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I was 15 when my parents died in a car accident. My custody was given to my father’s brother(uncle).

They had a total of three members in the family.

He, his wife, and his daughter.

At first, I was welcomed so nicely that everyone could have gotten confused about my new family.

They were pretty nice in the beginning but later they became harsh and mean as my family lawyer thought they will be nice guardians for me and left me with them.

They threw me from the room where I and Stella used to live to a dirty storeroom.

All house chores were my duty and I was cut off from going to school.

That was not enough when something ridiculous happened to me one day.

Aunt had been invited to a party so she and Stella went to it.

Only me and uncle were in the house.

I was in my room folding clothes as my aunt instructed me, to do all the chores.

I was busy folding clothes when my room’s door slightly opened and uncle suddenly entered inside.

I didn’t know it and was busy doing my work when he suddenly held my waist and pushed me to my bed.

In no minute he started undressing me. He was coaching me everywhere.

He took off all my clothes. I was denying it, I was pushing him away but in the waist. He was strong enough to resist me from doing anything.

He clutched my both hands and now I was unable to do anything.

He removed my panty and started kissing my private part.

I was crying, I was shrieking.

I was in pain. I tried resist him but in vain.

In no minute he inserted his penis inside my private part.

I was crying in pain with his act.

I was a virgin and was just 15 years old.

It was very painful. For about 5 hours he was thrusting his penis inside my vagina.

Later he left.

Left me bleeding and undressed.

Left me shivering and shocked…

After some time I somehow managed to lock myself inside my room and to manage my state of mind.

I was terrorized. I was shocked.

I was traumatised.

After hours of crying, I went to the shower to clean myself.

Tears made my cheeks wet and my eyes were flooding with it.

Later I dressed and went inside my blanket and went to sleep.

After some time my aunt and Stella came back.

I decided not to tell them anything as I knew they will kill me if I will tell them.

They already are always angry from me and I knew they will not bear me.

So I decided not to tell them.

When I went to my aunt she yelled at me for not completing my work. She slapped me tightly.

My eyes were puffed due to lots of crying but she noticed only work that I didn’t complete the work.

Furthermore she told me to stay inside my room and I will not get dinner today.

I went Inside my room sobbing and memorizing my days with my parents.

I was raped by my uncle.

And this was not the end.

There were more rape torturers when my aunt doesn’t use to be at home.

One day like usual uncle came and was forcing me when I shrieked aloud and nearby neighbors came in astonishment.

They break the door and came inside and saw me. They saw uncle forcing me.

They slapped him and called the police.

Later uncle was sent to jail and my aunt was left no more than my legal guardian.

Aunt and her daughter too were taken to jail but later were left on the behalf that they knew nothing about the disgusting case.

Later for some days I was sent to child care home. I used to reside there only. They used to treat me there very nicely. The food was good, the clothes were good plus whatever teacher used to teach that’s what I used to learn. I used to understand them. The trauma was being raped was traumatizing. It took months for me to come out from it.

The rape scene used to come in my dreams like nightmare.

It never left me. In my dreams the imaginary ghost of my uncle used to haunt me.

I used to get terrorized. I used to get shocked. It took many months for me to get out from the trauma. But one day my guardianship was given to my grandmother.

She used to living far away from my place so it took months to find her.

I was taken there.


Grandmother was chosen as my new legal guardian.

I was sent to her.

She used to live in a decent house.

We started living happily.

Grandmother was so nice.

She used to teach me cooking cookies, pasta, and so on.

I used to enjoy it. She used to love me a lot. She used to care for me a lot.

There I completed my school for about 5 years. From there only I completed my graduation. She paid for my graduation.

Because of her I completed my graduation with flying colors and was planning for masters. She used to love me a lot.

We were living happily there.

One day grandma got an invitation from her friend to a party of the town’s mayor and the owner of the Greenland Corporation.

It was an important party.

So grandma had to go but she couldn’t cause she had an important appointment with a very popular doctor.

So instead of her, I had to attend the party.

She bought me a dress and some makeup things.

She bought me shoes and clutches and other essentials.

In the evening a cab came and I sat in it and it took me to the place where the party was organized.

It was a really beautiful place and was very well decorated.

It was a big mansion where everything was happening.

There were lights everywhere. The walks pinned with lights, the walls linked with flowers….

The tables decorated with white cloth and red flowers…

I was astonished to see such a beautiful mansion.

I went inside.

There were many well-decorated people with rich backgrounds and fame.

The rich people with rich attire.

The rich diamond necklaces and costly clutches…

Everything made the party unaffordable…

I knew no one.

There in the corner, I found a suitable place to sit.

I headed there and sat at the last corner table.

I ordered a glass of juice.

The waiter brought it but somehow a glass of juice fell on my dress.

I quickly asked him about the washroom and he took me up there.

I went inside and was cleaning myself when a guy came inside. I didn’t see him as I was busy cleaning my dress.

Suddenly he held my waist and to my astonishment, he pushed me right in the corner to the wall.

I was shocked.

He then started kissing me forcefully. He was forcing me and touching me here and there…plus he clinched both of my hands and started choking me with his kisses..

I pushed him aside and shrieked aloud. Many people from the hall came inside the washroom. They encirced us. The whole croud was talking and gossiping. They were taking about what was happening….

I slapped that guy in front of everyone for his behavior.

I was crying..i was weeping…the scene when uncle was raping me flashed in front of my eyes..

The scenario of that pain and disgust flashed in front of my eyes. I ran straight away to the parking area to my cab.

I was crying .my cheekswere all teary.

I was crying still.

The car driver asked me what happened but I ignored him.

The car driver drove me back to my house.

I straight away went inside my room without answering my grandmother’s questions…

I locked myself inside and started weeping.

Grandmother knocked at my door several times but I didn’t open it.

I was weeping in pain.

Tears were all over my cheeks.

The memories of the rape that my uncle did to me were in front of my eyes.

I was crying aloud.

The sudden forceful act done by the stranger at that party made me again feel the pain that I went through when my uncle was raping me.

It was very painful

The regressions and grief overwhelmed my chest.

Suddenly while crying I fell asleep on the bare floor


Authors pov{}

The guy amber slapped last night at the party was a really big personality.

He was the only son of the owner of the Greenland Corporation.

Last night whatever happened was not good and Zayn cooper (the one who forced amber to kiss) took it as an insult.

He was very furious about what happened inside the party.

The news of his sudden behaviour reached in the ears of people and they were gossiping about him. There business image was going down.

Throughout the media there was only news of zayns discourtesy.

Everyone was talking about him only. There were many controversy regarding zayn but this was on the top of them.

His parents were very furious on him and the shareholders gave him orders to do something as soon as possible regarding the image of the company and business.

It became a big issue…

Zayn pov {}

How can she slap me? I was just kissing her. And on the top I was drunk.

Girls die for my glances and I was kissing her only.

Is that any offense I mean not at all as “The Zayn Cooper” was kissing her?

Ladies die for my touch and I was giving her everything that other bitches ask for.

Is it a way to behave?

I mean that was just what I usually do.

But insulting me like this…

She has to pay.

No one can insult me.

No one at all.

Because of her everyone is gossiping about me.

I kissed you, right miss, one day I’ll fuck you up……

I swear…

Let’s see how I can deal with you…

Because of you all media and newspapers are flooded with the news of last night.

Everyone is calling me a jerk, a pervert.

Because of you my parents scolded me…because of you I here in this condition hiding my face from the media….

