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Warning: Violent scenes, swearing, Continuous editing

Valentina opens her eyes to see the face of the man she love with all of her heart for nearly three years.

It was a wonder how they still managed to stay together for so long when she recalled the number of fights and arguments they’ve gone through.

He’s a handsome man and a rich man as a plus. There are so many women in the world he can choose and will surely make a beeline just for a day with him.

And he chooses her.

A normal woman or so she thought.

Valentina Rodriguez.

22 years old.

Valentina came from a middle-class family, and she liked to put it like that.

Her father, Andrew Rodriguez, owned his own company, and her mom, Lovy Arden, owned her own company. So, they merged the company after marriage and became one of the most famous company ever joined.

She has four siblings.

Mason, the eldest, Peter the second, she’s the third and Anne the youngest of them.

When her mother and father said they wanted to retire, she practically tried to jump into the sea.

When they announced Mason and Peter to take over, she cried to the sky shouting, ‘Thank you for blocking me away from this busy worlds…!’

He’s a good man and has an excellent looking figure. His body is what all women fantasized about in their heads.

His abs, oh, no.

She drooled at the sight of it.

It is his reward for working out after work if he’s not busy.

That is one of the reasons why they fight and argue a lot.

Even if he was busy, that wasn’t an excuse to forget her birthday or their anniversary day. As busy as she is, she still has time to put some effort into their relationship.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand how busy and stress he is. He’s from a wealthy family that owns several companies in the world. The K Company is the leading company.

He is the boss who runs the K company.

That’s what she means.

He’s the boss.

So, what’s a ONE day off for him?

They don’t work at the same company as she likes to work in human sociality rather than working in the business field.

Pfft. The irony.

He once gave her an offer to work as his personal assistant.

But she loves her work although she hates her boss.

What’s worse is the fact that the boss is her father’s friend. She doesn’t understand why her father would befriend someone like him.

He hates her guts, and she hates his.

Her family accepted Kayden as her boyfriend.

He went through their interrogation, and they instantly like him.

He’s a charmer.

A charmer at first sight.

Valentina runs into him at the famous coffee shop and being the clumsy girl she is, she slipped at the sight of him and ended up pouring her expensive coffee on his fancy coat and white shirt.

Of course, she knows who he was at that time, and she didn’t expect the young and handsome famous businessman to show up at a coffee shop.

Long story cut short, he gave her his number and ordered her to replace his ruined attire.

She was too embarrassed to ask her parents for the big amount of money to replace his suit. So, she settled for Mason and Peter.

They were furious to know what Kayden asked for and told her to ignore him. But, she begged them to help her replace the suit and promised them she won’t be involved with him after the clothes issue is settled.

They agree to help her. But, the promise was broke when once again, she got hooked with Kayden’s charm.

He sents flowers and gifts to her and even brings her to various dates until finally, she falls in love with him.

Her brothers were enraged when they know what she had done and ignored her for the next two weeks. Maybe that’s why they’re still hostile on him.

Name, Mason Rodriguez. Age, 26 years old.

Name, Peter Rodriguez. Age, 24 years old.

While Anne Rodriguez, Age, 20 years old, stay nearby her college to finish her designing course.

Her parents want them to get married as soon as possible. Even though she’s not all set to get married yet. Guess, she needs to talk to him about this.

His family also treated her well. She’s relieved to know that her parents met them in business meetings.

He looks after her very well all this while whether in good time or a bad one. She moved in with him after he convinced her to do so.

Just like her parents, both of his parents are business people themselves. River Ilmanto and Nova Larsch get into an arranged marriage, and Kayden is their only son.

Which her parents appreciated so much when they know that she’s dating their only son. If they get married, then they will be buried with money.

But she doesn’t care about his money. She only wants his love.

Name, Kayden Ilmanto. Age, 24 years old.

“Done staring?”

Valentina’s thoughts fly away when his voice enter her thoughts. Whereas, his eyes were still closed.

“How did you know I’m staring at you?” she blushed.

“Well, I have my way.”

“That’s impossible. Plus, I’m not staring at you.” Vale denied.

“Okay, keep telling yourself that,” he said playfully.

He opened his dark brown eyes, staring at her light-blue eyes. She looks at him with love in her eyes.

He scooted closer and gave her a peck on the lips, and after that, a full-blown kiss.

Well, this is how they always got late for work.

His phone rang, stopping the almost heated session. His light blonde hair was a mess.

Kayden groans and Valentina chuckle. He got off of her and grabbed his phone. Meanwhile, Valentina went into the bathroom to take a shower.

She walks out after she finished showering at the same time he is about to end his call. He had his back on her as she steps out with a towel wrapped on her body.

“So, it’s tonight, right?” Kayden asked the person on the phone.

“Alright.” He ended the call.

She walked to the closet and started rummaging through it, trying to find suitable clothes to wear to work.

“My friends are holding a party tonight. Want to join us?”

She looks at him and smiles before shaking her head. She’s glad he didn’t force her to come.

Valentina didn’t particularly enjoy partying, getting drunk, or dancing with strangers unless she wants to remove her stress, forced by a friend, or maybe even to complete her mission or her little secret.

She had nothing to do tonight. Maybe, she can take this opportunity to enjoy her little secret.

A sudden realization dawned upon her. Did she really enjoy it?

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