heard that!”

I snickered at my reaction and then Tobias chuckled.

“Excuse my daughter’s behaviour, she gets it from her mother.”

“I don’t worry about it, besides, I wouldn’t mind a cheeky Princess,” Tobias glanced at me before winking at me.

I blushed a little and then Annie whispered to me.

“I think he likes you.”

“I think so too,” I whispered back.

Father cleared his throat and he then said to me.

“Anyway, why don’t the two of you for a walk in the gardens or in town to get to know each other.”

“That would be perfect, your majesty.”

“Prince Tobias, make sure you keep a close eye on her.”

“Don’t worry your majesty, the lady Kassandra will be safe with me.”

I smiled at Tobias before I wrapped my arm around his as he escorted me out of the throne room. Once we were out of the throne room, we both sighed in relief and we both chuckled afterwards.

“You felt relief as well?”

“That old buzzard watches me like a hawk whenever I go anywhere, that includes going into the village below and when we go horseback riding. He’s so overprotective.”

I told Tobias as we made our way into the gardens.

“You’re lucky you know.”

“Lucky?” Tobias asked me in a surprised tone.

“You’re a Prince and you can do whatever you like, you’re brave and you can fight. Me, on the other hand, I’m just a princess who’s being watched like a hawk and is never allowed to go anywhere without a bodyguard present. I’m like a bird in a cage.”

“Well, can you blame him? Queen Karen was killed by a dragon many years ago and you’re the only child that your father has and he doesn’t want to lose you.”

“But I’m a big girl now and I wished he gave me more freedom. I’m sick and tired of being locked behind the castle walls. I want to be free and go exploring without having to worry about any responsibilities as a Princess.”

I said as I looked up to see the bright blue sky which was surrounded by the castle walls. Tobias gently held my chin and he said to me.

“And you will have that freedom, that is if you want to become my Queen.”

I smiled at his comment and I said to him.

“Well, let’s wait and see how this visit goes and by the end of the week, I might accept your proposal.”

“Good,” Tobias spoke with a smile as we continued our walk through the gardens.


Later that day, it was night time and I put on my cloak and my hood before leaving the castle grounds without anyone noticing me. I walked through the quiet town and then I headed into a dark ally.


“Right here,” He whispered.

He came out of the shadows and he said to me.

“Well? how did it go?”

“I snuck in with no bother. King Scott didn’t suspect a thing.”

“Excellent work, I knew you were the right person for the job, you look exactly like the Prince but the only difference is, you’re not from royalty.”

“Who cares? the Princess likes me already. I guess my little charms with the ladies came in handy.”

Father chuckled when I said this and I then asked him.

“What did you do with real Prince Tobias and his father?”

“Don’t worry, we knocked them out and hid them in the woods until we get the Princess for the ritual.”

“Speaking of the Dragon ritual, when is it going to happen?”

“Tomorrow night, we need to get the girl and soon.”

“Don’t worry, I got a plan, the Princess and I are going for a ride tomorrow in the woods. I’ll lead her there and then you and the other priests capture her and then we’ll take her back to the village.”

“Good plan, son. Now go and get back to the castle before someone realises that you have disappeared.”

“Right and be careful, Father.”

I told him before we went our separate ways. I got back to the castle in time before the guards made their rounds.

In case if you haven’t figured it out, I am not Prince Tobias, my real name is Thomas and I’m the chief’s son of the Dragon Priests. Our job is to find and present the chosen maidens to the Dragonlords and their followers. The next maiden that has been chosen for this ritual, is Princess Kassandra.

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