Whatever your name is, I’ll find you and you’ll pay me soon.

I swear I’ll fuck you up. I’ll rip your panty and will tear your bra.

I’ll become your worst nightmare, I swear.

It was just a kiss, this will just be a rape. I swear……


Zayn took a sip of his whisky and suddenly jersey came.

They both kissed each other.

Later they both went inside the room while kissing and got intimate there only.

In the morning zayn woke up.

He don’t love jersey he had made him his girlfriend just for fame and sex.

Jersey is a New York-based very famous model.

Later jersey went to her house and zayn got busy into his office work.

There was a meeting today so he was busy.

Later in evening he went to his house and grabbing a bottle of alcohol and lighting a ciggrate went to the terrace area of his house.

There he enjoyed his drink and the cigarette…

He was tensed about the gossips streaming into media and newspapers.

The shareholders gave him warning to do something for it..

It really went a big issue to be tensed on…

But Daniel diverted his mind from it…and…

From there he went downstairs to his room.

There jersey was already.

So they again got intimate the entire night….

Entire night they were together and were making out entire night..


The news of last night’s party flooded in the media and newspapers.

So it was a great concern for Zayn and his family.

His father was furious with him as his deed has drowning the fame and goodwill of his organization.

Zayn and his mother were very worried when one of their family lawyers gave them an idea to marry amber and they will be free from Zayn’s controversies in the media.

The next day everyone started finding amber and from Amber’s grandmother’s friend, they got to know about amber.

Quickly the proposal was sent to Amber’s grandmother.

Grandmother saw the proposal and called the next day to her house without even consulting amber.

The next day they were at the house.

When amber saw she was angry on grandmother but couldn’t do anything except accepting Zayn’s mother’s proposal.

Grandmother excused things by saying that she is growing old and there’s is no one except her as a guardian of amber so before she dies she wants to see amber getting married and it’s her last wish.

Therefore amber agreed to the proposal.

So the next day the wedding preparations were to start.

So amber had to go with Zayn shopping for the wedding attires.

So Zayn’s mother said amber to be prepared. After that, they went.

Amber went towards her room and locked herself inside her room.

A tear escapes from her eyes and slid on her cheeks.

How can someone else decide whom she should marry?

She started searching about Zayn Cooper and saw that he was the same guy from that party.

She was shocked, terrorized…

This was too late to deny the marriage but she had no other option despite marrying him.

It was grandmother’s last wish and she couldn’t deny it.

She started searching and found many controversies about him.

He is a pervert. He is a spoilt playboy.

He had a girlfriend named jersey and son….

Amber was worried and wondering about her life with him.

She came into tears and started to cry aloud…

It was time of tension. She wasarrying a guy who tried to sexually abuse her last night….

How he’ll treat her and how she’ll live with the guy whom she slapped at a party and insulted him.

How she’ll live with the guy who tried to sexually assault her.

She was in great despair and tension…

She thought to talk to her granny but it will be in vain as she promised her that she’ll marry zayn..

It was really a terrorizing situation for Emma.

She went into dilemma to what to do and what not to…

Thinking about these things she fell asleep…..


So finally there is a marriage proposal here to amber by zayns family..

But the proposal was accepted without the consent of amber..she didn’t even saw his husbands face…she even didn’t know anything about and didn’t even knew who he is…

It was quite perplexing situation for amber when she searched him and got to know about him…

He was the same guy from the party…she then went in disgust but later somehow consolidated herself…

She was in tears…

Later somehow she managed her situation…she had left everything on grandmother…whatever will happen it will be only grandmother responsible for it..


Next day when amber woke up. Her grandmother was banging on her door.

She opened the door and hugged her grandmother.

Her eyes were swollen.

Grandmother asked about it but she excused it saying that she slept late at night.

Grandmother later told her to freshen up and do herself ready as Zayn will be anytime here to pick her up for the shopping.

She nodded in yes and went to the bathroom to take a shower and to dress up.

Almost at 12:30 pm, Zayn arrived.

Amber saw him. A young guy in his twenties, having beautiful blue eyes and a tanned muscular body.

He was though good-looking.

He opened his car front door for her like a gentleman.

And after her, he sat on the driving seat and drove her to the nearest mall in the town.


Though he was behaving well he was not even a little bit interested in the shopping.

In the mall, he took me to the most popular brand and asked me, asked me in irritation that if I liked any of the wedding gowns.

Hey, what kind of shit you want here” zayn said in a tone as if he is disgusted there.

Sorry” amber said.

Do you know what I am getting bored here…i am buying you this entire shop…choose whatever you wanted at home only” zayn said in irritation and disgust.

I was surprised plus irritated.

The entire shops workers were surprised that the man standing there bought the entire shop.

Later one of the worker took me for a trial of the dresses in a trial room.

There I had to try a dress so they can fix the entire shop dress to my fitting.

I was trying a dress.

I forgot to lock the door.

I was half-naked when suddenly Zayn entered. I was shocked.

I was half-naked.

Hey get out of here…i am changing…i yelled.

Sh…..sh…” Zayn hushed me.

Then he came close to me and slightly putting his hands on my shoulder kissed my neck.

I was shocked and was sticked to the wall. I was shocked to my greatest extent.

Furthermore,he rolled his eyes to my bare body and touched my lips with his lips and in no minute we were kissing.

You look amazing without clothes “Zayn smirked. Though it is weird but I was terrorized.

He later left.

Left me in shock and me in terror.

I was amazed.

I quickly locked the door of the trial room and quickly wore my dress and after terrorized for an hour I came out. I must admit though I was raped by my uncle, after it any manly touch was disastrous for me . I have moved on now with things but that happened 5 years ago. It was strange though I was terrorized but I think I am liking Zayn’s touch, his essence, maybe.

I liked the way he touched me.

He is of my age, he is young , we are marrying so I must admit his touch, I think so.

He was just at the cash counter.

I was feeling shy. My eyes were Losing contact with his eyes.

Ah…you are dressed now..i thought you’ll come without any dress from that trial room” zayn winked.

What?” I questioned.

Nothing” zayn said.

I was feeling nervous in front of him.

When I reached to the counter he held my hands, tightly and took me to the parking area where again he opened the car’s door like a gentleman and drove us to my grandmother’s house.

There he dropped me and from there he went to his mansion, maybe. I don’t know.



Amber went inside the house where her grandmother was busy watching the pieces of jewelry that Zayn’s mother had sent for selecting any of the sets for the wedding.

It was all diamond and costly as hell.

Ah…amber why don’t you see these jewellery’s…they are amazing…..granny asked.

Sorry granny I am bit busy” amber said and snubbing granny went to her room.

She closed the door and was reconciling her encounter with Zayn in that trial room. She couldn’t forget it…

She could still feel his essence and touch. He scent was seducing…he feel was lustfull….thinking about him made her fall more for him…

She was dying in lust of him…

He is magnificent….he God of seduction…he is king of pleasure….he is really amazing…

Somewhere amber was developing a feeling of love for Zayn.

He is young, handsome, he is attractive. Who can’t fall for him?

He is a jerk but who don’t want him in their life.

He is egoistic but a strong personality.

Who will not fall for him?

Who can’t fall for his magnificent eyes?..and his beautiful muscular body?.

The blushes and her nervousness were somewhat showing that she was developing a feeling called love inside her heart for zayn..

She started her laptop and searched Zayn in it.

She started searching more about him.

There she saw about his girlfriend jersey..she was beautiful…she was a model in New York… She felt a little jealous….

He had some unaffordable cars and some mansions..

He is super rich…

Watching his every picture made amber more fall for him.

He is amazing….his glorious eyes…his tanned body…his poses were making amber dying for him…

Now the scene was that she can’t live without him…she was developing a kind of crush on zayn…kind of fan type of feelings for him….

Later she switched off her laptop and layed herself on the bed.

She kept on imagining her encounter with Zayn.

His kiss was not forced one.

His touch was not forced one.

She could remember her rape, it was painful but this kiss was painless, cure of everything.

Amber was falling for Zayn.

She woke herself up and sat and then went to the window.

She looked at the sky and started searching starts there.

She used to think that when people die they become stars.

She founded the most shining stars and imagined them as her father and mother.

“Mom and dad …after u people died I had no other option left.

I was raped and never imagined any guy this close to me.

I think I have feelings for Zayn like I had not for any other guy.

As u know after that rape by an uncle I used to be afraid of a manly touch but Zayn’s touch is not like that. I think I like his touch.

I think I am in love “amber exclaimed.

A flow of wind blew her hair back behind her ears and amber shivered a little.

She looked at the dark jungle and the bright sky.

She saw the fog coming from the jungle.

The cold winds were blowing.

The moon was hiding in and out from the cloud.

It was really cold cold outside.

She saw the moon and clouds..

Her encounter with Zayn was the same.

Amber later went to her bed and there thinking about the whole day she went to sleep.



After some days there was a wedding of both amber and Zayn.

Zayn and amber had a date night today.

Zayn’s mother had informed it to Grandma.

So when amber woke up she was informed about it.

It was in the evening.

The whole day amber was preparing herself .

She wanted to look good for Zayn.

In the evening Zayn came to pick her up.

Amber was astonished to see how handsome he was looking.

He was wearing maybe an Italian suit plus a fossil watch, plus his lucky Mike shoes(maybe).

I was wearing a black gown.

Ah..hello granny, nice to see you” zayn remarked.

Granny said him a hi.

Well you are looking amazing today “amber”. You are looking a black beauty today” zayn pretended in front of granny.

Thank you”amber said but was confused with his behaviour.

Later he as usual opened the door of the car and she sat inside the car.

Later he drove both of them to a highly rated restaurant.

But wait, this wasn’t a date but it looks as if it’s a party.

I mean more people were calling themselves that they are Zayn’s friends.

Then suddenly a woman came inside.

Everyone knew she is Zayn’s ex-girlfriend.

And somewhere even amber knew as she had read it in a newspaper article on Google.

She held Zayn’s hand and she took him with her, out from the crowd.

Everyone was asking if amber is happy about the marriage and if she was excited about it but Amber’s eyes weren’t off from James and his ex-girlfriend.

Later she came out from her state of mind and replied to everyone’s question.

Later everyone left and amber was standing there alone with Zayn and his ex-girlfriend.

Later Zayn excused her ex-girlfriend and  said her bye there only.

Ah..well me bitch come after with me. We are heading in” zayn said.

Ok” amber said.

They went inside.

They were given the most popular seat which was beside the beach area.

It was a beautiful restaurant.

Though amber was not happy after meeting Zayn’s friends on her date night but she excused that topic as she wanted to enjoy her date night with Zayn.

She was also amazed about why a guy wanted to meet her ex-girlfriend but she thought maybe she could be his friend now.

But who cares, she just wanted to enjoy her date.

Everything was perfect.

The problem was that they both don’t speak at all.

Zayn hates amber and amber likes him ( maybe, she is not sure yet ).

So they both didn’t talk.

Therefore in their entire date, no one was talking except amber.

But Zayn didn’t reply to any of her conversations.

Hey I was talking about that your ex girlfriend really looks like a old lady..i mean did you looked at her wrinkles”amber joked.

Pretending to ignore amber, zayn called the waiter.

Don’t you think she looks like an old lady” amber laughed.

She was jealous.

Could you please shut your mouth and stop ruining my image here” zayn yelled at her.

Later without waiting a bit he took amber to his car and making her sit inside he drove her to her house and dropping her there went somewhere else.

Though amber found it strange that Zayn didn’t speaker much at the restaurant, she thought maybe he is shy.

But here Zayn had other plans for her.

He was marrying amber just cause he was forced to by his mother and father, there was nothing between them.

Because of amber, he had to leave his girlfriend jersey that amber saw in her date night.

It’s going to be a mess.

So let’s see what happens next……………


Authors pov{}

Zayn, after leaving amber to her house, went to jerseys house.

He knocked at the door.

Later going inside then only he started kissing jersey..

But jersey pushed her aside…

She was furious on him..

She was angry at Zayn cause she saw him with amber and felt jealous.

She don’t like amber to be with her….

Further she hates amber…

A girl never like to share her men with anyone.

She was on utmost furry.

She called amber a bitch…and told zayn to stay away from him as soon as possible…

Zayn assured her that he’ll leave her once the news will be covered and no one will remember about the news…

Jersey agreed but was still angry with him.

Zayn forcefully kissed her and while kissing they both went inside the room and got sexually intimated there.

The entire night they sleep together doing sex.

We know it’s cheating on amber but Zayn is a spoilt rich guy and we everyone knows what rich perverts do.

Zayn is a spoilt playboy type of guy.

On the other hand amber was in thoughts of zayn. His last encounter with him in the mall and everything.

He was really one of the most handsome guy on this earth.

He is God of seduction…

The way he touched her, she felt amazing…

She was blushing.

She tried to do a phone call to Zayn but somewhere her nervousness stopped her or somewhere her shyness did it.

But she couldn’t collect her courage to call him.

She is really a shy person.

There the entire time she was thinking about zayn.. His manlyness and his touch made him shiver a bit…

He is hypnotizing…

He really hypnotized our amber…just cause from the day she met zayn she is thinking about him only..

He was inside in his mind like candy that sticks to teeth.

She was really into his control.

All day long she used to see his pictures on FB.

She used to see his pictures only and used to read about him only….

After being raped she never admitted any ones touch but zayns was something different. Simply saying she was attracted to him.

Later thinking about all this she felt thirsty for water. So she went to kitchen and poured water into a glass to drink.

Meanwhile granny came…she was asking reason for amber to be locked all day long inside her room but amber again ignored her and went to back to her…

Granny later went back to her as well.

Amber closed her rooms door and locked it and sat on her bed..

She felt like bored so she laid down on the bed..

She felt like sleeping. She watching the ceiling fell asleep.


There was one side zayn marrying amber and on the other side he was cheating her..

The affair with jersey will make the relationship between amber and zayn wore or worsen…

Will amber get to know about it..

How she’ll react to it..

What she’ll do after knowing this…will she be quitting the wedding or she’ll be marrying zayn anyway…

Will she be excepting zayn after that…

Well a girl never will share his guy with someone else then will amber will share zayn with jersey…

Will she admit an intruder inside her and zayns relationship…

Let’s see further…whay happens next…



The next day when amber woke up she was informed about the wedding as it is tomorrow.

Everything was prepared.

Everything is going in this hurry cause media and newspapers are criticizing Zayn a lot.

So Zayn’s family wants to end this all as early as they can.

Grandmother told amber to prepare herself for tomorrow.

Amber please get yourself prepared for tomorrow and had you made coffee for me..if yes then who will serve it” granny asked.

Yes granny coming” amber replied.

After serving the coffee to granny with some cookies she went to her room and again locked herself.

She was happy. She was happy that she is marrying Zayn. She was in blushes.

Though they had met just a few days ago but amber had started loving him.

She was excited.

She again opened her laptop and opened Zayn’s FB profile.

She again glanced at his handsome body and his face. He looks awesome.

He is actually a good of seduction why girls won’t be dying for him. He’s amazing.

Last time in the mall though she got terrorized but it was because he suddenly came.

She was traumatized because of her past…

Amber reconciled her bad past, her parent’s death, her rape.

How uncle raped her. How she was left bleeding and shivering..

How she was traumatised and left there in cold…her clothes shattered everywhere…her undergarments ripped and thrown aside…

It was a really painfully time…

All the things were painful but her future isn’t.

She thought her future will bring her good memories and happiness.

She wasn’t happy about last night.

The way Zayn was talking to her ex-girlfriend wasn’t acceptable, but fine, she was just his ex.

Later amber went for a shower and dressed.

In the meantime, her most expensive wedding gown was delivered.

It was amazing. It was of red color with beautiful pearls beaded on it and was well embroidered.

It was a really beautifull, gleaming, shimmering dress.

She felt excited to see it.

Grandmother and amber matched the jewelry with it and other essentials.

They choose the red ruby necklace for it as it will match with the gown.

Later heels were delivered. The heels were from prada…

It was really costly but beautifull. The details were so good of it…it was a really impressive one…

There were actually two heels sent one from prada and one from door..both were looking good..but me and granny stumbled on our choices..so we were fighting on it that which sandals will suit more…

No this is matching more…granny said.

No granny….this will match” amber said.

There they started fighting on the jewellery topic.

Finally after some time they were ok with there choices and suddenly telephone rang.

There they were informed that a makeup artist was appointed for amber for tomorrow.

So she will come tomorrow for the makeup of the bride.

Plus the hairstylist will too arrive with the make up artist…

The wedding is on a beach in the town.

Everything was already prepared and booked.

Amber is damn excited.

After preparing for Tomorrow she prepares herself a coffee and went to her room for a good sleep so that she could look beautiful tomorrow.

She drank her coffee watches Zayn’s FB profile and later sleeps.


The next day, amber woke up early.

The makeup artist was already at the house.

After freshening up, amber was brought for makeup.

She first did the eye makeup. She applied Kajal and then eyeliner and then eye lashes. Later she putted some mascara there on the lashes.

Later she applied the foundation matching to her skin tone.

Later she applied some blush and lipstick.

The lipstick was of red color matching to the dress and shoes.

So I am going red today…

She tied my hairs into side braids and leftover into a bun. She putted a ha flowery hairpin on the bun so to make it look attractive but not a boring bun.

It took an hour for the makeup and hairstyling.

Later amber wore her dress and wore her amazing shoes and was ready for the wedding.

She was taken by “Bugatti La Voiture Noire”. Ah…that quite expensive.

She was driven to the beach area.

The area was fully decorated and many famous faces were there plus media people were all around.

The place was decorated amazingly. There were long wooden piles standing straight holding the lights into a circular way and the lights were hanging there joining into the centre where the stage was.

It was decorated perfectly…

The lights were flickering…

She flowers were decorated there…

The chairs and tables were decorated with white cloths and beautiful white flowers…

It was a really amazing and beautifull scene…

It wasn’t looking like a wedding but a famous drama show… whatever…..

Well, amber was dropped. Zayn himself came to her.

There was a red carpet laid down from the car’s door to the stage where the wedding is going to occur, in the centre of the decoration.

It was looking very beautiful…

Zayn took her to the main area.

And then everyone gathered there any encircled them sitting on the tables.

Then the rituals started. They both said yes kissed each other and exchanged rings.

Grandmother didn’t come as she had a fever but saw everything on t.v and was overwhelmed with tears of happiness to see her granddaughter get married.

Everyone enjoyed dinner and the wedding cake.

Later everyone departed. Zayn went busy answering media person’s questions.

Zayn’s mother took amber in a car to the mansion where they live.

Though amber wanted to come with Zayn as he was busy so she had to come with her mother-in-law.

She take her inside the mansion.

The mansion was amazing and magnificent.

They are very rich.

She was taken inside where she was navigated to Zayn’s room to change and relax.

There she was informed that this mansion is alone of Zayn and no one lives here except Zayn.

Zayn’s mother then left.

Amber changed her dress in the room and then started waiting for Zayn.

The servants asked her if she wanted anything but she denied it.

But later as the zayn took a lot of time coming she asked for a coffee.

The servants brought her a coffee and a book.

Amber was sipping her coffee plus the book was too interesting…

She finished her coffee and outdated the book to the other side on the table…she again started waiting for the baby…

While waiting she felt sleepy and decided to sleep.

She laid on the bed and fell asleep.


Amber was sleeping already when Zayn came back.

He was drunk and furious.

He was heartbroken to married by his parents decision.

He dosn’t like with of then not his parents not amber who was now his wife..

He never liked amber plus doing his insult added oil to fire. He started hating her even more when the news went into the media and his parents forcefully made him marry her.

He knocked the door and servants opened it.

He was stumbling when a servant held him from falling…

In his drunkness he asked about amber.

The servants took him to the room where amber was sleeping.

He went to the room where amber was sleeping.

He banged the door close.

He saw her sleeping. He went close to her and touched her lips with his bare hands.

He was starting her entire body from tip to toe like an animal..

The lust in drunkenness grew wider.

He opened his shirt and opened Amber’s shirt as well.

In the meantime amber woke up.

When she suddenly saw Zayn to her this close, she pushed him behind in shock. The sudden push made Zayn furious and he started forcing amber for sexual intercourse.

He tore all her clothes and forced her for intimation.

That whole night amber was forced to intimate by her own husband.

After about 8 hours she was left .

Left in pain and despair.

She was sobbing.

Zayn left the room wearing his pants and shirt.

This was the second time when someone forced amber for sex.

She was raped by her uncle.

She didn’t expected that Zayn is also like other men’s.

She thought he is different.

His touch was different.

She didn’t noticed his pervert nature but noticed only his looks and his safe touch.

It was her greatest mistake.

Maybe the second greatest mistake.

She was raped again.

She was bleeding from the marks that Zayn gave.

These marks may disappear but her pain and trauma will never vanish.

She was left naked .

Naked and raped.

She covered herself in the blanket and gathered herself into it.

She was crying in pain.

She again became a victim of a men’s animal side.

She became a victim of deep and dark side of a men, of the men who is now her husband.


Emma became a victim of man’s animal side…she became a victim of zayns lust..

She was never loved. Her uncle too raped her..there she was left bleeding..no one came to help her…her clothes were shattered her undergarments were ripped….then..

She was betrayed by her childhood…her uncle took her childhood and gave her a wound that can never be filled..

He left her with the wounds that will never be separated or filled…

Amber heart was distorted by the occurrence of such thing…

She was more distorted when her aunt gave her no sympathy but she was busy in making her do her work…she was busy in getting her comfort…

Later though uncle was sent jail but amber wounds never dried…but went more wider when zayn on whom she trusted that he will be different from other guys came to be same like others…

He too raped her and left her in wounds in this painful world…

Amber was betrayed she she got to know that zayn is also like others..

It was a really painful scenario…

Furthermore zayn did her rape her. The sex was not on the yes of amber.

It was a really disgusting thing.


After an hour, Zayn came back again.

He saw amber was covered in a blanket.

But to the surprise, he started kissing her again.

The hours he spent earlier might don’t make him satisfied.

He intimated with her again until it was morning.

He is a sexist.

Furthermore, he didn’t leave her until the servant knocked on the door for a coffee.

Again he left her in pain and despair.

He saw amber fainted, but he didn’t care.

He took his coffee but didn’t let the servant come inside the room.

Furthermore, he drank his coffee and saw amber, who was still fainted.

She wasn’t coming into consciousness. She was laying on the bed with eyes closed.

It was now something to tensed upon. He got worried now.

So without waiting even a minute… Zayn called his private doctor.

It took an hour for the doctor to reach the place.

He came with his tools and bag…

Amber was still faint then…

The doctor came to his room and went where amber was laying unconscious.

Meanwhile, before the doctor was coming, Zayn dressed amber.

The doctor took out his tools to check amber…

The doctor checked her, and she had a high fever.

He gave her an injection and later gave Zayn a prescription.

Later he went.

After the doctors went, Zayn putted the description aside and went for his breakfast…

After eating his breakfast…he went for a shower…

Meanwhile, his office people called him as he had a critical meeting today in his office…

Zayn doesn’t wanted to go, so he excused it saying that he can’t come as he is now feeling well today…

He is really a careless person…

Later he prepared himself as he had to attend a party there with his friends…

He took his things and went out from the mansions’ door to his car and from their driving he headed to his friend’s place…

Beside that, amber was still faint…only the servants came and helped her to gain consciousness…

After coming into consciousness, the servants gave her a medicine…

Taking the medicines made her feel better…but she was still feeling weak…

Later servants left…

Amber was crying inside her room…

She was totally broken…shattered…her heart was devastated…

She was regretting for marrying Zayn…she was cursing herself that she married Zayn…for her, it was really disgusting situation…

Furthermore, she later laid on her bed and fell asleep…


No one can understand the brutality of a man’s mind.

Rape is nowadays common, but the impacts are different on different minds, victims.

People should raise voices…

People with animal minds, people with animal faces are responsible or the society that shuts the mouth of victims who even tries to raise their voices.

Not an adult woman but a child is to a rape victim these days, what it shows, shows the cruelty of animal-minded people, The vulgarity of people with animal mind

People should raise their voices, despite the society that shuts their voices to wait for another rape victim.

People should do something for the rape victims and society should encourage rape victims to file case in the police station for the criminals…

People should help raped people and should not see them differently…they are also part of society, and we should accept them…


After an hour of sleeping, amber woke up.

She saw she was alone.

Zayn was on the terrace.

There were no servants in the mansion.

Maybe Zayn has given them a holiday to enjoy.

Amber saw she was dressed.

Possibly Zayn did so, she guessed.

She was shivering and traumatized.

She started crying in pain.

The person whom she thought that he’ll be different, not like her uncle, he was also the same, all men’s are the same.

She saw Zayn’s animal side.

From that moment, she started hating him.

He never expected Zayn to be like this.

She could see her Bruises, her marks, and the mental trauma that Zayn gave to her.

She stood up, her stomach was aching.

Furthermore, she went to the door area and somehow managed to close the door.

After hours of crying to refresh herself, she decided to take a shower.

So, she went

After an hour of taking a shower, she came outside the bathroom. She wore a dress, a pink crop top, and pyjamas.

She could have gone to the police,, but it would be a waste.

Zayn’s family is super-rich, and his father is the town’s Mayor.

And now she is Zayn’s wife.

Her grandmother is growing old, and she is having no one except her. And there is no one to take care of her except grandmother.

She had seen on Google that Zayn’s had connections with Mexican mafias, maybe,, but it would be dangerous if she’ll betray him.

What if they’ll do anything to her and her granny.

So better be silent.

She lay on the bed and covered herself with a blanket.

A tear escaped from her eyes.

She felt caged.

She felt worse about her decision to marry Zayn.

For her, it was as if her life had taken a sudden change that had made things even worse.

She was sobbing.

She was regretting.

In the starting, she used to feel for Zayn, somewhere,, but now she started hating him.

She was in pain.

Her body’s every part was paining.

She was feeling cold, plus she was crying.

After some hours of crying and weeping, she fell asleep.


Zayn is really an animal…

The way he tortured Emma was disastrous…it is a filthy plus pathetic act…he is really a disgusting man…

He should not do such things to her…amber is facing a lot…

Amber is going through a lot…

Due to her grandmother she agreed to marry Zayn…it was her greatest fault…she cursed the day when she said yes to Zayn…it was his greatest fault…she really regrets her decision… She cannot go to police station as well as the police will not hear him, they will hear only of Zayn family…they will not even listen to her…

She feels like really trapped…

Furthermore, she wanted to run from the house, but the family will find her anyway, anyhow, and will put her in the cage back again…

So, everything was a waste…

She had to face all this anyway…all these tortures are now going to be her everyday routine….

All these things will be her part of life in coming days…

She really feels like dying…

The place was like hell to her, and Zayn looked like the king of that hell…

She thought he’ll be a nice person, but no, he wasn’t…


After hours of sleeping, amber woke up. It was evening.

She was feeling the pain yet in her stomach plus she was still tired so she decided to take a nap again.

Zayn wasn’t at home.

How he could leave her like this.

She was having a fever.

He went to jersey and his friends for a party.

Amber was all alone at home.

She was starving. She didn’t eat for about a day.

So she called people but as we know the sevant’s were on a holiday.

Maybe Zayn’s ploy to trouble amber.

Zayn himself wasn’t at home.

He doesn’t like her at all as we know.

So amber called to the nearest restaurant.

Their number was in a diary which was kept beside her on the table.

It took an hour for the restaurant delivery boy to reach the mansion.

She somehow managed to walk to the main door and to take the delivery.

Later she locked the door again.

Taking her order she went to the room and sitting on her bed arranged her food in perfect order and started eating.

After finishing her food, she decided to take a nap. So she cleaned the bed and laid on it and fell asleep.

At about twelve, Zayn arrived.

He had spare keys so he opened the door and came inside.

He went to his room where amber was sleeping.

He was a little drunk this time.

He saw amber sleeping, this time amber Felt his presence and suddenly woke up.

She saw Zayn.

“It’s ok if u don’t like me. I don’t like you either but we are married now so please behave.

I don’t like you forcing me.

Please ask before you want” amber explained.

Zayn came nearer to amber and slapped her in high furry.

“You know what, you are a bitch” Zayn yelled.

A tear escaped from Amber’s eyes.

Zayn took a glass and threw it in the opposite direction of Amber just to let her know his frustration.

“If u didn’t want me in your life, then why did you marry me” amber shouted.

“Just cause of my father or I wouldn’t have given you even a glance in my life “Zayn yelled again.

He threw another glass in utmost furry. Amber shivered a little in terror.

He came close to amber again.

He again started kissing her by blocking her both hands into his.

He by one hand undressed her.

He was kissing her everywhere when amber pushed him behind.

” I am not a sex doll. You cannot force me. I am tired. If you want you to have to ask ” amber expressed.

Zayn slapped her again and handcuffed her both hands with a handcuff which he used to use for the jersey.

Amber’s sudden push made him even more lustful.

He slapped amber again.

He pushed his private part into hers and started thrusting.

For an hour of continuous thrusting, he stopped.

He spitted his saliva on amber who was laying, crying, and sobbing.

Then he made him a glass of alcohol and drank it wore his pants and went outside the room.

He shut the door of the room and went to another room to sleep.

And left his newly married bride in pain and terror.

As I mentioned earlier too, Zayn’s family is rich.

And therefore no one is going to listen amber.

They are that rich that they can buy police too if someone comes on their reputation.

For reputation, only Zayn had to marry amber.

So it’ll be a total waste for amber to go to the police.

She cannot run even as they’ll find her.

She’s now trapped.


In the morning someone knocked on the door. Amber was awake. She was sobbing still.

She saw Zayn in rush to open the door. It was jersey, zayn’s


She came inside the mansion and suddenly Started kissing Zayn right after it.

They both kissed each other for about a minute and suddenly started undressing each other there only.

It was freaking strange. She was Zayn’s ex-girlfriend and now they are making out here, here in front of his wife.

Amber felt pain.

She was already crying when certainly this happened.

They were kissing each other when zayn took jersey to his new room.

They head there and close the door.

For about an hour after the jersey came out.

She was wearing a bra and panty only.

She went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water.

She saw amber sitting on the bed, crying.

Her heart was occupied with utmost hate for Zayn.

How he can get intimated with some other girl in front of her.

Sawing amber, jersey came inside the room.

“Zayn loves me. We love each other for about a year. He married you just in a family pressure. So don’t think that you are his wife. I am his wife, not legally but will be soon. So stay away from him” jersey smirked.

Amber was still crying.

Jersey left and went back again into Zayn’s room.

Amber decided to leave the house. She saw Zayn just now intimating with another girl.

She had a fever, she was brutally raped and now this man is bringing other girls for sex but if this news will go to the media then zayn’s family will kill both amber and her grandmother.

She shivered a little in terror.

She was broken as she had no hope.

In anger, she stood up and went in front of the door of the room which was occupied by jersey and Zayn. She knocked on the door.

Zayn opened it.

She said to end whatever he’s doing. He couldn’t bring another girl here in this house. After all, he’s married now.

“You are not the owner of the house. Mind your own business. Jersey is actually my girlfriend and she’s not going anywhere “Zayn yelled.

He shut the door on Amber’s face.

Amber felt awful. A tear escaped from her eyes.

How can she see her husband with another woman though an hour ago he raped her? It was dreadful still.

Amber somehow managed to go inside her room as her stomach was aching.

She lay on the bed and started crying out loud.

She was in the utmost pain not because of her stomach but because of whatever was happening with her.

At first, her husband raped her and now he’s bringing other women into the house.

She couldn’t even leave the house, she could not even get out of this relationship. She felt like a trapped bird.

She could have told her granny about this but it’ll be useless.

Zayn’s family was super-rich. They can buy police officers too.

So amber decided to let the things be like they are.

She hadn’t eaten food. She was starving but no one asked her for it.

She covered herself in her blanket.

She was still having a fever.

After sobbing for an hour she fell asleep again.


In the evening amber woke up.

It was about 5 pm.

Suddenly something struck in her mind and she straightway went in front of Zayn’s room door and knocked it.

When she did that, the room opened a little itself.

There was no one there inside.

Amber felt dreadful.

She went back to her room. She felt hungry and again ordered a pizza for her.

She ate it.

Later as she was feeling better she started exploring her new house.

She started from the room she was in.

It had many pictures of Zayn.

It had many dresses of him in his drawer.

It had beautiful scrapbooks, picture books, pictures pasted in walled lights.

The room was of a sky blue color, maybe Zayn’s favorite color, she guessed.

She headed to the corridor. It was beautifully designed and decorated. Decorated with some walled Candle stands with burning candles.

There on the stairs too were candle stands.

On the table were vases with fresh daffodils.

She was first time happy in this house from the day she came.

Suddenly Zayn opened the door to ruin all her happiness.

“You..you bitch who told you to come outside and spoil my house with your filthy steps.

Go and be in your room” Zayn yelled.

“Ah…why do you hate me so much? I was just exploring the house. Zayn we are married and we should accept each other as fast as we can. Then only we can get a peaceful life “amber explained.

“Oh really” Zayn shouted.

He slapped her again in furry.

He pushed her to his old room and locked her inside.

She shouted to open the door but it was all vain as no one could hear her voice.

Zayn went to the bar area and prepared a glass of alcohol.

He drank it and threw the glass in the opposite direction.

Amber was still shouting to let her out.

He opened the door and held amber’s hairs from behind her neck.

It was a painting. She cried to leave her but Zayn had other plans.

Zayn is a sexist.

It seems as if he married her for sex slavery.

It was like she cannot do anything so he can do anything to her.

No one ever went against the green corporation. Whomsoever went against it was never traced again.

Amber was in the trap of a psychopath, maybe. As Zayn is not that but he extremely hates amber.

He wasn’t happy in this relationship.

So coming back to the story…

He took her on the bed and removed her shirt and bra but not the underwear.

He was staring at amber like an animal.

He touches her like he is in utmost lust.

He already handcuffed her.

Amber was feeling helpless.

She was crying.

Later he intimated with her.

For amber, it was hard to take this more but she was trapped.

Now she wanted to run from here, from this animal.

But she couldn’t as it’s the toughest decision she’ll do.

After five hours of continuous pain and torture, Zayn let her and laying beside her fell asleep.

Amber took a deep breath as thankfully the torture is over.

Later memorizing her old days and crying she fell asleep too.


Let’s see what happens next…lets see what going happen next…


After hours of sleeping, amber woke up. Zayn was still sleeping.

His hands were on her hands and she felt that he was having a fever.

Amber was tense now so she called the family doctor whose number was in that same diary in which she found that restaurant’s number.

In an hour the doctor came.

He checked him and concluded that Zayn was having a fever and he needs care.

Later he summed up by giving a prescription and went from the place.

Amber order the set of medicines that the doctor gave to her and bought a bowl of water and a cotton cloth to put it by wetting the cloth on Zayn’s forehead.

She did the procedure several times and to her luck, it was working.

Zayn was looking a little better.

His temperature too was going normal.

Amber didn’t have her breakfast and it went about the afternoon when she had didn’t eat even a bit.

But she was tense about Zayn who also didn’t eat.

She went into the kitchen to prepare soup for him.

She came back making it and pouring it in the bowel for him.

Slowly she made Zayn eat it with a spoon.

After feeding him the soup she went to the door where a had guy brought her the medicines prescribed.

She came back with a glass of juice and water.

At first, she told him to drink juice later she put out the medicines and gave him a glass of water.

After hours of sleeping, Zayn came back into his senses.

Till then amber was still with him without eating even a bit for about an entire day.

When Zayn came into his conscience, in happiness amber hugged him tightly.

This time Zayn didn’t push her but hugged her even more tightly.

Amber was crying in happiness and relaxation as she was so tense about Zayn.

She expressed how much she became tense about him and how she spent the entire day sawing him diseased.

Zayn took her in his arms hugging her tightly and thanked her for taking care of him.

“You didn’t eat anything, did you,” Zayn asked in utmost concern.

“Ah….no “amber said.

“Let’s see a restaurant outside and let’s go there. Go get yourself dressed” Zayn said.

Zayn’s sudden behavior astonished amber but she anyway went to dress.

She wore shorts and a white crop top.

Later they both went into a car and to the nearest restaurant, they had their dinner.

Suddenly Zayn’s phone rang and as it was an urgent meeting in the firm so dropping amber he set off for the meeting.

Amber tried a lot to stop him as he would be still weak after such a high fever but it was an urgent one so he went.


Zayn was having no one in his life.

His parents were so busy that they don’t have time for him ever.

They don’t use to even ask in what condition he is.

As you may have noticed he lives alone.

When amber took care of him the entire day Zayn’s animal side which doesn’t care for anybody calmed down and his hatred for Amber went down.

The care of amber made him create a soft corner for her in his heart.

“When a lonely heart meets a lonely wanderer they usually fall in love”…♥️❤️…


In the morning amber woke up.

Zayn was sleeping beside her in a deep sleep.

She was amazed. Then for assurance, she checked his forehead as for if he had still a fever but he hadn’t.

He was still sleeping. She wakes him from his sleep. He woke up but was still dizzy, maybe tired from the fever. His eyes were now normal earlier it was red like Apple…

He really had a very high fever earlier..

Thankfully he’s now normal..

Amber made a bowl of soup for him…she chopped some vegetables and mixing it made the soup…later she headed to him..

She came to him and made him drink the soup by her own hands and later went to prepare him a coffee as he’s addicted to it specifically in the morning. It’s a routine for him to have coffee in the morning.

She was noticing it from the day she came here to the mansion….

She made him a coffee and took it to him.

This time he was awake.

“Thanks for the last day. It was a great help to me. It’s was really a great help from your side.

I had no one except you in such a troubling situation” Zayn thankfully said.

No..no..it’s my work….as you are my husband…I had been taught all this…

Amber said in a shy voice.

Zayn sipped the coffee. He remarked it as a good one.

He was feeling well now…

Later amber went to the kitchen to prepare food and Zayn went to the shower later after getting ready and doing his breakfast he headed to the parking area but he forget his car keys..

Amber do you know where are my car keys” zayn asked.

Ah…yes it’s on the table…let me bring that for you” amber replied.

Thanking her zayn went to the parking area and from there driving he headed for his office..

After it she went to kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.

Later she made herself a bowl of soup and some noodles..

She was happy today…finally after so long she was able to win zayns heart it was really something precious for her..

She was enjoying her day..

Later after having soup and tea she pored some ice cream for herself and went to the t.v area to watch t.v..

She was happy and wanted to enjoy her day..

As finally, she was able to win Zayn’s heart, not entire but some of the part……

After some time the doorbell rang and she saw zayns parents here…


So finally zayn is happy with her now..

Now finally there relationship is going in right direction…this going in the right direction…

Zayn did a lot with amber but finally in the end everything went fine..

Things were suffocating for amber…daniel used to dislike her and therefore he made things harder for her…but by the end it seems as things are going in the right manner…

Amber suffered a lot first raped by her uncle, losing her parents and then zayns bad behaviour…

Her life was choking her to death…

It was hard for her to live the life which was full of misery..

After so much bad events and so much disgust finally amber and zayn are going to meet at one end..

They are finally meeting….


In the evening zayn came back.

He was fully exhausted.

He came inside the house from the door when he saw the dining table full of aromatic food and beverages plus the entire house lights suddenly went off and the whole house was on the lights of candles.

Zayn, when he shouted a little for amber then she came out.

She was holding a cake plus Zayn’s parents were too there.

It was Zayn’s birthday today.

A smile flashed on his face.

I mean he was a bit much happier cause he saw his parents were there too.

They never got time for him, never even on his birthdays.

He put his bag beside a chair and went to amber.

She put the cake on the table and as like a ritual he cut the cake. Zayn’s parents gifted him a house nearby a beach.

It was in Japan. It’s rare of about five million dollars.

It was a costly one but not Zayn and his family.

Later when it came on amber to gift him something she had something different to give him.

It was a shocking surprise.

Zayn…ah…..I am pregnant……..

A shy voice said in the utmost hesitation.

She checked it yesterday as she missed her periods…when she checked the pregnancy tool kit showed that she was pregnant…

Zayn was surprised to know this.

He started crying in happiness.

He kissed Amber’s forehead and all of them celebrated that moment.

Today amber made the meal. It was really delicious. Everyone complemented her. Her mother in law complemented her a lot for the soup..

Zayn too didn’t stopped his complements for the food…

The desert was too very delicious..

Later after having dinner the parents left blessing them a good future.

Later amber was going to her room when zayn held her hand and pulled her towards him..

Furthermore the shared a passionate kiss between them…

Later they both went to the same room which was earlier occupied by amber.

After talking about the baby they layed on the bed…

They both started talking of the baby…

Plus zayn apologised for his behaviours and was sorry for his doings that he did earlier…

He touched need stomach and putted his ears on it to hear the baby..

The baby isn’t developed yet..you will not be able to hear the baby” amber said.

Then zayn took his head and putted on here chest.

She asked..

What are you doing zayn?.

Then he replied that he is hearing his babies heartbeat…

They both grinned and hugged each other..

Later zayn fell asleep …

And amber starting the ceilings fell asleep as well..


So finally now everything is going fine…

Finally ambers and zayns beautifull relationship had started..

After so much of disgust and toxication there relationship is finally on the track…

Finally zayns relationship with his parents too is now fixed and there relationship is now stronger than before…

Amber was good luck charm for zayn… It was because of her that zayns was now back again close to his parents…

Next thing she brought a baby for him… Zayn really wanted a baby…

He was very happy for the baby…

He apologised amber for his earlier behaviours and was sorry for his deeds…

He was thankful that she didn’t left the house…

In his ego he did a lot to amber and she faced a lot…

In the end things went better..


The next morning, Zayn and amber woke up.

It was a happy day.

Servants were on their duties.

There were nurses all around.

All food was prepared already.

They were sent coffee and breakfast on the tray, where it was written to come to the pool area.

There when they went, they saw a table organized for them and there a board was marked with some written sentences ‘propose her Zayn she is your babies mother now”.

From the back of the garden, Zayn’s parents came and cheered him up.

Amber was in a shock to see everything.

There, Zayn’s mother gave him a ring.

Zayn bent down and proposed to her.

‘Will you be my babies mother?” he said that is an utmost shyness.

It took an hour to come out from the shock…and to say ‘yes, I am already”.

They all began to cheer up both of them.

Zayn slipped the ring into Amber’s finger and they both kissed each other.


Zayn was always alone. His loneliness made him cruel and arrogant.

He used to feel nothing for no one. He had parents,, but they were too not interested in his life.

They used to be busy with their work.

After amber got pregnant, the baby in her womb won Zayn’s soft corner fully.

Zayn had no one except amber, who doesn’t use to bark at him like his parents. She used to care for him.

This made Zayn soft-hearted and when the news of the baby came it made Zayn overwhelmed with happiness. Finally, there will be one more person added to vanish away his loneliness.

In the end, Zayn’s parents too came together with them like a family.

On the other hand, amber was raped, she had lost her confidence due to it. She barely used to talk.

She also needed severe help for her loneliness.

And in the end, she got that.

In the end, she ended up getting a family, which she never got in entire her life.

‘There will be no crimes in the society if people will understand each other and will not trouble each other”.

In the end, Zayn and amber became the parents of a baby girl.

And they lived happily ever after…


Finally the story ended…

Amber our protagonist had faced a lot of trouble. She was raped by her uncle…her parents died in a car accident…later she was taken to her granny who too made her marry zayn who too not nice to her…

The rape tortures made her life suffocating…and it was really difficult for her to breath in the clutch of zayn…

She felt like trapped in the house…

She was raped again and again…but one day everything improved just because of her due care and compassion for zayn…

Anyway she used to love hive him…

Furthermore the baby too improved everything…

They had a baby girl. They started living happily…zayns parents too used to come to see there grandaughter…there relationship with zayn improved in a good way..

Everything became fine in the end…

Everything became perfect in the end..

Zayn was now happy and he now started caring amber..he started caring for his baby girl…

They named her Emma…

Emma was naive, cute and beautifull just like amber..she was intelligent and smart..

They started there new life with the baby…everthing was going great..


rape, unlawful sexual activity, most often involving sexual intercourse, against the will of the victim through force or the threat of force or with an individual who is incapable of giving legal consent because of minor status, mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception. In many jurisdictions, the crime of rape has been subsumed under that of sexual assault. Rape was long considered to be caused by unbridled sexual desire, but it is now understood as a pathological assertion of power over a victim.Scope, effects, and motivations

The legal definition of rape has changed substantially since the late 20th century. The traditional definition was narrow with respect to both gender and age; rape was an act of sexual intercourse by a man with a woman against her will. As rape is now understood, a rapist or a victim may be an adult of either gender or a child. Although rape can occur in same-sex intercourse, it is most often committed by a male against a female. There is also an increasing tendency to treat as rape an act of sexual intercourse by a husband with his wife against her will and to consider forced prostitution and sexual slavery as forms of rape. In 2012 the U.S. Department of Justice adopted a new definition of rape, to be used in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, that better reflected state criminal codes and the experiences of rape victims. By that definition, rape is ‘the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

Rape is often explained or excused as a manifestation of racial, ethnic, and class hatred or as stemming from a patriarchal system in which women are viewed as the property of men. Whatever its origins, rape is a serious crime and is treated as a felony in most countries with common-law systems. In many rape trials, the guilt or innocence of the accused hinges on whether or not the victim consented to sexual intercourse. The determination of consent often can lead to distressing cross-examinations of rape victims in court. As a result, many rape victims choose not to report the crime to police or refuse to press charges against their assailants. For example, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, an office within the U.S. Department of Justice, fewer than one-quarter of rapes or sexual assaults in the country were reported to police in 2016. Even when brought to trial, those charged with rape have a higher-than-average rate of acquittal, mainly because it is difficult to prove a crime for which there are usually no third-party witnesses and because the testimony of women often may be given less credence than that of men. Rape is thus both underreported and underprosecuted. To protect women from humiliating cross-examination, many jurisdictions have adopted rape shield laws, which limit the ability of the defendant’s counsel to introduce the accuser’s sexual history as evidence.

The psychological motivations of rapists are more complex than was formerly thought. They may include the desire to punish, to gain revenge, to cause pain, to prove sexual prowess, and to control through fear. The psychological reactions of victims of rape also vary but usually include feelings of shame, humiliation, confusion, fear, and rage. Victims often report a feeling of perpetual defilement, an inability to feel clean, an overwhelming sense of vulnerability, and a paralyzing feeling of lack of control over their lives. Many are haunted by fear of the place in which the crime occurred, or of being followed, or of all sexual relationships. Others experience long-term disruption of sleep or eating patterns or an inability to function at work. The duration of the psychological trauma varies from individual to individual; many feel the effects for years, even with considerable supportive therapy. In view of the great psychological harm it causes, many psychologists regard rape as a form of torture—a permanent mutilation of an individual’s life. In addition to these psychological effects, in some societies victims of rape face the danger of ostracism or even death at the hands of relatives seeking to preserve their family’s honour (victims of abduction without rape may be treated in the same way).


Twenty years passed away. One day, Zayn and amber were going for important work when their car met with an accident and sadly, they both died on the spot. Died, leaving their only daughter alone in this world.

Their daughter’s name was Emma. She was now 24 years.

When she heard of the news of her parent’s death

She was broken.

Somehow she gathered her heart shattered pieces.

She was torn.

There was no one of her now.

‘How they can leave me like this.

How they can go like this” Emma said weeping.

She was feeling alone. She was feeling the pain of losing her parents.

Her only support, her granny came to aid her.

They both were weeping.

It’s a fine sweetie. Everyone who comes in this world has to go” granny said.

It was a heartbreaking moment.

The next day there was the funeral.

Emma prepared herself wearing a black dress.

There at the funeral, everyone came to give homage to both the couple.

There black-dressed everywhere.

People were crying, grieving.

Everyone came to support Emma on her worst day.

The place was decorated with black flowers. There were two decorated coffins with flowers.

Later, dead bodies were brought.

The dead bodies were buried.

The priest enchanted prayers.

People were crying.

Emma had loosened her most shining gems.

She used to love her parents a lot.

Specifically, her mom.

They used to play together. Used to share each other secrets. They used to travel together.

Emma wished if she could have also died with them.

Emma was missing her dad.

She was very close to him too.

Emma losses something really precious.

It was a heartbreaking moment.

Letter the bodies were buried.

Emma was broken down.

Her parents were her only support. Without them, what she’ll do in this scary world.

After the funeral, Emma went to the church and after hours of crying there, she can’t back to her home.

There in the house, there were her many relatives. They all were sad.

Emma ignoring them straight away went to her room. She locked herself inside.

She was crying still.

Later she was searching her parent’s picture and founded an album. The album was full of pictures of her childhood.

Her parents, her childhood pictures, her grandparents pictures.

It all renovated her memories and touching her parent’s picture, she started crying aloud.

While crying, she laid on her bed.

Later she felt thirsty for water so she went into the kitchen to pour water water for herself…

She was upset still…

She later decided to make herself a coffee and she made..

Later she felt hungry so she summoned the servant to make her food..

She never cooked and therefore dosen’t know cooking…

She went to her room and after some time the maid came with a bowl of said and rice and some soup…

She ate everything …

Later to make herself refresh she went to take a shower..

Later after coming from the shower she dressed herself..

She again saw her parents picture on the picture book…

A tear escaped from her eyes…later she started weeping again…

She was in pain and distress…

Her heart was in pain…

She somehow consolidated herself and strengthening herself laid on her bed.

She gathered her blanket and cuddling into it fell like sleeping. So she decided to sleep and fell asleep.


Days passed, months went by, now Emma was out from her depression of her parent’s death.

She again started going to her university. Later she passed her graduation there.

Now the time was for her marriage. Granny was worried about her as to who will take care of her after she will die.

Emma assured her that whatever she’ll say, it will be accepted by her. So, granny recommends her a James miller. Granny know James from his very birth.

He is rich, smart, handsome. Granny know her family for the past 25 years.

They all are nice.

James’ family too wanted Emma to be their daughter-in-law, but Emma didn’t want to marry.

But due to granny stubbornness, she had to agree.

The next day, James family came to see Emma.

They see her and later after getting assurance of the marriage proposal they went.

Before going, they said to do all the preparation of wedding.

From the next day, the preparation of the wedding got started.

Emma went to her wedding shopping with her friends.

There in the shop, she chooses one of the best wedding gowns.

She gave it for fitting.

The dress was embroidered with white roses and old Indian embroidery.

It was a heavy dress.

The dress was very costly. Her friends too bought dresses.

Some took pink, some blue, and some red.

Later they went to the restaurant for coffee. Emma and her friends enjoyed there and after having their coffee they went to an amusement park.

They bought tickets and had fun.

In the twilight, everyone went back to their home.

Emma reached to her house. There she saw an unfamiliar man. It was James miller.

Maybe he came to see her. Last time he didn’t cane with his parents as he was busy.

Hey! Well, you are back. Hi, I am James.

He said i……

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